Virality! Low-Cost Online Promotion to Market Your Product

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It is undeniable that virality is one of the effective and inexpensive ways of online promotion.


Have you ever got a message that is only an e-flyer, but the contents are very useful and informative? Usually, messages like this start from a social media group or Whats App.

Because it is useful and informative, you also share the information with your friends.

For example, there is a businessman who just opened a restaurant. Then on the first day of the opening, there was a promotion in the form of free food on the first portion, but the next portion was not free.

Information like this is, of course, easy to become viral, because people who come to the opening of the restaurant will get the advantage of free meals.

Another example when there is a durian eating festival ever held in Jakarta. Many come to this festival, even though the information obtained is only from chain messages on What’s App and social media.

This durian eating festival lasts for several days. The excitement at the festival and a large number of participants posting their photos on social media made the festival widely publicized by the participants.

The photos that are posted will certainly become viral easily because they will most likely be shared again.

This is called promotion or marketing by viral (virality).

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Essential Factors in Content Marketing

Content marketing usually becomes viral because of several factors that make someone want to spread it.

The main factors are:
• The message or news is something useful, so people are encouraged to share the benefits.
• Something that touches emotions (happy because funny, excited, angry, sad).
• Something new or unique, so people expect to be recognized to be the first to know it.

The motives above are usually the ones that encourage many people to spread it through social media and disseminate through their communities.

In today’s business world, promotion through virality is one way out of digital media channels that are relatively inexpensive (compared to conventional media) that are widely available to achieve fast, efficient and inexpensive growth for products/businesses You.

Marketing Rules that Need Attention

In carrying out promotions through social media in a viral manner, several marketing rules still need to be considered, including:
• The right target audience.
• Targets to be achieved through marketing communications.
• The right message to deliver.
• The right media to use.
• Costs needed to achieve the set goals.
• Measurement (success rate).

Message or content marketing to be conveyed is very critical in this case.

A marketing expert, Dave Chaffey, has compiled a content marketing matrix using two factors, namely the target to be achieved (awareness-purchase) and the approach used (emotional-rational).


For example, the YouTube marketing video shows how a watch can hold up even though it has been heated in boiling water, knocked down with a hammer, and cooled to zero degrees Celsius. This is an example of marketing communication with the aim of buying with a rational approach.

If you already have a product or service that is market fit (extraordinary) and has gained momentum, then you just create creative content to make it viral at a relatively low cost.

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