21 Ways on How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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Health is generally the result of a lifestyle that has been lived for years. Many people in their 30s or 40s have experienced various serious illnesses. But don’t be surprised too, with people who have reached their 80s still looking fit.


This is due to the way of life he lived in for a long period, including diet, mindset, rest patterns, and exercise patterns.

The Importance of Desire and Awareness for Health

I have a close relative (deceased) who suffered from diabetes and kidney failure at a new age in the early 40s. I also have relatives who at the age of 82 can still swim every day, even had the chance to take part in swimming competitions in the recent testing of Asian Games stadiums.

What distinguishes these two relatives so that they have a different health condition? Of course, their daily lifestyle. But do they have the same level of awareness of health? I am not sure about this.

My relatives who are still young actually understand the importance of maintaining health.

Many times we had given the advice so that he would not smoke, eat many foods containing fat such as cakes made from butter, chocolate, etc. but with his unhealthy condition (fat and high blood sugar levels) he still did not care about the dangers of his diet and remained to eat according to taste (what he wants) and also smoke which should not be done.

Contrary to my healthy relatives at the age of 80, he diligently swam from the young and maintained his diet.

Knowing about a healthy way of life is actually not difficult. But practicing it requires awareness and patience for those who are not accustomed to even this is arguably a lifestyle choice.

Not everyone wants to run it because they are not accustomed to being young and still have the mindset that life must be enjoyed by eating good food and living a lifestyle as desired.

This is what you need to think about again that you have to choose to live a healthy life because many benefits will be obtained.

With a healthy body, the mind will become more evident; productivity will increase, can avoid stress, can avoid various diseases, more excited, most have a long life, and so on.

By living a healthy lifestyle, we enjoy life more. Of course, we have been treated to news about figures or celebrities affected by serious diseases such as cancer or other diseases.

How they have to undergo various treatments such as chemotherapy, treated for months in hospitals, abroad, and so on? We no longer need to discuss at length, and we all know for sure how much the costs and energy need to be spent.

With a healthy lifestyle, you do not have to leave one hundred percent eating habits of your favorite foods but at least can be reduced, for example, only at certain times such as weekends, for example.

But there are indeed things you really need to leave behind and some things you do in your daily activities so that your life becomes healthier, more productive, and fitter.

I am not a doctor and have lived an unhealthy lifestyle, such as an irregular diet, lack of rest, and a less relaxed life.

But after I lived a healthy lifestyle that I got from various references, Alhamdulillah made my body 180 degrees more fit than before. Here are the things that I always do in maintaining my daily health:

Tips For Everyday Live a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Drink two glasses of water immediately after waking up in the morning. At least wait 30-45 minutes before drinking juice or eating the next meal.

2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables (better not cooked 50% daily, can be juiced) either in the morning or evening. The fruit is eaten separately.

When you eat the pause berries at least 30 minutes before the next food because if not, the fruit will interfere with the digestive process because of the fermentation process, likewise after eating heavy foods such as rice and protein, wait at least 3 hours before you eat fruits.

3. Get used to always defecating at least one time every day in the morning.

4. Drink enough water, at least eight glasses a day.

5. Drink 2 cups of water 1 hour before eating.

6. Avoid things that can harm health (smoking, eating junk food, intoxicating drinks, etc.).

7. Get used to thinking positively and act calmly. Avoid stress and excessive anger.

8. Get used to light exercise in the morning before at least 15 minutes of activity. You can do exercise and running in place. Get used to deep breathing to breathe a lot of oxygen.

9. If you are too tired to work, especially those who use the mind a lot, take a moment to meditate (between 15-30 minutes) to calm the mind.

10. Enough sleep, at least 6 hours per day.

11. We recommend that when eating carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes are not mixed with animal protein foods such as fish and meat (how to food combining). Eat a separate source of carbohydrates and animal protein sources with a 3-hour pause. But once in a while, you can break it but with a portion that is not excessive. You can replace animal protein with vegetable protein such as tempeh and tofu when eating carbohydrates. Add vegetables to your food.

12. You should not eat heavy foods such as rice and side dishes at night, after 6 o’clock.

13. Don’t go to sleep late after eating. At least sleep at least 3 hours after dinner.

14. Eat fruit or vegetables at night. Usually, I eat fruit or vegetables before 8 pm or at 9 o’clock.

15. Avoid taking drugs when you are sick (mild). When you are sick, improve your lifestyle by eating enzyme-rich foods (such as uncooked vegetable juice or fruit), or by prescribing certain combinations of vegetable juices to cure illnesses.

16. Do not clean your teeth immediately after eating. Clean your teeth 1 hour after eating.

17. Reduce consumption of red meat.

18. Eat fish that contain a lot of omega 3 2 or 3 times a week.

19. Take your time one day a week to do body detox just by eating fruits and vegetables.

20. Use your vacation time to exercise, recreation, or do fun things with family or friends.

21. Do not leave prayers and pray a lot so that you are still given health.

Thus tips for a healthy lifestyle from me, hopefully useful.

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