Green Juice Benefit For Weight Loss and Recipe You Must Try!

Green juice benefit for weight loss – Almost all of the woman desire a slim body.  Getting a beautiful body is not easy if someone has an excess weight compared to people who have a moderate or thinner body weight.

There are so many ways to get a slim body, from controlling your eating and drinking patterns and doing some sports — many other articles that explain how to get a slim body quickly.


Green Juice Benefits for Weight Loss


There is much information that provides tips on how to lose weight. Indeed the way is not instant, tend to be longer than doing with some supplement.

But the results better, because the way that is done is healthier. Health ingredient is used natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables. What vegetable fruits are usually used for diet? What are the recipes used for diet?

The benefit of Green Juice for Weight Loss

Who knows about green juice? Green juice is made from several kinds of vegetables and healthy fruits. Many articles are shown about this green juice benefit. However, most of the articles discussing this green juice are made from vegetables.

The fame of this green juice makes more and more diet and health experts to suggest eating this juice as one of the breakfasts that can be consumed.

There are benefits of green extract considering the essential ingredients of this juice are fruits and vegetables. Commonly, we can use ingredients such are green vegetables and fruits that are rich in fructose, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, mineral substances, and various vitamins.

Green juice has much nutrition; extract can provide energy intake to perform daily activities because green juice is very good for consumption for the diet compared to supplement or processed food.

In Japan,  green juice is known as the Aojiru era, which means a green drink made from cabbage and barley vegetables. This Aojiru was first created by Dr. Niro Endo who is trying to meet the nutritional needs of his family who at that time was going to war with extorting extract from the leaves that he collected.

Even, the results of the findings managed to cure pneumonia that has been suffered by his son and his wife also suffered from kidney disease. And in 1983, this drink begin familiar audience and achieve popularity among the wider community. Aojiru has a distinctive taste of vegetables, and at this time Aojiru innovation has a more sophisticated taste.

Green Juice Recipe Usually Used For Diet

A lot of recipes are provided for the diet. Some healthy recipe for the diet is green juice. Green juice is very healthy considering the ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables are supportive of a healthy diet. Here are the recipes for green juice that can be consumed every day, among others:

Apple and Kale Juice

This green detox juice is one of the favorite juice recipes for a diet that has a mixed balance between fruit and vegetables. Aside from being a diet juice, this juice is also good for detoxifying the body naturally.

This recipe uses several types of fruits and vegetables like apples that are rich in nutrients and vitamins, and kale contains lots of vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin C, carbohydrates and mineral essential to scrape fat and lose weight naturally. The other ingredients are celery, minima, lemon peel, ginger, and mint.

Apple Lemon Juice

Apple lemon juice is a soft drink but has many nutrients. That is better for breakfast or snacks. Using lemon juice gives a very fresh flavor while eliminating to build up of fat in the body and making weight loss naturally.

Other ingredients are fiber, vitamins, and minerals contained in apples that also help in the process of weight loss which also adds sweetness in the juice without the need to increase more carbohydrate.  And also, cucumber used to needs of water on a diet.

Lemon Spinach Juice

Lemon juice spinach is a juice to lose weight as well as a natural detox that will also provide energy because it is well consumed at breakfast. To feel sweet, added pure honey.

The combination of several types of vegetables such as spinach, celery, and kale are a source of fiber, vitamins, iron, and energy.

Apple Ginger Lemon Juice

For apples, ginger and lemon meet the needs of vitamins and minerals and erode the buildup of fat in the body and also warm the body because the juice contains ginger. Ginger juice of this vegetable fruit is not only good for losing weight.

Well, you can drink for those who have digestive problems. This juice also makes the body feel warm because it contains ginger in it and suitable consumed in the morning and evening.

Also, this juice is too useful to prevent nausea such as seasickness, nausea due to chemotherapy, nausea after surgery and even morning sickness. Other ingredients besides ginger are celery, spinach leaves, cucumber, and lime.

Parsley Celery Juice

Parsley juice celery to produce Apigenin Yang a vital compound to kill the cancer cell. As the name implies, this juice is made from parsley, celery, spinach and also pear rich in vitamin K is good for bone health in addition to losing weight. This juice is also contained lemon to give a sweet taste.

Apple Orange Lettuce Juice

Apple orange lettuce juice to be the best solution to eliminate fat accumulation in the abdominal area. This juicer uses a whole lemon fruit with rich skin with high hesperidin and diosmin. However, because it uses slow skin, causing this juice tasted bitter.

Both substances serve to reduce cholesterol, increase metabolism, maintain vein health, fat metabolism, and overcome inflammation. This juice is well consumed after breakfast to meet the needs of minerals and vitamins. Other ingredients are Fuji apples, limes, mandarin oranges, and lettuce.

Basil Tomato Juice

Green juice is not green color, but the content is green leaves. Basil tomato juice. This basil contains vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C that not only lose weight but also meet the vitamins and minerals indeed. Other ingredients are cucumber, honey, and salt.

That’s All about green juice benefits and the recipe that you can try.

I hope you can enjoy and get the benefit!

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