7 Tips How to Make Juice in a Right Way

Recently, many people eating fruits and vegetables by juicing to get much more nutrients in a fast way (more practical). Many advantages are by eating fruit or vegetables that are juiced. One of them is a faster digestive process, and the nutrients of vegetables or fruits are consumed more.

Actually, the process of eating fruits and vegetables by chewing is very good for digestion because there are digestive enzymes that help when we chew food. Also, the fibers contained by fruit is not destroyed or lost through the process of juice.

Whole Fruits or vegetables are usually more suitable for people who do not have digestive problems. But with this chewing process, we get more quickly satiety and the number of vitamins or nutrients obtained is not as much when we consume fruit or vegetables in a way juiced due to faster satiety.

For fruit or vegetables that we juice can be consumed optimally then make vegetable or fruit juice needs to be done in the right way. Let’s follow the tips on how to make juice in the right way.

How to Make Juice


How to Make Juice to get optimal nutrition from vegetables and fruits


  • You are advised to use organic ingredients if you use inorganic fruits and vegetables, first wash the elements before juicing. Do it the right way to wash inorganic fruits and vegetables (please visit: How to wash nonorganic fruits and vegetables). After washed peel or discard the outer skin, because this outer part that many exposed to chemicals.


  • Usually to make juice there are two tools that can be used that is juice extractor (dregs separated) and blender (mixed waste).


  • Extractor juice should be used for vegetables so that the amount drunk less. For example, when we use a juice extractor to make vegetable juice, juice obtained only one glass, but if using a blender to 4 cups with the dregs.


  • Unlike vegetables, the fruit should be blended with a blender so we get the fruit dregs. Fruit fibers are usually found in the dregs that are useful to avoid the rapid absorption of fruit sugar in the blood. In addition, fruit pulp is also more delicious if it is consumed in concentrated concentration. If there are fruit seeds that have not refined strain the seeds of the fruit. For example on guava and pomegranate fruit.


  • Juice of mixed material should be made with a juice extractor. The way to make it is to start with less water-containing ingredients (vegetables) followed by more juice (usually fruits). Examples of a mixture of spinach, celery, apples and cucumbers.


  • When making juice with a blender can be done by mixing shards of ice cubes or ice water to avoid the death of enzymes due to heat generated blender rotation blade (enzymes can die at 35 degrees).


  • Drink the juice as soon as it is made. Fruits or vegetables in a state have been juiced faster experienced oxidation process that will damage the content of fruits and vegetables if not immediately drunk. This is because there is no protective effect due to the rupture of cells from substances contained in fruits and vegetables. This oxidation reaction can be observed by the changes in odor and taste in fruit juices and vegetables that have been made.


That’s all information on how to make fruit juices and vegetable juices to obtain the optimal nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. Hopefully, the above information can be useful.

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