8 Tips to Work from Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus began to become an issue in mid-December in Wuhan, China.

However, until now, the virus is able to spread to many countries, including Indonesia.


One way to prevent the spread of the virus is by increasing the body’s immunity and avoiding interaction with many people (social distance).

To keep a distance from many people, inevitably, working from home is one alternative to prevent wider viruses.

This is also consistent with the statement of the central government about preventing the spread of the coronavirus so that each company can employ workers from home.

If encouraged to work from home, knowing how to work from home that is effective when quarantine yourself from the Corona is something that needs to be considered in order to remain productive even at home.

Working from home is very different compared to working in an office, especially amid news from various sources about the corona outbreak, so that it has the potential to become less focused.

On the other hand, working from home has its own challenges because it has a different atmosphere than in the office.

Check out tips for working from home when quarantining yourself from the Corona, below.

Tips to Work from Home During Quarantine from the Coronavirus

For some people, it is not easy to work from home, especially if at home there are many family members or relatives.

Therefore, to stay focused and professional, those who work from home must know-how is the strategies to work.

The following are eight tips for working from home when quarantine from the Corona that can be practiced by any office worker:

1. Choose a Comfortable Workplace

Even though working from home, you should still prioritize comfort so that you can be productive working despite quarantine from Corona, for example, by choosing a workplace that is free from “interference” by family members.

In addition, you can also make a work desk like the atmosphere in the office so that it can excite work because usually when working at home, you will be more tempted to relax.

Avoid working on the bed because it can make you lazy to work.

The choice of room and work table that has enough light and clean air also needs attention.

The room temperature should also be made comfortable, such as not too hot or cold, so you can still be productive when working.

2. Create a Schedule and To-Do List Based on Job Priorities

Tips for working from home when quarantine from the Corona, the second is that you should make an organized schedule.

This is due to the different conditions of working at home compare to working at the office.

When working at home, the potential for distractions or interactions outside the work obtained will be more than when working in the office.

Therefore, it is important to complete the main work as soon as possible.

Make a schedule that is arranged and detailed, like making a to-do list based on priority work that must be completed per day.

Having a list of priorities and targets will make it easier for us to stay focused on work and also provide motivation to stay productive when remote working from home.

3. Keep Establishing Communication Well

Tips for working from home when quarantine from the Corona, the next is to maintain communication.

The reason is, not a few people who will be bored when working from home and quarantine themselves.

When working, try to keep communicating with colleagues either in chat applications or by e-mail.

Or, it can also occasionally make video calls to other coworkers who also experience working from home.

If you need to communicate with the remote between computers, then you need to install special software on a PC or Laptop.

Applications that can be used for remote between computers are:

Chrome Remote Desktop; This is a free application from Google that is useful to provide access from a computer to other computers or from Android to a computer using Windows OS, macOS, and Linux.

You can get the application here: Download Chrome Remote Desktop

Team Viewer; This software also functions to provide access from a computer to other computers remotely.

Please download the application here: Download TeamViewer

Communication with others will be able to maintain a sense of enthusiasm and motivation to work.

Communicating with others also makes you feel less isolated when avoiding the corona outbreak.

4. Keep Doing Routines at Work

Keep doing the same routine when you work normally. For example, you usually exercise at 6:30 in the morning; when you are not in the office, do not leave this habit.

Bath and breakfast time should also not be much different from when you are working normally.

At noon also do not forget to provide healthy snack foods so that your energy is maintained.

5. Limiting Yourself from Children

For parents who already have children, working from home is certainly a challenging thing.

Not infrequently, children prefer to invite their parents to play.

As parents, of course, the invitation is so tempting, considering they rarely meet their children when in the office.

However, this can be a barrier to productivity when working from home.

So, one way to effectively work from home when quarantine from the Corona is to limit yourself from children.

Try to give the children understanding that even at home, parents still have to work.

It can also be done by giving children certain activities or choosing a time to work when the children are sleeping (but this is rather difficult when having to work in the morning or afternoon).

6. Pay attention to the break

For some people, working from home is actually burdensome.

Lack of interaction with coworkers makes them forget to rest because they are absorbed in working from home.

This certainly can be dangerous during an outbreak because it can interfere with health and also change work patterns that have been built before.

Therefore, as much as possible, still have to pay attention to the break-even though working from home.

For example, you are determining when to rest for a meal or take a break from the view of a laptop or computer.

Of course, this helps to divert the mind so as not to think too much about work.

Choose the right time to rest in order to maintain health amid a corona outbreak.

7. Treat Work at Home Like at the Office

Working from home is very different than working in an office.

A home atmosphere where there are no bosses and office colleagues who supervise often makes those who work from home do things outside of work.

Many temptations can be done, such as watching TV, browsing the internet, chatting with family, playing with children, or even to the nearest supermarket for food shopping.

Therefore, tips for working from home when quarantine from the Corona, the next is that you should continue to treat work properly in the office.

If possible, keep working according to office hours as usual.

In addition, do activities as is usually done in the office. To make it more work, try to keep wearing office clothes.

This may seem strange, but it can change the atmosphere to be more motivated to work.

8. Remain Responsible and Discipline

Being able to work from home is a privilege because not everyone can do it.

Therefore, when working from home, make sure to remain responsible, disciplined, and also focused.

Every person who works from home is required to remain professional, remain productive, and uphold their integrity.

Do all the work in accordance with its portion, lest all jobs should be abandoned and piled up in the future.

If working with responsibility and discipline, working from home can certainly provide excellent performance.

Try to even though working from home, and the work results are equal or better than working at the office.

Those are ways to stay productive when you have to work from home.

Although working from home, you should stay focused and enthusiastic work.

Do not forget to always take care of your health by paying attention to your breaks and eating nutritious foods to strengthen the body’s immunity.

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  1. Many of us are working from home, Everyone might be having trouble adjusting to a new work environment overnight! Thanks for sharing this article in this moment of need!
    Though the uncertainty and newness of it all can be disconcerting, the good news is that there actually are opportunities for growth and diversification for our agency or small business, if we’re keen to make lemonade out of lemons.
    However, it will inevitably take some time to get used to. Thanks again for your tips on maintaining productivity and making the transition easier.