Learn from Popeye: Spinach is Rich of Benefits and Nutrients

Do you know Popeye the Sailorman? Yeah, that is a cartoon movie where the main character, Popeye has a favorite food. Spinach is his favorite food that makes his body super strong.

After eating the spinach, Popeye will be powerful and able to defeat Brutus. Brutus is his rival which always disturbs his relationship with Olive. By the way, this article does not discuss the movie or the characters.

Nevertheless, it refers to the spinach which has lots of benefits and nutrient. Seemly, the author knows well about the spinach so that she makes it as the magical food for Popeye. Okay, let’s see how great that vegetable is!


The Benefits and the Nutrients of Spinach


The Benefits and the Nutrients of Spinach for Health

You perhaps never realize that spinach has many benefits for your body. So, you often regard it as the usual vegetable. The spinach is really good for health because:

  1. Spinach reduces the inflammation. The spinach contains high antioxidant helping your body against the free radical which causes the inflammation.
  2. Improve your immune. The nutrient of vitamin C, A, folic, and magnesium can improve your immune system.
  3. Prevent the anemia. It has iron substantive which is good for the blood.
  4. Keep the eyes’ health. Spinach contains carotenoid such as lutein, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin. Those essences can protect your eyes from some eye diseases. It prevents night blindness and macular degeneration.
  5. Lower the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Spinach contains much mineral and fiber which can lower the blood pressure. Alongside that, it avoids the plaque formation in the vein. On the other words, the spinach lowers the risk of the cardiovascular illnesses.
  6. Prevent the risk of cancers. Well, it returns to the zeaxanthin in the spinach which can eliminate the free radical. The fact is the free radical also has a big role in the cause of some cancers.
  7. Keep your skin health. The antioxidant also protects your skin from many cases. The vitamins and mineral are the nutrients which the skin needs.
  8. Prevent the Osteoporosis. The lack of vitamin K, mineral, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper cause bone loss. Meanwhile, those nutrients exist inside of the spinach.
  9. Prevent diabetes. Spinach can stabilize the blood sugar level if the sufferers consume it routinely. Even, it prevents excessive volatility.
  10. Treat the bleeding gums. There is vitamin C inside of the spinach where this nutrient is good for the gums healthy.
  11. Prevent fatigue. Spinach increases the oxygen production from the iron.
  12. Make your heart healthier.
  13. Increase the memory and keep the brain health
  14. Spinach is good for the digestive organs especially the gastric.
  15. It supports the infancy.
  16. Help your diet program.
  17. Prevent tumor.
  18. Lower fever.
  19. Strengthen liver function
  20. Cataract
  21. Launch breast milk
  22. Prevent birth defects in babies
  23. The Nutrients of the Spinach

There are many benefits of the spinach for your health because this green vegetable contains many nutrients.

You had read some of the above such as vitamin C, A, K, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, antioxidant and the rest.

Besides that, there are flavonoid, vitamin B complex, E, sodium, and potassium. Below is the more detail information for you. Every 100 grams of the spinach contain:

  1. Energy: 36 calorie
  2. Protein: 3,5 g
  3. Fat: 0, 5 g
  4. Carbohydrate: 6, 5 g
  5. Fiber: 0,8 g
  6. Calcium: 267 mg
  7. Phosphorus: 67 mg
  8. Iron: 3, 9 mg
  9. Vitamin A: 6.090 IU
  10. Vitamin B1:0,008 mg
  11. Vitamin C: 80 mg
  12. Water: 86,9 g

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Be careful: Everything has the Side Effects

Of course, you attract to consume much spinach every day after you know the nutrients and the benefits. However, something that is excessive is always not good, and nobody recommends it in this world. Same as spinach, you will get some problems if you eat it without clear rule.

It is such as the five side effects of the spinach below:

  1. Flatulence: The fiber of the spinach cause the flatulence because it slows down the metabolic process
  2. Diarrhea: High fiber also causes diarrhea.
  3. Kidney stones: The oxalate is the spinach is high enough. The body absorbs purine from the spinach in uric acid form. The uric acid causes the deposition of calcium in the kidneys. These deposits cause the kidney stones.
  4. Uric acid: The uric acid improvement also causes joint pain, arthritis, and uric acid.
  5. Lack of minerals: Obvious, the high oxalate will tight the calcium and iron in your body. It inhibits the absorption of minerals.

As your information, spinach endangers people after more than 4 hours. Even, you do not allow to reheats cooking. The brew of spinach is easy to damage if you store it in the room temperature.

The reason is the bacteria are easy to grow at that temperature. You can see the signs from the vegetable sauce that change into murky, slimy, or smells of acid.

However, those side effects emerge when you consume it excessively. Alongside that, you have several allergic toward the nutrients of the spinach.

So far, not many people get the problems from the spinach during they eat it bases on the rule. Therefore, do not be afraid to insert it as your healthy food list. Such as you know, the benefits are more than the bad side. To restore your faith in this green vegetable, you will get some steps to process it:

  1. Choose the fresh spinach because it still contains the maximum vitamins and nutrients.
  2. Wash the vegetable rightly before cooking. The function is to remove germs and dirt.
  3. In case you want to store it, you better do not wash it to keep the freshness. Put it in the clean and hermetic pocket and then store in the refrigerator.

Besides pay attention to the spinach, you should keep the cleanliness of the tool from germs and bacteria. Wash them with the dish soap, clean water, and sponge.

Do not use the iron to cook the spinach because the material can contaminate the chemical essences of the spinach. Use the tool from stainless steel material. Okay, those are the benefits and the nutrients of the spinach.

You can consume it in the form of soup, sautéing, or juice (with fruit and other vegetable combination). Choose your way to enjoy the delicious, healthy spinach.

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