How To Stay Calm During An Interview Without Nervous Feeling

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Getting an interview invitation from your dream company is exciting. You feel like a bright future is coming closer. But, in the D-day, entering the building can be harrowing.

When you are sitting in front of the “hot seat,” suddenly your heart is racing, the palm is sweaty, and the voice sounds shaky.

how to stay calm interview

If your body response that way, it means you are nervous. It is okay, that is normal, everybody must have ever been that way.

That is why it is important to know how to stay calm during an interview. So the next calling won’t be like a nightmare.

Actually, you no need to be that nervous about the interview session.

Because the job interview is as same as having a conversation, but it is more than about yourself, competence or experience, motivation, and things related to the position you applied.

Indeed, several interviewers made a list of questions before to find your potential.

However, recently, everything has changed. A job interview is not that stuffy anymore. Thus, find out how to stay calm during an interview here (also read how to look convident in a remote interview).

The Essence of Interview Session

We have mentioned at a glance about what the job interview is. Even though it is a very big deal, you still have to control yourself.

Don’t let the anxiety ruins your step this far. By knowing the essence of the interview session, you can predict how the meeting would be.

At least, you can measure your answer based on the job desk of the position you applied and the background of the company.

It is important to discuss before we jump further to talk about how to stay calm during an interview.

A job interview is actually important for both of you and the company. Let’s talk from the company’s side first. This session is their time to figure out the candidate.

Just believe that many people out there sent the applications like you. Once they decide to meet you, it means that they are interested in you.

Whether from your stand out CV, someone’s recommendation, or whatever. The main thing is meeting the applicant directly and prove the applicant fits the available position are not.

On the other hand, this interview session is an opportunity for you. Usually, at the end of the session, the interviewer allows you to ask several things about anything. Remember, this is your chance to know about the company deeper.

You might ask further about the job desk, its health insurance, the company’s culture, until your salary.

But, remember, be smooth when you ask about those all, especially the salary.

By knowing about the company, you have a balanced perspective with the interviewer. Here, you can decide to continue the process or not when you are accepted.

How to Stay Calm During an Interview That Mostly Effective

So, now, did you get a new mindset about the interview from our discussion above? It is not that scary, right?

Moreover, today, the session is set casually. You won’t feel like being interrogated.

Contrarily, you will be invited for coffee time or tea-talk. If you still feeling nervous, then try our tips about how to stay calm during an interview below:

1. Do a Good Preparation

In every case, good preparation is a must to get the maximum result. A balanced communication happens when two parties have the same knowledge about each other.

The interviewer knows about you from the CV or recommendation, while you can do a little research about the company via their LinkedIn, Instagram, and other trusted sources.

Find out the detail of your job, their business scoop, the employee’s activities, corporate culture, and etc.

Remember, how to stay calm during an interview is having knowledge. The more you know about them, the more you are able to handle the situation.

2. Plan Everything

Actually, planning is a part of the preparation in how to stay calm during an interview.

But, in this part, we would like to highlight the preparation related to your needs while interviewing sessions, such as the printed CV, portfolio, until your appearance.

First, make sure all document needed is prepared far from the day. Review your CV and cover letter before printed, check your portfolio if necessary, and prepare the proper outfit.

You don’t always have to wear an office look. Adjust your outfit with the company’s culture.

These days, some companies allow their employee to wear jeans. So, it would be awkward if you come up with a blazer, skirt, or any formal attire.

Then, set the time to go. Be at the venue 30 minutes, or at least 15 minutes, before your session begins. You can use that spare time to analyze the situation and calm yourself.

You may want to know more about: Tips on job Interviews.

3. Rehearse

The next tip about how to stay calm during an interview is practicing. You can do this before attending the session and repeat at a glance in the toilet.

That is why you should come earlier to repeat what you have practiced. Don’t memorize the exact answer sentence.

You just need to outline the question and the point of answer. Standing in front of the mirror and acting like you are facing the interviewer.

Here, you can also manage your tremble voice, evaluate your body language, and choose professional, friendly words to speak.

4. Think Positively

There is nothing more effective than having positive thinking of everything. In this case, having positive thinking is important.

Instead of imagining hard question to answer, it is better for you to visualize a great job, raising career path, and a big salary.

If the butterfly in your stomach won’t stop bugging, take a deep breath. Always remind yourself that you have skills, equal bargaining power, and accomplishments.

This method of how to stay calm during an interview always works for some people.

5. Think Friend, but Know the Boundary

The interviewer is not a killer teacher or someone who judges you down. You can think of them as a friend.

But, remember, they are not really your friends. Still, they are a new person for you, so keep the boundaries exist.

Relax is also the way on how to stay calm during an interview way. It could be more relaxing when you know that both of you need each other.

The company needs to know someone to hire, and you need a job, yes, that simple!

6. It is Okay to Make a Little Mistake

Nothing is perfect, including your interview session. It is okay to make a little mistake, like a shaky voice, wet hand, or unclear answer.

Once you realize that something is wrong, you can directly cover with a big smile or something.

The interviewer understands that all candidate is nervous. Thus, back focus to your strength and purpose is how to stay calm during an interview too. Take control of yourself in the situation is a must.

7. Ensure Your Stomach is Filled Properly

Sometimes the interview session is set in the morning or after lunch. So, make sure you have breakfast before or lunch. But don’t eat too much because it can make you uncomfortable.

Take something that gives you energy and fresh yourself. It could be fruit juice, coffee, or your favorite food. Your session will get worse with the grumbling stomach.

Minimize any bad possibility, and then you can focus on other important things, such as promote your design, explain your experience, and many others.

What to Do After an Interview Session?

After you know how to stay calm during an interview, then do the practice. Actually, there are still several things you should do after the interview sessions end. These are things that not many people know to do:

1. Say Thank You

No matter how you pass the session, always remember to behave. Say thank you and shake their hand firmly. It shows how professional you are.

If you want to give more personal branding, send the HR a thank you e-mail for the opportunity. Expressing your gratitude gives a positive impression for yourself.

2. Ask for the Follow Up is Okay

When we talk about how to stay calm during an interview, it is not only about the D-day. Some people are still shaking to ask for the follow-up. Actually, it is okay and normal to do.

The company won’t be bothered with this if you do it in the right way. Take several days before you send an e-mail to ask for the further process. Don’t spam their inbox, or you will be put in their blacklist.

3. Analyze the Previous Meeting

The best way to improve yourself is by learning from the previous event. The result of the job interview takes time.

It is about three days, a week, or up to two weeks. While you are waiting for the follow-up, you can analyze the past session.

It could be your reference for the next interview invitation from another company.

4. Be Patient and Find More Opportunity

How to stay calm during an interview exercises your patience starts from before the day, while interviewing, until the post-session.

If you have done all our tips above, then the last thing you can do is being patient. But it doesn’t mean you only wait and do nothing. You have much time to find a better opportunity.

Believe that many companies need your skill, contribution, and energy. You deserve to work in a place that values yourself.

Open yourself to any information because you never know where your career would be.

We hope that all about how to stay calm during an interview above could ease your nervousness. Make this process as part of your journey to get a dream life.

One more tip that you should know is keeping in touch with the potential people.

They might offer you another interesting position than you applied before. Maintain your link is also one of the factors for your success. 

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