9 Ways to Stay Happy During Covid 19 Quarantine

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The body’s immunity is important to maintain or enhance when a Coronavirus outbreak occurs.

With good prayer and immunity, the attack of Covid-19 can be prevented.

In addition to good immunity, to prevent the body from Covid-19, social distances between individuals need to be done.


Washing your hands frequently and not carelessly touching your face is also an effective way to prevent yourself from contracting the virus.

Besides physical factors, mindset also needs to get everyone’s attention. If a person experiences stress or depression, then the body’s immunity will be affected, which can give the virus a chance to attack the body.

Happy” and “Stress” are two mental conditions that greatly affect the body’s immunity.

Stress can damage immunity while being happy can increase resistance. However, when we can’t go anywhere, only at home, can we still be happy? According to the psychologist, it turns out the answer. Can!

Well, here is a way to stay happy while quarantining yourself from Coronavirus

9 Ways to Stay Happy when You Quarantine Yourself from Covid 19

According to psychological research conducted by those conducted (Diener, Sandvik, & Pavot, 2009), it is easier for someone to be happy if he often does things that make him happy.

So someone’s happiness does not depend on the intensity of joy itself but depends on how often someone does fun things.

Fun things for everyone can be different (subjective). Besides, you also need to pay attention to that the main things such as worship and office work must be done first so that they do not become obstacles in the future.

Here are examples of simple things that can make someone happy while quarantining themselves at home:

1. Clean the house

Although it is simple to see a neat and clean house is something that can make someone happy.

Cleaning the house with the family will also foster a sense of togetherness among family members.

The division of tasks that can be done is: sweeping, mopping, making the bed, cutting the grass, preparing breakfast, etc.

2. Increase the frequency of exercise in the morning and evening

If you usually exercise in the morning until you are tired, change the way you exercise in the morning and evening.

Reduce your intensity, but do it more often. If necessary, invite family members to exercise together.

Types of sports that can be done with the family: gymnastics, sports games, and others.

3. Cooking together

Preparing food for breakfast or lunch can be a fun activity if done with family members.

4. Watch movies or TV shows humor

Another thing that can make someone happy is when someone can enjoy entertainment that can make laugh or give a sense of excitement or curiosity so that it involves discussion with family members.

5. Read motivational quotes

One that can make someone keep thinking positive is often to give affirmations to himself with positive thoughts. Here is the motivation you can read: Quotes about positive thinking

6. Add your frequency to be grateful

Even though you are in quarantine due to the Corona outbreak, you should be more thankful for the gifts you have obtained so far.

A form of gratitude can be done by doing the sunnah worship (sunnah prayer, dhikr, multiply reading the Quran) and feel any favors that you have.

For example, fresh morning air, can gather with family, still given health, always given the power of faith, still get a monthly salary, and much more.

You may want to read: 14 Quotes about thankful

7. Contacting Your Friends

Keeping in touch with relatives or close friends can also make you happy.

When communicating, don’t focus too much on the Corona outbreak. Although it might be a bit difficult, keep talks about positive things, humor, and other things that can be uplifting.

8. Bathing in the morning and evening

For some people, not working in an office means being able to laze around at home. This is fine, but you must keep your body clean by bathing in the morning and evening.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the body can make someone feel happier. A clean body will undoubtedly make someone avoid body odor, which can reduce the mood of happiness.

9. Stay updated on Covid-19 information but reduce it only from reliable sources

There are a small number of people who use the moment of corona outbreaks to create hoaxes to create chaos.

Reduce your frequency of reading news from social media or watching TV about Corona pandemic because it can cause negative thoughts that can make you stressed.

You only need to know the principle matters about Corona and how to prevent it. Limit the information that comes into your head by only looking at the news in the morning and evening so that you will get the essential things from reliable sources.

These are tips for staying happy during the Corona outbreak.

So again, according to psychologists, to be happy, what is important is the frequency in doing things that can make us happy, not a great intensity but rarely.

The human mind can only think of one thing at a time. So, keeping busy with activities and positive thoughts is one of our ways to fight boredom and stress.

Let us pray that this plague will soon pass, and we can worship and activity as before.

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