97 True Love Quotes as Inspiration for Who Wants to Get Married

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Are you currently fall in love? Are you fall in love (again) with your wife or partner, or with someone you don’t even know?

Everyone has a feeling of love or at least has fallen in love. Love is one of the most beautiful things that God has bestowed on humans.

Love can make someone laugh, and because of love, someone can cry.

Having a romantic love experience or a love story is a common thing that can be experienced by every human being.

Some have successful love stories, and many also suffer failures in love.

Whatever it is, when you experience the feeling of falling in love, everything will be seen beautiful.

But be careful too, don’t overdo in loving someone because there are many stories about love that end with sadness.

Here is the collection of real love quotes for you as an additional reference in interpreting love to someone you love.


Inspirational True Love Quotes

Love doesn’t Count

Love quotes

“Strong love does not count. Love only gives freely.” – Teressa

According to the words of love above, a person will not calculate how many items and sacrifices he has given for something or for the person he loves.

Whatever it is, he does sincerely without expecting anything in return.

Seeing someone that we love smiles makes us happy.

Even, anything will be done (both in action and in prayer) to make her/him happy.

Because of Love

Romantic Love Quotes

“Because of great love, someone becomes brave.” – Lao Tzu

The love that is in you makes you are not afraid to face this life.

Love can support you to become brave.

Whatever the trials are, you can deal with them with a solid heart based on love.

A hard condition is not a barrier to avoid. You will still move to go through and solve every problem you have.

Fighting with confidence is something that arises because there is love in your heart.

The struggle for love will produce maximum results because there is no limit for actions based on love.

Loving Someone

Inspirational Love Quotes

“Loving someone is the beginning of romanticism forever.” – Oscar Wilde

Success in a career could make someone happy.

However, the most joyful thing is when someone success in their love affairs.

You will feel that your life is much more beautiful when you find someone you love.

The Reality is Sweeter than a Dream

“You will know that you are falling in love because, in the end, that reality is sweeter than a dream.” – Dr. Seuss

When there is someone that you love, always accompany your days, everything will be more beautiful.

Even though you are in a difficult time, your life will be wonderful because there is someone who always supports you.

His/her presence makes your life more colorful and valuable. 

This motivational love quotes can be a motivation for you.

If you have experienced pain due to failure, the pain will slowly disappear because there is someone you love beside you.

Even, the power of love makes your life more beautiful than the dream last night.

Love forever

Cute Love Quotes

“It is love at first sight, last sight, and forever view.” – Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Many people think of true love.

What is true love like? Is there any real love in this world?

What is called true love is because of a person able to survive in any situation for who he/she loves.

Even in the most challenging living conditions, he/she will stay by your side and not leave you for others.

Love that is blossom at the beginning until the end of life. That is called true love.

The first impression is when love is begun.

From there, it will continue until arriving at a relationship that will continue to a marriage.

When both human beings can maintain commitment until death separates, that’s the most beautiful love.

Love and Pain

“We never feel very helpless to overcome pain, except when loving.” – Sigmund Freud

According to Sigmund Freud, you would not be able to overcome the pain when loving someone.

This can happen to someone who is less sincere in love because real love will never hurt someone.

Sincere love is based on the primacy of love for Allah SWT, so that his/her love for others will not hurts him.

But, according to the wisdom of love above, when someone you love leaves you without reason, that’s why you will feel the pain.

You too will be helpless to overcome the turmoil in your heart.

Tips: Try to reduce your pain by sharing with your friends or people you trust, and give a moment for yourself to share your problem with God.

Pray to Allah for what is the best future for you.

Furthermore, you will be trained to be strong because whatever the pain, over time you will be able to overcome it and continue your life goals.

When you can pass it, you will become more mature and confident that you can still find your happiness with better people out there.

That’s all you need to get up from the pain you’re experiencing.

Even though it takes to process and time, I believe that everything can be overcome.

Love for Who I am

Quotes of love from John Keats, as below :

“I love you more because I have believed you like me for who I am, and not for anything else.” – John Keats

Love doesn’t need a reason.

When someone is asked why he loves, surely he cannot answer because there are many factors that make someone fall in love.

You need to be sure that he loves you for who you are, not other things outside of you.

Even so, you have to be someone that loved by your partner has by doing the best for him/her.

It is true from love quotes above that love is present without reason, and true love comes from the one who loves you as you are, not for other purposes.

Better to Love

“It’s better to love and get lost than never love at all.” – Ernest Hemingway

According to the words of love above, it is better to have a sense of love even though we do not know where to go rather than not having it when we should love.

Indeed, love can foster the spirit of someone in acting.

In order, we do not become a person who is hurt by our love, loves him or her sincerely and without expecting a reply.

A reply will come if he/she is indeed destined to be our soul mate.

Don’t expect more because we can’t force someone to love us; we can only do the best for the people we love.

Of course, your life will be full of colors when you love someone sincerely.

Remember, that true love is only directed to Allah SWT, so never be disappointed when your love is not reciprocated.

The Journey of Love

“The journey of true love never runs smoothly.” – William Shakespeare

It is right what is Shakespeare said in the love quotes above.

There is no unhindered journey of love.

There are always ripples and upheaval in the journey of love.

At that time, your love will be tested.

Are you able to survive or change the direction of your love or break up in the middle of your journey?

True love will always struggle to get rid of all resistance and upheaval.

With a spirit of high commitment, believe it that there are no problems that cannot be overcome (God willing).

Giving and Loving

“You will not live without love; you will not be able to love without giving.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

In general, someone will always give anything to their partner without any limitation.

Because of love, someone can provide anything without expecting a reply.

Only one purpose, love will make someone try to make the other one happy.

Because of the gift that the seeds of love can blossom and grow well. Love will last forever with mutual respect and mutual giving.

Real Love

Plato reveals beautiful love quotes as below :

“Real love is to love something beautiful in a good way and discipline.” – Plato

Something will look beautiful because of love. When love comes to your heart, you need to keep trying to love him/her well.

The world has the beauty of love that you must realize.

Keep your love as well as you can do.  Love him/her beautifully.

Full of Fertile Seeds

“Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to grow.” – Morihei Ueshiba

You must open your heart to receive someone into your heart. In this way, you will get a love that will slowly grow in your heart.

Along with time, you will be more confident with your partner.

You will be very happy when the love in your heart getting bigger.

Love has no Reason

“Don’t look for the reason – In love, there is no reason, no explanation, and no solution.” – Anais Nin

There is never a reason why someone is falling in love. You must also feel the same as mentioned in the love quotes above.

The love you feel comes without you knowing what the reason is.

Sincere love will be given to the person that you love – the only sincerity, based on the kindness, needed in the bond of love.

Live on Your Love

“If you find someone you love in your life, live on that love.” – Princess Diana

These wise words of love are very romantic. If you have found someone you love, don’t waste it.

Love him/her with all your heart.

You must thank God for having love in your heart, and even your partner also loves you.

Feel the love that he/she gave to you and try to live on that love.

You must know that love needs a strong commitment. If you are sure of him/her, what are you waiting too?

Marry and go through life until the end of life separates.

Love is a symbol of familiarity

Inspirational Love Quotes

“Love is a symbol of intimacy between two humans, each of whom keeps each other together.” – Erich Fromm

Establishing a relationship must guarantee its integrity and fight with each other.

The goal is that this bond can be interwoven and love can continue to grow.

Your love saved me

Inspirational Quotes about Love and Relationship

“There will be no time missed without you touching my heart. When lonely can no longer save me in the dark, your sweet love has saved me.”  – Tim McGraw

This is a piece of song lyrics from Tim McGraw. Love can save you during difficult times.

Unconsciously, the love you give to someone will have a big impact in his life.

Especially if before you know, it turns out he experienced a lot of bad things.

Love and Beauty

“Even though everyone talks about benefits and uses, I talk to you about the love and beauty.” – Soe Hok Gie

Someday, you will find someone who will give you love, attention, and beauty.

So, you won’t feel bored when other people are busy talking about things you do not understand.

Give these wise words to someone who is feeling bored in his life.

Loss of hatred

“Hatred won’t stop with hatred anymore, only with love, this is an eternal rule.” – Someone

All certainly agree if love is the only thing that can reduce and eliminate hatred. If there is no love, what will happen to the world?

Certainly, there will be many wars everywhere. For that, appreciate the slightest love in our lives.

Life companion

“Life is a flower and love is honey.” – Victor Hugo

In this world, everything is created in pairs. Likewise in life, humans need love to complete it.

Just imagine if there were no love in your life, everything would be boring. Life becomes less colorful and always feels something is missing.

So, do not make a decision in your labile condition. You quite stop for a while to calm your heart and mind.

Remember how hard your struggle to her. It is just an exam from god, and you must pass it well.

Read the love quotes above and keep her such as you keep yourself.

One Soul of Two Bodies

romantic love quotes

“Love is formed by one soul inhabited by two bodies.” – Aristotle

Love comes from two people who have the same goals and feelings.

If those feelings only exist on one side, then the love that is lived will not succeed. These wise words of love can inspire more understanding of love.

A phase

“Love, the first part is joking, and the final part is true sincerity.” – Ibnu Hazm

Often, love starts with two people who joke with each other. Because of being accustomed, a long time ago a different feeling arises.

These wise words of love describe a phase of love. Starting from a joke and ending up feeling sincere and afraid of losing.

Extraordinary effect

“A blink of love, remembered all the time.” – Pablo Neruda

Love comes suddenly without guessing when it’s time.

However, once trapped in it, you will get thousands of memories that are not easily forgotten.

Many people still cannot move on after ending their relationship with their lover.

Memories that have been created are not easily erased by time.

A surprise

“Sometimes love wears a funny mask just to give you a pleasant surprise.” – Cindy Jevne Buck

Love often comes entertaining and gives happiness when you’re in trouble.

He is solace that is always there to make things better.

No one can resist his presence.

Cannot be hidden

“Love and coughing, the same cannot be hidden.” – George Herbert

If someone gets coughed and holds it back, over time he won’t be able to hide it again. It’s the same as love.

Someone who has long hidden his feelings, sooner or later he will not be able to hold it back.

These wise words of love seem to be able to inspire someone to dare to show their feelings.

Love is unlimited

“Love is not old, unlimited, and not dead.” – John Galsworthy

Every living thing in this world can die. However, love cannot die. He will continue to live in someone’s heart.

When you find that your partner has changed (in attitude), you must keep him happy because he/she already has you.

You have to make him/her feel grateful and fortunate to have you.

This is the thing that you should do so that your love would last long.

Endurance must always be maintained to survive.

Even though you have found the right person, without looking after him/her, you cannot get the right relationship.

Of course, no matter how good your partner is, he doesn’t want to be mistreated.

Don’t be a selfish person. Don’t just want to accept, but you have to give the best for him/her.

About Love

“Love is when someone’s happiness is more important than your happiness.” – H. Jackson Brown

These words of love are very inspiring. Love can make someone (even a selfish person) able to share with a partner he loves.

Because you love him/her, when he/she is happy, you will feel happy too.

No wonder many people are willing to give and do anything to make their partner happy.

Love crosses Obstacles

Maya Angelou reveals love quotes as below:

“Love doesn’t know obstacles. Love crosses obstacles, jumps over barriers, and pierces walls to get to a hopeful destination.” – Maya Angelou

Love has a significant influence on your life. Even, things that seem impossible to do can be done because of love.

Also, love can make a person’s character change.

For example, the person who had been timid turned into a brave man because of love.

Love always has obstacles.

However, people will not be easily discouraged or give up when there are obstacles that get in the way of their love.

Even, both of them would struggle to overcome these obstacles.

Cannot be measured

Cute Love Quotes

“You cannot measure love like measuring road length or building height.” – Paulo Coelho

The amount of love cannot be measured and compared to anything.

Besides being unable to be measured, love cannot be described with words either.

It can only be described with feelings proven by real actions.

When I Fall In Love

“When I fall in love, I feel ashamed of everything. That’s what I can say about love.” – Jalaluddin Rumi

When you have a special feeling for someone, sometimes you become too shy to face him.

Not only that, you do not even admit it to others. There are times you can only save feelings of love in our hearts.

Otherwise, when the love must be expressed, express feelings from the heart.

Meet Trials

Short Love Quotes

“True love does not always go smoothly.” – William Shakespeare

In finding a true partner, maybe you will meet various kinds of problems.

Start from the simple to the complicated when undergoing a relationship.

With a tough test, the strength of your love will be proven.

It becomes a sign of whether you are ready to go to a more serious level, or just for a while.

Love is not lust

“Sometimes people like to be confused distinguish true love from ego, lust, and insecurity.” – Simon Cowell

Too much love for someone is not good. The excessive feeling can make someone think of ego and lust as part of true love.

Ego and lust like blind jealousy make the partners uncomfortable.

Believe me, true love will not make one of the two parties continue to feel sad.

Appreciate Yourself

“We must be meaningful to ourselves before we become valuable people to others.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not expect people to respect you if you cannot respect yourself.

By respecting yourself and being able to overcome anything yourself, people will see us as a reliable individual.

Always improve yourself so that you get a good quality life partner.

Open up

“The wall that we build around us is to avoid sadness also keeps us from happiness.” – Jim Rohn

Closing yourself from outsiders because of the failure of a relationship is understandable.

However, don’t let it become a habit in your life because there are many good things that will go missing.

By opening your heart, maybe you will get “medicine” for your heart’s taste. Which can make you forget that you have felt the wound?

Permission to hurt

“Nothing can hurt me without permission from me.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone may have been hurt by love. However, many of them chose to get up and move on.

Be a strong person who won’t let others hurt and interfere with your life.

Do not be scared to face everything in your life but do not let the other hurt you.

Use the above cute love quote to strengthen your heart and rise.

Leave your past and continue to find your true love.

Must be Fought

“True love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.” – Unknown

It’s not easy to get sincere love. Many people say true love is love that can last a lifetime.

But in reality, many love stories don’t last long. Of course, there are many reasons.

Can because it is not in line with partner thinking, because of economic status or others.

Love should not only exist when a couple (man and woman) are in happy condition.

But when a partner is in a difficult condition, you need to provide support so that he/she can get back up.

It Doesn’t Matter

“If you don’t love me, it does not matter, anyway I can love both of us.” – Stendhal

Someone who loves the partner usually expects the partner to reply to love. Rarely anyone survives if the love is unrequited.

However, the words of love above provide enough inspiration to make us touched.

Although his partner did not return his love, Stendhal, through his wise words, revealed that he could still love his partner and himself.

This is a sign of sincere love.

Perfection of love

“I think the perfection of love is that it’s not perfect.” – Unknown

Love must be brought to calm — no need to impose will because it will grow by itself.

Be who you are; no need to always look perfect in front of her/him. Everything needs a process.

If you give enough love and attention, of course, the chances of your love being rewarded will be even greater.

Did not run smooth

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” – William Shakespeare

Getting love from a partner needs a struggle. Need proof in terms of attention and sacrifice.

All hopes can be realized (God willing) if we love with patience, and we have independence in thinking.

Love Him/Her because of…

“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love him/her in spite of the fact that they’re not.” – Jodi Picoult

Often when we first see someone, we see his/her appearance. The more beautiful or good impression, of course, we will be more interested.

But when talking about love, often the appearance is just an attraction at the beginning, but that love can change over time.

For someone who loves, it doesn’t matter whether the partner has lacking or not (according to other’s opinions).

What he/ she sees is always the positive side of the partner and always has a reason to love.

Sense of security

“True love always brings a sense of security into your home.” – Unknown

Loving and getting love from loved ones can bring happiness and calm to us.

This can especially happen to families who love each other.

This love can also be carried away when we are at home, which will allow us to rest in peace at home.

Ourselves quite different

“When we are in love we seem to ourselves quite different from what we were before.” – Blaise Pascal

The words of love above reveal the conditions experienced by a man who is in love.

Many of them usually changed, not as themselves before (can be better, or vice versa).

This is usually because a lover wants to get attention from his partner.

For women, help your partner to make himself better.

Balm for Disappointed of Love

“Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.” – Jane Austen

No need to dissolve too deeply and too long when you experience a broken heart. Believe it will disappear over time.

However, you think she/he is the best; your mind can change over time.

The fastest way to forget about her/him by visiting your close friends and associating with them as usual.

If there is an opportunity, also tell what is your problem to your closest friend.

Love and be Loved

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.” – T. Tolis

There is no more beautiful love than sincere love that is reciprocated between lovers.


“When you are in love, everything is romantic.” – Unknown

When someone falls in love, everything will feel different.

The emission can be carried away in the way when he/ she sees the things.

However, this romantic love can fade; you can bring it back by doing little romantic things that can remind your partner about the love story of you and your partner.

Suppose you want to grow your romantic memories with your beloved wife.

Can by giving flowers, messages on gadget accompanied by romantic words and much more.

Can’t Deny

“I believe there are some things in life you can’t deny or rationalize, and love is one of them.” – Cate Blanchett

Love is a feeling that can appear unexpectedly. The greatness of love can defeat the mind of human logic.

Where something that was previously felt is impossible can be possible because of love.

Another thing, love can also turn hatred into friendship.


“When someone you love becomes a memory… That memory becomes a treasure.” – Unknown

A beautiful memory of love can restore romanticism or make one’s heart flowery.

When your heart is flowering, everything will feel more beautiful.

Make those memories as a passion to share happiness with others (people around).

Show faults

“If you wish to be loved, show more of your faults than your virtues.” – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Someone who is loved is usually someone who can be himself/ herself.

He/ she is not afraid to do anything even though sometimes his/ her actions are considered strange by others.


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

According to Lao Tzu’s words of love, love arises from the existence of good giving.

The meaning of good giving here is quite extensive, but of course, that can provide benefits for others.

It can be attention, smile, affection, energy, time, gifts, and much more.

Of course, this gift also needs to be accompanied by patience and sincerity.


“Let’s practice motivation and love, not discrimination and hate.” – Zendaya

Everyone needs motivation. Also, no one can survive, reaching their dreams without love.

Zendaya invites readers to practice prioritizing motivation and love rather than spreading hatred or bullying in the form of discrimination and others.

Motivation can be trained by getting used to positive thinking and doing things that are beneficial to the environment and the people around you.

While love can be given at a minimum by giving a sincere smile and affection for the people around.

Nothing Perfect

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover instead of creating the perfect love.” – Tom Robbins

Love will appear and come to every individual who can give kindness to others sincerely.

The wise words of love above invite us to spread as much goodness as possible rather than seeking love for self-happiness.

Believe that love will come without your expectations and awareness.

Don’t Worry

“Don’t worry if you cannot build your relationship with people. It means that your person (he/she) is waiting for you in the nearest future.” – Unknown

If you are disappointed because of love, in my opinion, the main key is to remain patient and not excessive in expressing your disappointment.

So as not to be disappointed, when finding a new love, love someone naturally. Remember, the main love is only to God and His Apostle.

Love Price

“Love is not to be purchased, and affection has no price.” – St. Jerome

Love cannot be bought or exchanged with the material – only fake or immortal love which arises because of certain assets or needs.

You must be careful if you get love from your partner like this because your material can be lost without you realizing it because you are too complacent with this temporary (fake) love.

Simple ‘I Love You’

“A simple ‘I love you’ means more than money.” – Unknown

Nowadays, it is difficult to get love without enough material to impress couples.

But that’s what it’s called true love. He will not pay too much attention to whether we have a lot of assets or not.

The attention of the lover will be directed to the person, not the money.

Stupid Love

“Love is being stupid together.” – Paul Valery

Sometimes love has no logic.

Love can mean doing “weird” things together, which are usually accompanied by smiles and laughter.

The Important of Your Partner

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” – Unknown

True love does not expect a reply.

This love always prioritizes loved ones to be happy.

Being Isolated

“Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that’s beautiful.” – Unknown

Two lovers who are in love will feel the world belongs to them both.

Even so, it’s good that we don’t continue to dissolve in love, which only thinks of romanticism without direction and purpose to continue the relationship in a more serious for the future.

It would be nice after getting to know your partner immediately proceed to the level of marriage to perpetuate your relationship.


“Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Without love, life will feel empty.

Instead, life will be colored with love in it.

Romantic Love Quotes for Him or Her

Everything About You is Valuable

Charlotte Bronte with his wise words of love, as below :

“Everything in your body is as valuable as what I have: in torture and illness, it is still valuable.” – Charlotte Bronte

When you have feelings of love for someone, you will assume that he is very valuable in your life.

Your partner is someone who has a lot of meaning for you. Whatever is related to him/her is important to you.

In all situations, you will always feel light if you are nearby your partner. Whether in a happy, sick, healthy condition or whatever.

Even in a difficult situation, with love between the two, everything can be passed quickly.

It’s all because of the love that is in your heart. No matter how hard the trials are, everything can be overcome.

Love that You Have

“In the end, the love you have is the same as the love you make” – Paul McCartney

Feelings of love cannot be exaggerated and cannot be reduced, because this works on its own.

When someone has a sense of love, of course, he/she will do something that usually will be suitable by the level of love.

For example, a wife who loves her husband will give the best for her husband.

If her husband likes to eat soup, for example, his wife will try to cook soup with a recipe that she thinks is the best.

Likewise the opposite of a husband to his wife.

So, someone’s love will be seen in the actions done to the partner they love, and will always make their partner happy.

I Love You Because

Love quotes from Paulo Cuelho,

“I love you because the whole universe works together to help me find you.” – Paulo Cuelho

Love Takes struggle. When you have found him/her, rest assured that all nature blesses your efforts.

God has determined your destiny to be with him/her. He arranges you to meet your partner until finally, you can commit to a marriage bond.

You Are My Heart

“You are my heart, my life, the only thing I think about.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company

These love quotes are very inspiring to make him/her the only person that you love in the meaning as a life partner.

Even, in each step and your mind is not separated from the support of your partner.

There is always him/her in every activity you do.

Even, you think that your partner is a critical person in your life. Without him/her, as if you can’t live perfectly.

If You Don’t Love Me

“If you don’t love me, I might not be loving. If I don’t love you, I might not be loving. “- Samuel Beckett

The words of true love above have a commitment contained in them. When you have chosen someone, you will set your love for that person.

Your feelings will always be happy because of him and will not turn away.

When Someone Loves You

Love Quotes for Him from The Heart

“When someone loves you, the way to tell you to others is really different. You feel safe and comfortable.” – Jess C. Scott, the Intern

These words of love describe the situation if someone loves you. You always get a different treatment.

More than that, there is a sense of comfort and security when you are nearby.

In fact, he has his own way of talking about you in front of other people. This is done because you are already a special person for him.

Leaving you is my weakness

Cute Love quotes for him

“Do not you see? Do not you understand? You are the love of my life. I cannot leave you.” – Grey’s Anatomy

If you feel your partner is your inseparable soul mate to death, send these romantic words to him.

With these romantic words, you have shown how valuable he is in your life.

Show him that you can’t live “perfectly” without him. You always want to be nearby.

Empty Without Your Presence

Romantic love quotes for him

“Nothing makes the room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.” – Cella Quinn, All the Time

Even if you have entered any room, you will not feel lonely if you are with someone you care about.

But instead, no matter how busy you are, you will feel empty without him. Maybe if you miss someone.

To show how much you miss him, try sending this quote to him.

Worst feeling

“Missing someone and not being able to see it is the worst feeling ever.” – Nathanael Richmon

Do you know what the worst feeling in your life? Very painful indeed if you can’t meet someone you miss.

Moreover, if indeed it is not possible for you to meet him because of your mistakes in the past, for example.

Let’s meet

Short love quotes for him

“And let’s meet in the farthest place from goodbye.” – RADWIMPS, Sparkle

Having someone you really love and love you sincerely will make you not want to be separate from him.

You will do everything you can to keep him by your side. One way you might do it is to take it to a far place from saying goodbye.

Where there is no separation that can be found there.

Heart Care Choose Priorities

“Never choose someone as your priority when for them you are only  backup the choice.” – Maya Angelou

Never give priority to someone whose hobbies underestimate you.

Believe me, realize it or not, there are still many other people who are more deserving of your attention to affection.

Do not waste your time on unimportant people.

Reasons for choosing

“I love you, not only because of who you are but also because of what I am when with you.” – Roy Croft

When you are confused about choosing a life partner, choose him that makes you happier with him.

Choose him who makes you better, not him who only makes you intoxicated.

In the end, a relationship is a matter of reciprocity between one another. It is simple but often neglected.

It is better, self-improvement in a more wise direction in matters of romance.

The Nature of a Relationship

“Love is when the happiness of others is more important than your happiness.” – H. Jackson Brown

The essence of love is to focus on the couple’s good needs and happiness.

Do not pride yourself as a true love if your partner is still not happy in this relationship.

Feel it

“Love is like the wind. You cannot see it, but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks

This is one piece of dialogue from the western film “A Walk to Remember” starring Mandy Moore and Shane West.

These wise words of love are indeed very short, but the meaning is very deep.

Loving does not have to be excited. The important thing is to sincerely do something that feels to the heart.

Romance relationship

“Romance is not just looking at each other. It is but also looking at each other in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Romance is not always about being together, holding hands and looking at each other.

A good relationship is when both look in the same direction, in this case, the meaning of the future.

In this way, all differences will be united because the goals of both are the same.

The Final Meaning of a Relationship

“Some people will leave your life, but that’s not the end of your story. It’s just the end of their part in your story.” – Faraaz Kazi

When the person you love leaves you, don’t ever think the world is over.

There is still the next “page” because that ends only their role in your life.

Hopefully, these true love quotes can awaken those of you who are broken-hearted to be able to immediately move on.

Who knows if you can get a better replacement?

Like glass

“Romance is like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave it in a broken state. Instead of hurt you by reuniting them.” – D. Love

It is okay if you want to improve the romance that has been cracked. That means you really love your partner but don’t forget to stop doing it.

Actually, releasing a bond can make you more relieved than before. Is your relationship like that?

Not in line

“I know and I love you. But I don’t think we love each other in the same way. And letting you beside me might destroy me.” – S.C. Stephens

There’s nothing wrong with loving someone because what wrong is just how to love him.

Sometimes the way that is considered right by the woman turned out to be very wrong and torturing for the guy and vice versa.

It is sad but what can I do if it is the reality.

If this has happened, maybe separation is the best way to go before both of them are injured in the future.

Let it go

“Some of us think that survival will make us strong. But sometimes, just releasing makes us strong.” – Herman Hesse

The strongest house is the one that collapsed the longest.

Love may also be like that. Unfortunately, this principle only applies to relationships where both are trying to survive.

If only one party tries to maintain a relationship, letting the relationship break will be much better.

At the very least, you can start a new, far better relationship.


“The worst part of grasping memories is not the pain. But, feel lonely when you remember them.” – Lois Lowry

A beautiful memory will turn into a heartbreaking knife when remembered at the wrong time. One of them is when we remember him alone.

Obviously, you won’t be able to forget those memories completely.

But by making new happy memories, maybe you won’t have time to remember old memories again.

Fall in Love

“People think that you fall in love only once. It’s not about me. I fall in love every time I see you.” – Unknown

This is a flattery word of love from someone for his partner that he always falls in love with every time he sees his partner.

Written in the Stars

“Our relationship is meant to be. Something that was written in the stars and drawn into our destiny.” – Unknown

These seduction words contain romantic meanings of how meaningful a person is for his/her partner.

Replaced nightmares

“You have replaced my nightmares with dreams, my worries with happiness, and my fears with love.” – Unknown

Love can provide happiness in life. The meaning of happiness for everyone can be different.

According to wise words above, love can give a beautiful dream at bedtime, which eliminates nightmares, eliminates anxiety and worries that are replaced by love.

Prove me

“Just when I think that it is impossible to love you any more, you prove me wrong.” – Unknown

The human heart can change. This is in accordance with the word of God, that God is the one who turns behind the hearts of every human being.

Everyone (except the Prophet Muhammad) must have done wrong. There is no perfect being in this world.

Your partner too. As long as mistakes are not principle, give your partner the opportunity to be a better person than before.

That is love. Always want to see their partner happy and become a better person.

My Soul

“When I look into your eyes, I know I have found the mirror of my soul.” – Unknown

Someone who is in love will get himself to be one with the loved ones.

If a loved one is hurt, he will feel hurt.

Conversely, if a loved one feels happy, then he will feel happy.

You Hold my Heart

“You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.” – Unknown

For those who are married, touching their partner (wife) is one that can warm the relationship.

But the most important thing is an honest heart to love sincerely.

In Islam, for those who are not Muhuh (unmarried couples), it is forbidden to touch each other during the introductory period until the marriage level.

I Love You

“Trying to explain how much I love you, is like trying to count the stars. You can try it… But it’s impossible.” – Unknown

It is such beautiful words of love seduction above. But this also needs to be proven by actions.

Words of seduction that are not accompanied by deeds will lose confidence in the couple who hears it. Or the simple term sounds “stale.”

You Mean Everything

“You don’t mean anything to me… You mean everything to me…” – Unknown

The words of love above are one form of seduction from someone to their partner. It seems like the words above are someone’s joke to his lover.

At first, he said his lover meant nothing, but after that, he revealed that his lover meant everything to him.

Not Perfect

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” – Unknown

Someone is loved not because she is the most beautiful or the smartest. Because beauty is relative and intelligence can be defeated.

Usually, someone is loved because of his personality who can be himself and of course there is something that can please those who love.

It doesn’t matter whether she looks at his shortcomings or strengths. For those who love her, she will be considered as a partner who is worthy to love.

The more visible the lack of a partner, the more humanly visible in front of him. So the love will increase.

Love is beautiful

“Because of love, thorns become roses…” – Jalaluddin Rumi

Not just rags, these wise words of true love have deep meanings.

Something that we consider negative can be good and beautiful because of the touch of love.

Give your partner these wise words of love, so he knows how to fill your heart with him. Tell to him that everything will be beautiful with love.

Love does not know strings attached

Emotional Love Quotes for her

“Love never demands, love always gives. Love always suffers, without ever wailing, without ever holding a grudge.” – Gandhi

Sometimes, loving indirectly can get a reply. Before feeling happiness, you must first feel pain.

However, that doesn’t stop you from continuing to treat it with love and affection.

So, remain sincere and sincere even though you have suffered thousands of hurts.

Like flowers

“Love is like a beautiful flower, which may not be held, but the smell makes the garden a happy place.” – Keller

Sometimes you cannot reach love and just feel it. So, love can cause various kinds of feelings.

People who are in love can do things that don’t make sense. As these wise words of love, love can change something more beautiful.

See with the Heart

“Love is not seen with the eyes, but with the heart.” – William Shakespeare

Love comes unexpectedly and without reason.

You cannot see love; it is like the wind. You cannot see its presence, but you can feel its warmth.

Lose of Love

“I am able to deal with all disasters, except one; lose love.” – Oscar Wilde

Love has a big influence on life and can change whatever is in it. So, it does not be surprised if losing love makes the heart very chaotic.

Do not keep your feeling and show with the love quotes above. You never know her feeling or the result if you never try.

Do not be afraid because it will make you more relieved after you do.

Love and Live

“We are alive when we are in love.” – John Updike

According to the short words of love above, someone will be more energetic when he is in love.

Many unpredicted things are felt, and this usually encourages people who are in love.

Conversely, living without love will feel tasteless like cooking without spices or like vegetables without chili sauce. Everything will be too logical.

Know with love, a life that was once bland could turn out to be more meaningful.

You will be able to feel the pleasure of love when you can share with your partner — no matter whether he will return your love or not.

But if your love is reciprocated, then it will be your bonus because of your sincere love.

Two people who love each other will feel happy when they can share. When you are happy or sad, you will share it with him/her.

Likewise, sadness will be discussed with him/her so that when you are unstable or sad, he/she can encourage you to get up.

The Most Artistic

“There is nothing more artistic than loving someone.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent said that love is art. Art workers always create something colorful or beautiful.

Well, love is like that. Love makes everything look beautiful.

The time that spent together will be an awe-inspiring moment.

Love is an Adventure

“We love because that’s the only adventure” – Nikki Giovani

Everyone wants a great adventure in his life. When you love someone, you will feel that your life is full of adventure.

Experience in looking for the right person for your partner.

You will search for your partner until you find the right person.

Start getting acquainted by finding everything you want to know about your partner. Until finally you feel that he/she is the right person for you.

Your love adventure will continue with your chosen partner until the end.

Deep Quotes About Love and Friendship in Life

Best friend

“I love my wife and I know she loves me. We’re best friends. We’re just lucky to have found each other. It takes a lot of work but I just feel very blessed that I found the right person. It’s a very fortunate situation and not everyone has that.” – Harry Connick, Jr.

The wise words above are a form of gratitude of a husband who has a wife he loves.

He also felt that his wife loved him, and they could be together as a family who could also be friends with each other.

Not everyone can have a relationship like that, but we can follow the love quote above how to treat our partners properly.

Transforming enemy

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Unknown

There is nothing better at melting the atmosphere of hostility than love.

According to the words of love above, presenting the love to an enemy can soften his heart and change them to be a friend.

How to? Suppose you have a close friend, but eventually over time it is considered an enemy because of work problems.

But one day you want to change your attitude to him because you think hostility is prohibited in your beliefs.

Then you think of giving a surprise to your friend, for example, a gift of clothes for your friend’s child on his child’s birthday.

Of course, your friend, who has been regarded as an enemy might feel touched because the child he loves is given a gift by you.

Friendship, Romance

“It’s bullshit to think of friendship and romance as being different. They’re not. They’re just variations of the same love. Variations of the same desire to be close.” – Rachel Cohn

Again, the words about love above illustrate that treating a lover as a friend as a manifestation that we love him/her is something that is inseparable.

True Loving Tips

♥ Tip: Love someone naturally, and love your God with all your heart.

Loving tips from me :

  1. Love someone as a partner with all your heart and naturally according to your ability to love him/her.
  2. Don’t love someone more than your love for God (Allah SWT).
  3. Don’t love someone more than your love for the Prophet Muhammad (in Islam).
  4. Don’t forget your love for people who also love you like parents and siblings.
  5. Don’t love by breaking the boundaries of the values and norms of Religion.

Hopefully, this collection of true love quotes can make your life more meaningful to the one you love.

Make the quotes about true love above as an inspiration that will encourage you.

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