15 Hope Quotes that will Convert Your Desires into Determination

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The following is an article about Hope quotes collected by simpliways.com from successful and famous people that might be useful for us.

Having hope is very important in one’s life. This is because hope can make someone stay “sane” or can “live” when experiencing various obstacles.

Even hope can make a person’s situation better than before.

For example, someone who loses his wealth to fall into poverty has no hope of rising and has never asked Allah for help; then, his life will usually remain in a state of lack, even worse than before.

Conversely, someone who has no wealth but has a “heart” and noble ideals to be useful in society, it is not impossible that one day that person will be able to become a successful person.

Another example, you have high hopes of studying at a famous university, so you will try your best to get into the university you want.

From the explanation above, it can be said; hope can bring up great power that can move someone to realize their ideals.

However, having hope also needs to adjust to one’s capacity, usually adjusted to the current circumstances.

This expectation must also be followed by concrete actions to be realized. After being achieved, increase your expectations again and try to make it happen.

Expectations that arise in you should be made step by step.

If not, expectations that are not in accordance with one’s capacity can make someone even stress and despair. This is because what is done will always lead to failure, due to lack of ability.

In addition to trying, humans must also pray to God Almighty so that their hopes come true.

Here are some collections of quotes about the hopes of famous people. Come directly to see the following explanation!

15 Inspirational Famous Quotes about Hope 

1. Have a strong determination


“Replace your hopes with determination.” ~ Greg S. Reid

People who have hope have to try hard to make it happen. A strong commitment is needed to make a wish come true.

Usually, people who have hope will do a variety of ways to make their wishes come true.

For example, if you wish to have a car, but there are currently insufficient funds available.

You will make an effort to be able to buy the car you want.

For example, by increasing income by working part time and then you save the money. You have to targeting how much time you need to be able to own the car.

If it is not enough, you can also do various other businesses, such as selling online so that the money you have can be saved more.

It is time for you to follow the quote of hope above to realize your goals. Don’t let your hopes remain only memories!

2. Hope at zero can make us grateful

“If someone’s expectations were lowered to zero, people would truly appreciate everything they have today.” ~ Stephen Hawking

The words about hope above, remind us always to be grateful for what we have. We can do this by being sincere about the expectations.

Humans can only hope, but it is God who decides the ultimate outcome.

Returning hope to a low point will always make us grateful that we have achieved much.

In addition, you can also look in the mirror of others whose status is below you.

People who are thankful will easily feel happy because they sincerely surrender all their affairs to Allah SWT, even though their hopes are not always achieved (also read about thankful quotes).

3. Trying to realize hope


“You are never given hope without being given the power to make it real at once. However, you have to work on it.” ~ Richard Bach

Hope and strength to achieve it is a gift given by God to His people.

Hope can start from the smallest things, such as the hope of being able to have more time with family.

Or for someone who is sick, have a hope to recover from his illness.

If he wants to have health, of course, efforts must be made. For example, geting a diet, taking the medication regularly, and praying to God Almighty.

4. Make someone happy by giving them hope

“To make someone happy, fill his hand with work, his heart with affection, his mind with purpose, his memory with useful knowledge, his future with hope.” ~ Frederick E Crane

There are various ways you can do to make someone happy. The first thing to do is to provide work.

Don’t give him money because money will run out soon if spent. However, the work will make it able to make money with its own efforts.

Then, don’t forget to equip his mind with useful knowledge so that his aspiration to become a useful person arises.

People who have goals make their lives more directed, so they know what to do and what to avoid.

Then, you also provide his heart with affection, so he always prioritizes the necessity of many people in acting.

People who have high hopes will strive to achieve a bright future.

The future can be realized by someone who always maintains his hopes in the heart with a strong determination to make it happen.

5. The great benefit of hope


“There is no cure as far as hope, no booster as great as hope and no tonic as strong as hoping for something to happen tomorrow.” ~ O O Marden

According to these words of hope from O O Marden, the benefits of hope are truly extraordinary. Hope is likened to a very effective “drug”.

Even sick people must have the hope of recovery if they want to get well. The medication and medical treatment they receive will not mean anything if a person has no hope of recovery from his illness. People with high recovery expectations will usually recover faster.

Then, hope is also beneficial for realizing ideal. Hope will encourage someone to try hard to make it happen.

This hope will also make someone’s life more focused because he will fill his days with positive things that can support what he aspires to achieve.

6. Have hope as the handle of life


“The handle of my life is: guard for the worst, hope for the best, and accept whatever comes.” ~ Robert E. Speer

You must have a handle on life so that your life is more focused.

The thing to note is always to guard against the worst situations. There will be various problems that must be faced.

If you are always ready to face the worst that happens to you, you will not be surprised and can face reality so that it can be easier to get back up.

Someone who slumped against the problems found will usually longer to rise.

In addition to always being ready for all bad possibilities, the thing you need to do is have hope to get the best thing.

Beautiful and happy things are always dreamed of by everyone.

This hope will make you try to do activities that are beneficial to make life happier.

7. Hope conquers fear

“Hope can overcome fear if we believe.” ~ Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Sometimes, humans have fear when they want to achieve their dreams. However, that fear can be defeated when you have a bit of hope.

Hope can encourage someone to do things outside their habits.

Anxiety or worry will disappear because there is confidence in yourself that you can achieve your desires.

That is why everyone must have hope because it is a great strength.

Fear will be resisted for the sake of realizing a dream come true.

8. What does hope do for a person?


“Where there is no hope, there is no hard work.” ~ Samuel Johnson

According to the words of hope above, people who have hopes will make a lot of effort to make it happen.

Conversely, people who do not have hope and determination will not “fight” to achieve life goals. This situation is likened to someone who died in his life because of life without a clear purpose.

For example, a career will not progress without hope and effort, relationships will not get better without hope and efforts to make it better, and life will not improve without hope to change it.

A study conducted on animals. Animals that are locked in a certain place that is not liked by the animal will make the animal has no hope.

Slowly, the animal will die from being fed even if it doesn’t want to eat it.

Then, the reverse is done research on animals that are given the opportunity to be able to escape in an unpleasant situation.

The thing that happens is that the animal will be able to live longer.

9. What do you say to someone to give hope?

“We may be disappointed with what has happened, but never lose hope for a better future.” ~ Bambang Pamungkas

The words of hope above contain advice that it is appropriate for humans to live by maintaining their hopes.

Not infrequently, life is experiencing disappointment because what happens is not always in accordance with what is expected.

Our part is to accept all His destiny after trying our best sincerely.

Never “lose” hope because that will be the power to get a better future.

If you lose hope to realize the ideals of life, it means you have lost the spirit to live life.

Try to maintain hope for whatever happens.

Whether when in a difficult position or happy conditions. Even though the ordeal has struck, never be discouraged.

Live a hard life with sincerity. We must always be grateful for all the favors given by Allah SWT.

10. Grow hope in yourself

“Be serious when your hopes are small, be more serious when you might lose, and be more serious when you are unlikely to win. That is faith.” ~ Mario Teguh

Very super, according to the above words of hope, the smaller the expectations we have, the more we must strive to achieve them.

You must always maintain the hope that is in yourself to be consistent at every step. Hope makes someone know what to do.

People who are having a hard time can get out of their problems with the expectations they have.

For example, a teenager from an underprivileged community (in terms of cost), has hopes of going to university.

However, due to his strong determination, he was able to get college funding through scholarships and side jobs.

After graduating from college, he got a job with a significant income so he could change his destiny to become a successful person.

The struggle that was passed during college by working hard and the success achieved could be an encouragement for him to go ahead.

11. Hold on to hope for a better life


“We always hold to hope, belief, with the belief that there is a better life, a better world, outside the horizon.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Having a better life is what someone wants. All that will be realized if accompanied by great determination to make it happen.

Hope can bring confidence that you can realize what you want.

Without this belief, everything will be difficult to achieve because confidence in yourself is a high power to achieve something.

People who have measurable expectations are usually able to achieve successful careers, have a better life, have more harmonious family relationships, and so on.

Life will get better when the goals dreamed of so far are achieved.

12. Find hope in difficult times

“I found hope in the darkest days and focused on the brightest days. I do not blame the universe.” ~ DM

When in a difficult position where problems come repeatedly, the thing that you have to do is keep the hope that is inside.

Don’t let hope run away because this will make it even harder for you to get up.

Hope drives you to rise from failure so that you can reach a better life. When you are in the top position, stay focused so that what you have achieved can be maintained.

Because maintaining is not as easy as reaching it. It takes perseverance and enthusiasm to stay in a position that has been achieved.

13. God answers the prayers of people who have hopes

“God always answers the prayers of people who have faith and a strong will to realize hope.” ~ Krishna Pabichara

God likes someone who have hopes in his heart and mind. He will always answer the prayers he prayed in the best ways.

However, don’t just rely on prayer because God will change the fate of His servants who want to work hard to make changes with their efforts.

Without making an effort, human destiny is difficult to change.

14. Have unlimited hope

“We must accept limited disappointment but never lose unlimited hope.” ~ Martin Luther King

Disappointment is often felt when what is expected does not come true.

It’s okay to feel disappointed, but do not let the disappointment make you dissolve in sadness so that only silence did nothing.

That’s the same as despair. Let what you hope yesterday not be achieved, but do not let you lose other hopes.

As long as you are given life, you have the opportunity to realize your expectations.

You can learn from past mistakes, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

15. Hope makes us fighting spirit


“Doing for hope, which is no longer complained but fought for.” ~ Najwa Shihab

Hope is essential for someone because he will do something based on the expectations he has.

Complaining is not something done by someone who has high ideals.

What’s more important than complaining is thinking about the right way to rise from a difficult time.

Rest assured that there are no problems that cannot be solved. By having hope, this becomes a significant capital to be able to stand all the tests of life.

When able to overcome all complex life problems, the confidence possessed will increase.

Thus a collection of hope quotes from famous people.

Hopefully, it can inspire so that we all always try to maintain our hopes and ideals in all conditions and situations, both joy and sorrow.

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