21 Islamic Quotes about Marriage to Become a Sakinah Family

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For most people on this earth, who are old enough, marriage is one of the necessities.

Not only that, but getting married is also a sign of someone carrying out one of the religious recommendations so that his life becomes peaceful and happy.

Islamic quotes about marriage

In marriage, of course, you will find a variety of new things that have never been felt before while still in the introductory period.

I am not saying the courtship, because Islam does not recognize the existence of courtship as stated in one of the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad that someone who is not his mahram is forbidden to be both alone.

The new things can be something that feels good or things that can be said to ‘dispute’ in the household.

In responding to the ‘spices’ of this household, Islam provides many instructions and examples through the Qur’an, and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which can be followed in maintaining the integrity of the household to achieve the ideals of a mawaddah sakinah family who receive the grace of Allah SWT.

The following are various Islamic marriage advice quotes from the Al-Qur’an and Hadith, which certainly need to be read as a guide and reference in forming a happy family according to Islamic teachings.

The author only takes a few core quotations but certainly does not represent all the references in the Qur’an and Hadith.

There are still many other references that you can read that are not listed here.

Let’s look at the quotes below:

Islamic Quotes about Marriage for a Happy Life

Trial in Marriage

“You should be enthusiastic about what is beneficial to you, ask God for help, and don’t be weak. If something happens to you, then don’t say, “If I did, this and that would have happened.” But say, “This is God’s destiny, and what He wants, He does.” Indeed the word “if” will open the act of devil. ” (HR. Muslim, no: 2664)

Islam teaches that a husband or wife be patient in facing various problems in the household.

In fact, it is said that all problems should be carried out with enthusiasm and optimism to get the best results.

If you have trouble don’t need to complain, but still, be grateful and think positive.

Complaining and regretting will make someone easily influenced by Satan’s temperament.

Try to find the best solution to solve your problem.

Be gentle

Every husband is required to be gentle with his wife. This can be realized in the form of daily conversations and deeds.

The essential thing that a husband needs to do is to support his child and wife and not waste them.

Not wasting means being concerned about the physical and emotional needs of the wife.

“Be gentle to the glasses (meaning women)” (HR.Al-Bukhari V / 2294 no 5856, Muslim | V / 1811 no 2323, An-Nasa’i in Sunan AI-Kubro Vl. L135 no 1032)

“Be softly and gentle with her, surely you will live with her.” (HR. Ahmad HR. Ahmad no: 20093, and confirmed by Al Albani in Shahihul Jami ‘no: 1944)

“Indeed, I will inflict difficulties on those of you who squandered the rights of two weak groups: (ie) orphans and women.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah no. 3678, al-Albani in Ash-Shahihah no. 1015)

Sholehah’s wife is a noble treasure

Guide and help your wife become the wife of sholehah, because it is one of the deeds of worship and priceless treasure according to the instructions of the Prophet below.

“The most noble treasure is the Oral who always dhikr, the heart that is always grateful, and the faithful wife who always helps her in her faith.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi no: 3095, mix Al-Albani in Shohihul jami ‘no: 4408)

“This world is jewels and the best of jewels are women who are righteous.” (HR. Muslim no. 3628)

“Whoever is blessed with the righteous wife, then Allah has helped him for half of his religion, let him fear Allah in the other part.” In another recitation,” Then he has perfected half the religion. ” (HR.Thabrani in al Awsath no: 972, Hakim in al Mustadrak no: 2681, commemorated by Al-Albani in Ash-Shahihah no: 265)

Prompts to marry a Halal woman

The meaning of halal women here is Muslim women who can be married according to Islamic rules.

“Then marry other women who are lawful for you to marry; (whether) two, three, or four. However, if you are worried that you will not be able to be fair (among wives if you have more than one wife), marry only one wife or make ends meet with the slave girl you have. It is closer to not persecuting.” (Surat an-Nisaa ‘: 3)

The purpose of getting married so that humans are at peace

“And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives of your own kind, so that you are inclined and feel at ease with him, and made Him among you a sense of love and affection. Indeed in that there really is a sign signs for those who think, “(QS. Ar-Rum: 21)

The wife of sholehah is a form of happiness

“A sholihah wife, a large place to live, a kind neighbor, a comfortable vehicle. And four include misery: wicked wives, cramped living quarters, bad neighbors, and bad vehicles. “(Narrated by Ibnu Hibban no: 4032, see Ash-Shahihah no: 282)

True love is with two married people

“Never found the flowers of love between two people who combined love as in two people who have been married.” (Narrated by Ibnu Majah no: 1847, validated by Al-Albanl in Shohih Ibnu Majah no: 1497)

Men are leaders in the household

“Men are leaders for women, because Allah has increased their portion (men) over another part (women), and because they (men) have spent part of their property.” An-Nisaa ‘: 34)

Wife is a Trust from Allah SWT

“Praise Allah in the case of these women, in fact you have taken them with the mandate of Allah, and it is lawful for you their genitals with the words of Allah.” (HR. Muslim no: 1218)

Women are sentient beings

In the hadith below, it is likened that a woman often prioritizes her emotions and feelings rather than her reason. A husband has to be patient about this.

“Have fun with her on the bend that is above her.” (HR. Ibn Hibban no: 4180)

AI Qasthalani explained the above hadith by saying:

“As if the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, having fun with her will not be achieved unless by being patient with it.” (IrsyaadusSary 8/79)

Don’t hate the wife as long as she has faith

“Let not a man of faith hate a woman of faith. Even if there is an attitude he does not like about the woman, (must) there are also other attitudes of the woman he likes.” (HR. Muslim no: 1469)

Associating Wives according to their rights (in Islam)

“And associate them properly. Then if you don’t like them, (be patient) because maybe you don’t like something, whereas Allah SWT has made her a lot of good. “(QS. An-Nisaa ‘: 19)

Avoid arguments or disputes with wives

“I will guarantee a house on the edge of heaven for anyone who leaves the debate even though he is right.” (Narrated by Abu Daud no. 4800 and Al-Albani in Shahihul jami ‘no.1464)

Help the wife in the household work and do not criticize the shortcomings

“‘O Umm al-mu’minin, what did the Prophet do when He is with you (in your house)?”

Ayesha answered,

“He does what one of you does when he is helping his wife. He rubs his sandals, sews his clothes and lifts water in a bucket.” (Reported by Ibn Hibban no: 6406 by Al-Albanl in Al Misykah no: 5822)

“It is not the Messenger of Allah denouncing any food. If he likes it, he eats it. If you don’t like it, he leaves it (doesn’t eat it).” (Narrated by Bukhari no. 5409 and Muslim no. 2064)

Every husband is a leader and is responsible for leading his family to the path of God

“Know, each of you is a leader, and each of you is responsible for what he leads … a man is a leader for his family, and he is responsible for his family … Know that each of you is a leader and responsible for what he leads . “(Narrated by Bukhari no. 7138 and Muslim no. 1829)

“O you who believe, preserve yourself and your family from the fires of hell whose fuel is man and stone, guardians of angels who are rough, hard, and do not disobey Allah for what He has commanded them and always do what is commanded . ” (Surah At-Tahrim: 6)

Such is the Islamic quote about marriage.

Hopefully, useful as a reminder to reach the family sakinah mawaddah. God knows best.

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