Food combining diet for diabetics

If you suffer from diabetes or experience early symptoms of diabetes, it is advisable that you immediately change your diet. Diabetes is a type of disease in which the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas on one’s body is not sufficient to convert sugar into energy in its blood.


Food combining diet


One of the proper diet and suggested by a nutritionist (Andang Gunawan, ND.) is the food combining (FC) diet.

According to Andang, This food combining is good for people with Diabetes because it helps to restore the balance of metabolism.

As explained that basically Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by the pancreas that is not enough to produce the hormone insulin in the body, or it could be enough insulin, but the body cannot use insulin as it should be.

If the body’s metabolism is good, then the body will seek its ideal body weight. Especially if you already apply a good and right diet, one of which is with food combining.

For people with diabetes, Food combining diet should be done correctly and consistently. This means that when doing so, it should not change the diet as it pleases and should be done in earnest.

In food combining foods that advisable to eat are unprocessed foods or natural foods. So do not follow the food combining diet but the food eaten is not a natural or processed food.

Eating excessively processed foods will only make you feel hungry and malnourished. It is very good if you eat fruit and vegetables when it is uncooked (raw).

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In addition, you also need to be careful with the drinks you consume. Diabetics are usually more often feel thirsty, but this thirsty feeling does not make you carelessly buy a drink.

Drinks that need to be avoided especially those that can form acid ph in the body such as syrup, tea, coffee, cow milk, soft drink, as well as canned or bottled juice.

Also, note that not all whitewater is healthy to drink. Healthy water is water that has ph above 7,3 which is a healthy ph for blood and human body tissue.

Well-known microbiologists and nutrition experts from the United States even stated that the ideal pH of drinking water for humans at least 9.5. If you over consume foods and acid-forming drinks can cause the body’s metabolism disrupted.

So it is highly recommended especially for you diabetics to apply good food combining diet and correct with food and beverage forming pH base.

Hopefully, the article above is useful for you diabetics so more carefully in applying the diet. In general applying, a healthy diet such as food combining can help improve your metabolism and gain your ideal body weight.

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