27 Work-From-Home Jobs to Create Double Income or More

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Start to work from home without capital or with minimal money for some people can be a solution to start a business.

Most conventional businesses (offline) require capital. For example, if you want to do business in drinks, you need money to rent a place, pay employees, buy groceries, and other capital.

But for those of you who lack capital or want to trial and error, you can start your business by collaborating with other business people. Besides, you can also create marketing strategies that are right on target and are cost-effective.

One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies that make many entrepreneurs quick to “succeed” is through the internet or online media.

Indeed, to start a business, which is meant without capital, does not mean that 100 percent you do not incur expenses for your business needs.

You still need costs, but the expenses incurred in general are still in the range of under 100-500 USD at the start of a business. This is usually for marketing and transportation needs.

What are the businesses without capital that can be run in accordance with the above criteria?

Here are ideas that came to mind and that I got from a few references!

Work Ideas Without Capital You Can Do from Home

Dropship business


Dropship business is a type of business that has a lot of enthusiasts and many business people who are interested in partnering with a drop shipper to market their products.

This dropship business can be “easy or hard” to do.


Easy, because at the time of implementation, just order goods to be sent using our address (dropshipper).

Difficult, because the quality of goods is difficult to monitor because it is the owner of the delivery. It is prone to fraud or the carelessness of the owner of the products.

So to run this business, you need to have a plan or a strategy so that your name or brand can be trusted, and your business can grow.

How is the dropship selling process?

Following is the process of doing business in a dropshipping:

You market other people’s products. Marketing is done online, using only product images or product descriptions. When there is an order, the buyer will pay (transfer) to you. Then you order goods (pay) to the owner of the products (first person) to be sent directly to the buyer.

When the goods are sent, the return address used is your own address.

A brief explanation as above.

Then is it enough like that? Find the owner of the goods, then sell them?

Wait a minute…If you only want to be able to sell as a dropshipper, the above method you can run.

However, if you want to grow in business, you must think about the added value of your services.

Ask the following questions:

What are your strengths compared to other dropshippers? What can make buyers buy goods for you? What do you offer that can be useful for buyers?

The thing to note for running a business by dropship is that you need to make sure that the items you sell, also match the quality and price.

The term business by dropship should not make you give a full control on the quality of the goods to the first owner. In this case, you need to meet directly with the seller to see and check the products.

Choose items that you have already checked the quality of the items.

In addition, if there is a complaint related to defects in goods, you must be willing to replace it, so you also need to make an initial agreement with the owner of the goods in order to replace the items purchased by the buyer.

Learning Online


E-learning is one of the promising online businesses and is a business that I want to run.

According to dataelearningindustry.com, the e-learning industry in Indonesia (my country as a sample) ranks 8th worldwide based on the number of market learning requests each year, which is 25 percent greater than the Southeast Asian average.

According to docebo.com, Indonesia data is projected to be the top 5 buyers for mobile e-learning products and services throughout the world.

If you have the expertise, it is a good idea for you to start this business.

How is the idea?

You can make a tutorial in the form of a video, or it can also be in the form of text, which you then upload on the website.

There is some content that you can share for free. But for paid content, you need to protect it with a password to be accessed.

An example is what Lynda did on his website: click here.

Alternatively, you can also give private real-time by creating virtual classes.

Platforms that you can use to create virtual classes, such as Skype, TeamViewer, and GTalk.

The key to an e-learning business is that the material given must be of high quality and useful for students to be applied later in the real world.

Become a Reseller of Unique Items

Reseller here means that you sell items that already exist around your location.

For example, where you live is close to a flower shop. You just display photos of flowers on the internet. Then when there is an order, you immediately visit the flower shop to be purchased and sent to the buyer.

However, you have previously agreed with the seller to be able to sell their goods.

Usually, the items you can sell are unique items or items at wholesale prices.

Become a Blogger


If you have an interest in writing, the choice to become a blogger is the right decision. Currently, blogs with English content can earn a high income if run seriously.

Many themes or topics that you can choose to do writing, such as technology, motivation, business, health, or can also be a mixed topic like my website.

Sometimes, if you have no time to write, pay a content writer to provide the content for your website.

You can give important points to be used as topics by content writers in writing.

For quality writing, entrust your writing to trusted content writers or through references from your friends.

The income you can get from the ads that you put on your blog.

Become a Digital Designer

If you have the ability to create logos or things related to creative design, you can make your abilities a business.

This business can be started by offering services at promo prices or free to social foundations. You can also offer high prices for the corporate level.

The thing that you need to pay attention to is, you have to really understand the client’s wishes because this is subjective. Also, your design must be unique and relatively simple.

For example, the simpliways.com logo, I ordered from a logo designer.

Currently, there are many websites that can be used as a place to promote your work, such as Fiverr, Graphicriver, Designcrowd & 99designs.

To promote your services, make as many portfolios as possible. That way, prospective clients can see the results of your work.

In addition to the above method, if you have enough capital, this design business can be developed even more optimally.

How do you develop this designer business?

Besides making digital products, you can also develop this business by making your design a non-digital product. This means you can also sell concrete or tangible objects on the market.

How is the idea?

Well, one of them you can print your designs on mug cups, t-shirts, merchandise that you can market on social media.

Before you start creating a design, first try to find out what mug or t-shirt motifs are selling well in the market.

You can check it in best-selling products in several market places. Execute the OCM strategy (Observe, Copy, and Modify) to create the design, then make the product and market it.

Oh yes, regarding capital, if you feel it is still not sufficient, you can also work with investors or collaborate with other business people (for example, sellers of plain glass, printing).

Become a Copywriter


What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

A copywriter is doing promotion, marketing through writing. While content writers are article writers, usually with specific topics.

From the understanding above, the difference is clear, isn’t it?

Currently, copywriter services are needed by companies to market their products.

The cost of a copywriter can be quite high, especially if done for large companies.

You may want to read: How to start an online business.

Become a Content Writer

Nowadays, many article writers are needed because many new blogs have sprung up in cyberspace.

Various niches or topics are discussed in these new blogs. However, most topics that blog owners look for are topics that relate to the products or services they sell or topics that many visitors look for on the Google search engine.

As a content writer, so that your writing can have high selling points, there are several skills that you need to have, namely:

  • Writing skills in a structured language that is easy to read and presents accurate information.
  • Skill SEO on page (how articles easily get ranked in search engines).
  • Be on time, according to the promised target.
  • English skills. If you want to get a higher selling value, offer writing articles in English. You can also offer your articles to buyers from abroad, which of course, the rate can be much higher.

Property Broker

Business-Property- Ideas

A broker is a person who acts as a liaison between the property seller and the property buyer.

With a broker, information about the sale of the property will get faster to the target market.

This business does not require capital at all.

Usually, when the house you offer is sold, you will get a commission from the contractor or seller.

Business without capital on this one will be very suitable for those of you who have extensive connections.

Therefore, speaking skills and promotion are needed for the real estate brokerage business.

One thing you should know is that for every property that is successfully sold, the commission can usually reach hundreds to millions of dollars.

Thrift shop

Thrift shop

This business is busy in the market (in Indonesia). The targets are young people who love to innovate their fashion styles.

The concept of this business is selling used clothes that are still suitable for use.

You can sell your own decent clothes or collect used clothes in kilos from the people closest to you.

Then, you can sell it yourself by opening your booth at various events or posting it periodically on various social media platforms.

Don’t forget to make decent and interesting photos when promoting your second dress!


For those of you who have expertise in the field of language, you can try the luck of the business of being a translator.

There are Lots of people who need this service from publishers, small companies, to students who have difficulty understanding foreign-language journals.

You can take advantage of this opportunity well. No need to come to work at a translator agency; you can stand independently as a translator freelancer.

You can set prices according to the level of complexity of the document you are translating.

Healthy Catering Provider


Nowadays, people are busy with various matters so that many do not have time to prepare healthy and nutritious food.

In this situation, it is not surprising that many people are looking for a daily or monthly catering service provider.

You can take this opportunity to get money.

You only need a little capital for healthy catering. Or if you have difficulty getting capital, you can create a catering system that will serve if the customer has paid off at the beginning or does Down Payment.

Social Media Admin

This business can be done only by using an internet connection and gadget. This business is right for you who like to communicate with other people.

You can register as a social media admin at various companies or online stores.

The task usually done by a social media admin is to connect, post content, and seek insight from followers.

You can do it anywhere and anytime, according to the agreement that has been made between your party and the company that you are going to promote.

Freelancer Photographer


For those of you who are good at using cameras, you can try this one business.

Today, some so many people need the services of photographers for various interests ranging from weddings, graduations, and other important moments.

You can use your expertise for photographer freelancers.

For tariffs, it can start from promo prices until high tariffs. You should increase the price of your photo services gradually as your business becomes more familiar.

Are you constrained by good camera capital?

Relax, now there are many places that rent cameras. The important thing is that you have good photography skills.

For marketing or promotion of freelance photographer services, make a business card. That way, you can promote yourself at every opportunity.

Also, make a large portfolio so that people are sure that you have photography skills.

You can create a portfolio on a free blog Blogspot, Instagram, Tumblr, or Flickr. For marketing, try using the Fiverr site.

You can also market your business by posting your shots on social media and then promoting your services to those closest to you.

Marketing Offline Products

If you have products that are normally sold offline, you can market them online. Please make the product photos as good as possible so that potential buyers are interested in what you sell.

The development of the digital world that is increasingly developing makes many changes in marketing.

Nowadays, many offline businesses have gone online. You must be smart to take advantage of this opportunity.

For marketing, you can do promotions or sell online in marketplaces such as Amazon, BestBuy, Bonanza, eBay, Cratejoy, and so forth.

In addition, it can also be on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

In fact, you can create your own online web store so that when someone searches for these items on Google, he will find your own website.

If you intend to create your own website, choose a domain name that is related to the business you are running.

Suppose you want to sell Muslim clothes, select a domain with a branded name, for example, Fivestarclothes [dot] com.

Why should you choose a domain name that is related to your brand or business?

Some of the reason are:

Your business will easy to remember.

People will prefer things that are easy to find (to remember) and not complicated.

Besides, you can also optimize your website so that buyers can easily find it on search engines, especially Google.

Become an Adsense Ad Publisher


Have you ever wondered why there is so much free information on the internet? Many articles that you can read on the internet.

Who wrote? Why are they willing to write these articles? Are there any rewards?

Those who make websites that are then filled with lots of articles will get income from advertisements that are published.

The mechanism is that someone creates a website, then there is an ad code displayed, and an ad appears.

If a website visitor clicks on the ad, the website owner will get paid.

To be able to display google ads, you must register your blog to Google Adsense. Google will conduct a review.

Google usually accepts only websites that have authority and have enough content according to Google’s judgment.

Also read: How to register google AdSense to be quickly accepted

Selling Affiliate Products

Do you know what affiliate marketing is? The point is that we do promotions about other people’s products.

If we succeed in selling on our recommendation, we will get a commission.

For example, someone opens an online course. Then, we promote the course.

When there are people who take the course on our recommendation, we will get a fee.

Selling Royalty-Free Photos

One online business idea that is quite a good opportunity is to sell royalty-free photos. Today many people need these photos.

For example, there is someone who makes content about tourist attractions in Tokyo.

He certainly needs photos related to the content created, namely several tourist attractions in the Tokyo area.

In this case, he can find the services of royalty-free photo sellers. If you have the type of photo he needs, you can sell it.

The conditions for the photos you sell should have good quality to get a high price.

Today many website owners need good quality original images. You can make the most of this opportunity.

Open Web Development Services


If you can create a website, you can open a web development service.

Those who are already professionals can get super large income.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of professionals, start on a small scale first. You can offer your ability services in Upwork or Fiverr.

Usually, there are several jobs in small sizes ranging from a budget of less than 1 million to billions. Why not try it?

Selling WordPress Plugins and Templates

More and more people are building websites. Opportunities to sell plugins and templates are increasingly wide open.

There is a free version, but most people are not satisfied. Examples of sites where you can sell plugins and templates are CodeCanyon and ThemeForest.

The income of someone who does this business is quite large. Now, it’s time for you to move.

Open SEO Services

More and more people are engaged in the online selling business. They make online shop websites to sell the products they offer.

A website that succeeds in ranking one page on Google will potentially get a lot of visitors.

If a website has good traffic, the chance of selling products will increase.

For a website to be ranked first, SEO optimization is needed.

Many do not have time to learn SEO techniques because they are busy with business.

Circumstances like this can be utilized for those of you who can optimize a website with SEO.

Become a Domain Collector for Resale

There is another creative online business. You can buy attractive domain names that will most likely be needed by others.

You can sell the domain at a price much higher than the purchase price.

For example, a $ 10 new domain can be sold for more than 500 dollars (a friend’s experience). Very interesting, is not it?

Tips from simpliways.com:

We recommend that you buy a domain, to make it more attractive to buyers and add value to the sale, you fill it with articles that correspond to the domain name or brand attached to the domain.

If you don’t want to be developed, articles don’t need a lot, just five articles at most.

Fill out the article on the domain so that buyers are more interested in buying domains and domains indexed by Google as early as possible since the domain was purchased.

For some SEO practitioners, the longer the domain’s age is indexed by Google, the higher the domain value. So this will be a kind of investment for you in the future.

Become a YouTuber

One of the most promising online businesses is to become a YouTuber.

You surely know that there are many successful YouTubers in Indonesia. They managed to obtain extraordinary income.

Youtuber’s way to earn an income is from advertisements that appear on his channel.

In general, there are two types of advertisements, namely ads with a commission per click and ads with a commission every time it appears.

Later, there is a system of sharing cooperation. Of the advertisements that appear, Youtube will take 45%, then 55% belongs to you, as the channel owner.

If you can create quality video content, becoming a YouTuber is a promising opportunity.

You will get a surprising amount of income if the video you make is high quality and contains information that many people need.

Make original videos that don’t violate copyrights. You can make any video according to your passion. Examples are video tutorials, funny videos, vlogs, or others.

Empty Room Rental Services


If you have an unused room, you can use it to get an extra income.

Because, in this all-digital world, there is a special place to offer a house or an empty room for several days. Usually, the tenants are backpackers who travel. You can offer it on the Airbnb website.

Many people have done this business. What is their income? In one week, someone managed to get around four hundred dollars. But, all of that back again at the location of the house.

If you are in a strategic location such as close to a highway or tourist site, the room will be in high demand so that you earn a lot.

Business in Arts and Crafts

Homemade products this time are increasingly in demand because they are unique and not owned by many people.

The prerequisite for running this business has high creativity to make a craft. You can determine what types of crafts you want to be used as a business field.

Some examples to choose from are wooden art, sewing, painting, accessories, and so on.

You can market your products on Instagram. Make interesting product photos so that many people are interested in buying.

Running an Endorsement Business on Instagram


To become an endorsement of a product, you must have an Instagram account with many followers.

Many people have succeeded in becoming endorsements of a product or service. People who use their endorsement services will pay a sum of money.

The steps to becoming an endorsement are to increase the number of Instagram followers. Then, offer your services.

As a beginner, you can receive jobs for free.

If you have a lot of Instagram followers, you can determine how much tariffs for endorsement services you have.

Become a Social Media Manager

The next online business is to be a manager of social media owned by a company or businessman.

The task of a social media manager is to take care of all matters relating to social media owned by business people.

The aim is to form a brand through social media.

Most people will choose social media managers carefully. Therefore, the business brand will be a bet.

If you are a beginner who is interested in doing business ideas online as a social media manager, there are tips that can be done.

First, try optimizing your own brand awareness. See the results; people will be more convinced if you have real evidence.

Make an Ebook


If you have the expertise to write, online business ideas to make an e-book can be an option.

In this way, you will do business following your passion so that it feels fun.

The advantage of an e-book business are:

1. You don’t need to find a book publisher.

2. The process is easy to make.

3. You get more profit because there is no profit-sharing system with publishers or distributors.

For design, you don’t need to worry. Now there are many e-book design services available.

Examples of work-from-home with a minimal capital above turned out to be around us, but rarely are aware of it.

When you have an idea to start a business for financial freedom, you must immediately take action so that your business can start immediately.

If you have other work-from-home job ideas or are interested in inviting cooperation, please write in the comments column below.

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