Daily Juice Cleanse Recipes That Can Increase Your Immunity

Most people say that being healthy is hard and pretty is painful. Truthfully, it is the statement from someone who lacks information. Getting both important cases (healthy and pretty) at once is easy and can be delicious.

Detox with juice cleanse recipes will not make you tortured. On the contrary, you are going to enjoy your life with tasty, and your skin looks glowing healthy.

Below, there are some of delighted natural juices which are made from the green vegetables, colorful fruits, and also the combination of both.


Juice Cleanse Recipes


Juice Cleanse Recipes that Can Detox Your Body

News flash, detox or detoxification is the terms of removal of toxins from the body. Toxic may enter the body through foods, air pollution, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Detox can do with several options (by juicing, fasting, etc.). By the way, detox with juices matches for you who like to eat or drink.

Drink the juice when the stomach is empty. To maximize the absorption process at once for detoxification process, drink juice in the morning as breakfast. At other times drink juice 30 minutes before you eating protein or carbohydrates.

Here are some green juices that you can try later

  • Mustards green juice

Mustards are the very low calories and fat vegetable that are good for the diet. It also contains much fiber and antioxidant.

Here, the mustards green will be mixed with pineapple which has amino acid. The fruit helps the digestion and increases the immune system. Besides pineapple, lemon is also good for the digestion, and the vitamin C inside will detox the poison well.

Now, prepare five leaves of mustard green without the stem, one lemon, 250 gr pineapple, and 300 ml of fresh water.

You can change the sugar with honey if you want and do not forget to add ices. Then, insert all ingredients into the blender unless the lemon because you need to squash it first. After that, add that lemon water and blend it.

Lastly, pour the green juice into the glass and add the scratched lemon peel. Drink it soon and feel the freshness.

  • Spinach juice mixed with pear

Secondly, spinach mixed with pear. As your information, spinach is rich in multivitamin, antioxidant, and flavonoids. It can maintain your bone health from the vitamin K, and the others prevent the premature aging.

The flavonoids help people in the prevention of cancer, and the antioxidant can control the blood pressure and averts cholesterol.

Then, there are pear and coriander leaves as the mixture — pear which counterfeit with apple and it contains fiber and antioxidant. It is good for digestion, lowers the high blood pressure, cholesterol stabilizer, and prevents cancer.

Meanwhile, the coriander leaves are useful for the antibiotic, maintain the skin health, reduces hypertension, antioxidant, and anti-cancer.

Prepare 50-gram spinach green, 200-gram pears, 30-gram coriander leaves, 50 ml of water, and ices.  Wash all ingredients and cut the pear to make easy the blending process. Insert all ingredients including the ice and blend it. Afterward, serve it and drink it soon.

  • Ultimate green juice

The next detox juice is called with “ultimate green” Juice. This healthy beverage uses celery as the main ingredient. It contains many nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and folic acid. Alongside that, it is ruled as the alkali in your body to lose toxically.

Well, blend a bunch of celery with an apple, lemon water, and a segment of ginger. Drink the “ultimate green” juice one per day.

  • Green juice of kiwi, orange, and cinnamon

The last Juice Cleanse Recipes to detox toxic from the body uses kiwi and orange. Subsequently, it adds cinnamon powder to give the fragrant aroma. The combination of those materials will result rich in vitamin juice that keeps your immune system. So, you will not easily get sick.

Making juice from kiwi and orange is easy very much. Quite take 2 of kiwi, one orange, plus slightly cinnamon powder. Blend them and enjoy it in hot and cold weathers.

How to Detox with Juice in Colorful Looks

Choose Juice Cleanse Recipes as the way to be healthy in the easiest way. Surely, almost all people can drink and like this smooth beverage.

Moreover, juice uses fruits and vegetables as the main ingredient though some people add several additional substances. Furthermore, the juices will attract your attention with a colorful look. It is such as:

  • Fruit bits with blackberry

Fruit bits cleans the bloodstream where it is rich of manganese, potassium, folic acid, iron and vitamin C. This fruit has a sweet flavor when you boil it. Blend 3 of fruit bits with 2 or 3 apples, 8 ounces of blackberry, and a segment of ginger. Drink it one a day!

  • Tropical paradise

Consume a glass of tropical paradise juice every morning will lower the food accumulation and clean the digestion pipeline. This beverage appears with red or yellow color because it takes pineapple and papaya as the ingredient.

Furthermore, it adds kiwi, a half glass of coconut water, and a half segment of ginger. Mix all ingredients and blend them perfectly. Lastly, enjoy it!

  • Yam and Almond

Yam and almond fulfill of protein and potassium to balances the liquid of the body. Mix half of yam and almonds after soaked in several hours. Add an apple, a half of orange to add the nutrition.

  • Peach and lychee

The last fruit juice is from peach and lychee. This beverage can make you fresh and not easy to doze. Mix one pear, lychee, half of coconut water, and a teaspoon of honey (optional). Drink it especially in winter where the body needs much liquid very much.

Indeed, those beverages are healthy with natural colors. Why are they called healthy juice? It is because they have evident ingredients which are good for the body.

Meanwhile, some juices (nor recommended) do not take vegetable and fruit as the material. Even, they add some chemical essence or artificial sugar may be harmed by people.

Hopefully, this article about Juice Cleanse Recipes will make your days always fresh and colorful. Enjoy your life with the healthy body and beautiful skin.

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