How to Stop Your Emotional Eating to Keep Slim

It is common; people eat when they feel hungry. If not, you may experience craving problems.

This is one form of health problems, especially emotional disorders.

Emotional Eating

Therefore, the urge to eat not because of hungry is called emotional eating.

People satisfy themselves with eating as an outlet of feeling uncomfortable, especially if sad, bored, disappointed.

Even so, it turns out that happiness can trigger a desire to eat even if it’s not hungry.

Sometimes, without realizing it, someone can just do a meal even if they are not hungry. But usually, someone can easily stop eating immediately as soon as he/she realize this bad activity.

For people who experience emotional disorders that are used to vent it by eating, this condition is difficult for them to control and stop.

Emotional eating can cause health problems because eating is done without control. Anything put in the mouth, just because of the urge to eat and chew.

Citing data in the US, as expressed by Jane Jakubczak, a nutritionist from the University of Maryland, 75% of people who are overweight, including overweight, are avid eating sufferers.

Bad Impact of Emotional Eating


Because usually it is only focused on certain foods and is not controlled, emotional eating is prone to trigger health problems.

What is clear is obesity, due to overeating beyond the tolerance limit of feeling full.

Overweight aggravates the work of the digestive organs. Chronic fatigue, stomach ulcers, elevated blood pressure, and blood cholesterol levels, are some of the body’s signals to inform that the digestive organs have been working continuously beyond their capacity.

Lack of Nutrition

Lack of nutrition is another threat to eating. Even though you eat a lot, the food that comes in is not foods that are rich in nutrients like the body expected.

Because, generally the food that people with an emotional eating miss is junk food, such as pastries, ice cream, potato chips.

Although it can be made rich in nutrients, pizza, which is often the target, also contains too much fat and sodium, as well as abundant calories.

Uniquely eating a lot because of this “hungry mouth” is like a chain of handcuffs that are difficult to release.

Nutritional intake is limited, due to the dominant food naughty foods and low nutrition, will make the body lack nutritional intake.

As a result, the body will continue to charge to be filled in hopes of being able to fulfill the body’s adequate nutrition.

But because the food is eaten more often “naughty” foods that are poor in nutrition, so the body continues to want to be filled.

This condition actually makes the desire to eat not because of hunger becomes stronger.

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Disturbed Activities

“Hungry mouth” or emotional eating can make activities disrupted. The strong urge to eat, even if it’s not hungry, occurs outside of reasonable eating hours.

This condition is indeed bothersome. For example, when other employees are diligently listening to the boss’s explanation in a meeting, you are busy with the desire to eat or chew.

Your anxiety disturbs your own and other people’s concentration, especially if you are desperate to chew in the meeting room! Because you can’t stand eating.

How to Stop Emotional Eating Disorders

To be able to get out of this emotional disorder by yourself, try doing the following steps one by one. If you cannot, immediately consult with an expert.

Aware of Emotional Eating interference

Realize and learn to overcome the problem of avid eating, the first key is that you must first be aware of your disorder.

After that, learn anything that triggers you to eat even if you don’t feel hungry. If necessary, record and keep a journal.

For example, when you are bored of waiting for a queue, you will snack on food. When you are under pressure at work, you eat more snacks than usual and many more that can make someone eat without the urge to feel hungry.

Limit Portions and Chew Longer

After being aware of your own disturbances and understanding the causes, you can now be more alert.

Every time the urge to eat because of “mouth hunger” appears, be wiser.

If the urge to eat is still difficult to stem, take food that can satisfy you with small bites. Chew every mouthful as much as possible.

A lot of moving the mouth is useful to stimulate the production of antistress hormones, namely serotonin.

If much of these hormones are produced, negative feelings that result in avid eating will fade.

Switch to Physical Activity

The negative emotion that drives you to eat without control is not a garbage bin that will run out when you tell your feelings to others.

Because this emotional disorder also involves the inability to control yourself. So, the key is you alone.

Well, to build confidence and a feeling of being able to fight emotional eating, do more physical activity. Can walk, gardening, join yoga or tai chi clubs, and so on.

Just like chewing a lot, doing lots of physical activity also stimulates the production of antistress hormones, namely endorphins.

Choose Beneficial Food now

You can limit the portion of bad meals and be better able to stop eating.

If the urge to eat even if it’s not hungry appears, choose foods that provide health benefits, such as fruit.

Hard-textured fruit, which must be eaten with a lot of chewing, can help you get rid of the emotional burden.

Examples of apples, guava, persimmon, pears. Besides fruit, fresh cucumbers also require a lot of chewing.

Another more effective choice to stop eating disorders is roasted soybeans. Eating roasted soybeans as soon as you want to eat because “mouth hunger” appears.

Soybeans make you chew a lot, so the body produces a lot of antistress hormones. In addition, roasted soybeans are abundant in vitamin B-complex, which is actually very necessary when we experience emotional disturbances.

Just Keep Healthy Food at home

Remove all bad food from the shopping list. If there is still a store of naughty food in the kitchen, especially food that is often your escape, get rid of it immediately.

Included in naughty foods are all packaged /canned/instant foods and the like, sweet and savory foods which are only calorie-dense (such as candy, donuts, chocolate, pastries, cake, tarts, pizza).

Replace “naughty” snacks with healthy foods that can be used as snacks every time you experience the urge to “hungry your mouth”. Like apples, pears, guava, water guava, persimmon.

Forgive Yourself

No need to be frustrated and blame yourself if you still often fail to overcome the urge to eat because of “mouth ulcers.”

Forgive your shortcomings, learn from mistakes (which have been recorded in the journal) and do this in the morning.

Different Eating Because of Hunger and Not

Actually, it’s easy to distinguish between eating because you are hungry and eating not because of hunger.

Before falling to judge yourself or even someone else, for example, a spouse, sibling, child, or family, if you are “infected” with emotional eating, here are 5 references that can be used as guidelines:

The desire to eat because of the cravings of food appear suddenly. Suddenly want to eat! Conversely, the desire to eat because of hunger appears gradually.

People who usually eat not because of hunger will only bribe certain foods.

Which has been identified in research in the US, they typically eat pizza, steak, ice cream, pastries, potato chips.

For us in Indonesia, it is possible for this avidness to appear on dishes of noodles (chicken noodles, fried noodles, meatball noodles), wet cakes, or pastries.

Conversely, the desire to eat because of hunger can be open to a variety of food choices, not just certain foods.

“Hungry mouth” must be fulfilled immediately, difficult to dammed and difficult to wait.

Conversely, the desire to eat because of real hunger can be delayed and can wait for some time.

If you are full, people with emotional eating will not stop eating. He keeps putting food in his mouth and keeps chewing. The difference with the really hungry will immediately stop eating after full.

After eating, eating activities because of “hungry mouth” leaves a feeling of guilt, stress, depression, lonely, bored, even angry with yourself. On the contrary, eat because you are hungry, no.

That’s All how to stop the urge to eat continuously, hopefully useful.

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