5 Tips How to Drink Juice in Healthy Way

Drinking juice can make the body faster in digesting the nutrients present in fruits or vegetables. Many benefits will be obtained if we drink juice in the right way.

But if you are not on the right way in consuming juice, the benefits obtained will be not maximal can even lead to a person’s stomach becomes bloated and digestive problems arise.


How to Drink Juice


How to drink Juice in Healthy Way? Follow the following Rules!

Make no mistake mixing fruits or vegetables

According to Ms. Andang, nutrition therapist expert, every fruit or vegetable has a different type of sugar chemical chain. Some have short-chain sugar chemical, chains that are faster to be digested and others have long-chain sugar chemical, chains that last longer to be digested.

Mix the fruit and vegetable ingredients that have the similar type of the sugar chemical chain. This can be seen from the water content. Suppose mix carrots and apples because they both have a lot of water content — watermelon and melon.

Do not mix bananas and apples because bananas are digested longer than apples. Also, do not combine dates and melons because they have a different type of chemical chain.

This also applies when you eat whole fruit (without juicing).

Do not add sugar to the fruit juice

Added sugar will make the juice that we drink harder to digest and can increase the spike in blood sugar.

This is because of the content of sugar in the fruit and artificial sugar content that quickly absorbed.

Drinking unsweetened fruit juices will give you the chance to drink juice mixed with enzymes in your mouth (saliva) before swallowing.

Drink slowly and let the juice mix with your saliva before swallowing.

Drink Juice Immediately

Drink the juice you have made immediately. Do not delay drinking juice that has been made more than 20 minutes. Because the fermentation process will begin after 20 minutes of fruit or vegetable juiced.

You should also avoid drinking juice packs made in large quantities and then drunk when there are buyers. Usually, this packing is stored in a refrigerator at a fruit or supermarket store. This is because the juice content is not maximal anymore.

If you can not immediately drink the juice you have made, store the juice in a sealed aluminum bottle.

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Drink juice with the pulp

If you drink the juice with extractor juice, then the dregs will be separated. Likewise, if you separate the dregs from the blended juice.

The dregs of fruit and vegetable juices can contain vitamin C which is very good for immunity and can contain fiber that is good for digestion.

Drink juice with the pulp, then chew until it mixes with your saliva before swallowing. This also can add nutrients are also useful for digestion.

Drink Juice at least 30 minutes before eating

The process of digesting fat contained carbohydrate or protein foods require acidic conditions in the stomach. If the juice is taken shortly after eating protein or carbohydrates (bread, meat, etc.), it will increase the production of stomach acid.

This is because the juice taken is an alkaline while to digest the fat required acid conditions. That is why the stomach will increase its acid production when we drink fruit juice or vegetables that are alkaline, in order fat can dissolve.

Drink juice when the stomach is empty. At least drink juice 30 minutes before you consume food sources of carbohydrates and protein.

Also, you can make juice as a healthy breakfast to maximize the process of nutrient absorption and detoxification.

Hopefully, the article about how to drink juice above will be useful for you!

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