Recommended Meal Plan for Extreme Weight Loss You Can Take

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Do you have a meal plan for extreme weight loss right now? If so, you should take the best weight loss diet to consume regularly. There are some good diets that can support you in the process of losing weight. However, to choose the right ones is necessary.


meal plan for extreme weight loss


That is why you have to find the best diets to lose your weight extremely. In this matter, have a good look at the kinds of best diets below to get the extreme weight loss for your body.

Meal Plan for Extreme Weight Loss

If we talk about tips of losing weight, it is important for you to pay attention to this following review. Actually, it is about the main steps of the meal plan for losing your weight faster. Do you want to know it soon? Here are they.

Eat a high protein

The first step that you have to know about the meal plan for extreme weight loss is eating a high protein on your breakfast.

Why can it be like that? Yea, it has proved that it can help you to reduce the cravings and also the calorie throughout the day. When it happens, it will help your body to not gain so much weight due to the calories.

Avoid sugary drinks

You need to know that sugary drinks and fruit juice are the most fattening things that you can put into your body. So, in this case, you are very suggested to avoid them in order to lose your weight. In this case, try to find every drink with high sugar content.

Drink water before a meal

Then, you can also drink water before a meal. You can do it a half hour before having a meal. It is proved by the study that drinking water a half hour before having a meal can help you to lose your weight. It can happen by 44% over three months.

It is recommended to drink 2 cups of water 1 hour before meals.

Select weight loss foods

Well, selecting weight loss friendly foods is also the significant matter that you can do in losing your weight. You have to know that some certain foods are very useful and helpful for losing fat in your body. They are such as whole grain, eggs, greens (vegetables), beef, salmon as food, and so on. They can be your meal plan for extreme weight loss.

Eat soluble fibre

The fifth step in losing your weight is eating soluble fibre. A study shows that consuming soluble fibre may help you to reduce your fat, especially in the belly area. In addition, the supplements of fibre such as glucomannan can also help you in planning to lose your weight.

Eat unprocessed foods (Raw Foods)

Next main step is eating the mostly whole unprocessed foods or raw foods (greens, fruits).

It is based on most of your diet on whole foods (recommended : 60% raw). As you know that those foods are healthier, more filling and much less to cause overeating.

Eat food slowly

In fact, fast eaters can gain more weight over time. So, it is suggested for you who want to lose your weight to eat slowly. Why can it be like that? It is because the activity of eating slowly can make you feel fuller. Besides, it can also help you to boost weight-reducing hormones in your body.

Workouts to Do While Applying Meal Plan for Extreme Weight Loss

Besides having a meal plan, you can also do some kinds of workout to support you in losing your weight extremely. Below are the recommended workouts you can take.

Lift weights

This step is much recommended for you who want to lose weight. You can combine it with consuming meal plan for extreme weight loss. The best option is going to the gym; it can be three until four times a week. In this case, you can do a warm-up and also lift some weights. Actually, by lifting weights, you will burn lots of calories and prevent the metabolism from slowing down. That is why it becomes a common side effect for losing your weight.


This kind of sport combines a variety of fast-paced movements. When you play basketball, you need to run, jump and reverse the directions, all at top speed. Then, according to NutriStrategy, playing basketball during an hour can help you to burn almost 700 calories in your body. It is so great, isn’t it?

Ice hockey

As you know that ice hockey is another fast-paced sport that needs a lot of energy too. Why can it be like that? It is because you need to use your lower body to propel you forward and backwards on the skates. Besides, you should use your upper body to shoot, pass, and also check the opponents. That is why this kind of sport can burn 710 calories per hour. So, it can balance your meal plan for extreme weight loss.


Swimming can be the right choice to combine with doing a meal plan for extreme weight loss. This workout is perfect to lose weight since it uses muscles of the upper and lower extremities. When you do this workout while consuming the right diets, it will be very possible for you to lose your extreme weight successfully.


Running is a nice activity to do both alone and with some other people together. Besides nice, this activity is very effective to burn your calorie. With the easy way to do and without any equipment needed, this activity will help you to burn your weight. This activity will be the right choice to fasten losing weight while consuming certain diets.


This kind of workout will be suitable to encourage your body to lose weight while having a meal plan for extreme weight loss. It is rational since this sport needs the players to pass, shoot, check an opponent, and also run. Thus, it will be good to burn fat in your body that can lead to overweight.

To lose weight effectively is easy if you find the right diets and consume them regularly. Thus, the kinds of meal plan for extreme weight loss above are hopefully able to help you lose your weight significantly.

Don’t forget to also do a specific workout to support consuming the best diets to lose your weight. Well, that is all about the best diets you can choose as the meal plan to lose your weight. Have a nice try.

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