8 Focus Quotes to Help You Stay Focus on Goals

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Focus on the goals is a thing needs to do by someone if he wants to gain success in his life.

Careful planning, if it is not accompanied by a consistent effort continuously, will be difficult to obtain success.

According to Mr. Bob Sadino, Don’t be “smart,” but be a “stupid” if you want to succeed in business.

A “smart” person is a person who has many plans and ideas that make him not focus on his goals. What is meant by “stupid” people? “Stupid” people are people who don’t plan so much that they focus on their goals.

That’s a glimpse of the focus on goals.

To find out more, let’s look at the following focus quotes from simpliways.com so that we are better at interpreting the words of focus from figures who have already been successful below!

Focus Quotes to Help You Stay Focus on Goals

Focus on Goals Not on Fear

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“Focus on goals not on your fear.” – Anthony Robbins

Many people feel scared when they want to achieve their goals.

Suppose someone who is promoted to promotion has a fear of being able to compete with colleagues who look smarter than him.

So his fear makes him think more about the strengths of his colleagues and the challenges that will be faced, rather than what needs to be done to get the job done well.

Anthony Robbins’s focus quotes above remind us that we need to focus on what our goals not on the fears we will face.

Try to set your goals first starting from the long-term goals and then dividing them into short-term goals.

Don’t forget to also make an annual focus on planning what you need to do in the next year. After that, make your monthly and daily goals.

Working smarter and on target and learning more to create value that is beneficial to the company or people around and not to beat competitors, is one key to eliminating our fears.

Make a competitor as a partner, not an opponent we have to face or defeat.

Do not also forget to pray that Allah SWT will smooth our steps.

Understand Competence and Maintain Focus

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“Maintaining focus is the key to success. You should understand your field of competence, your skills, and spend your time and energy there.” – Bill Gates

Before you focus on your career, first understand what your strengths and interests are.

Choose a career or business field that is most related to your interests and talents. Don’t go through a job that you don’t like at all.

When you already have life goals and career goals, maintain those goals consistently.

Focus on your interests so that one day you can build your own business when you already have enough skills and capital.

Keep trying to build your dreams until you achieve what you aspire.

Do not forget to create innovation for the work or business that you are running.

Sometimes in the middle of the journey, you feel bored because of the work or business that you run has no significant progress.

Try to think back to what you have been achieved, what is your best interest and competence, try starting from what you have now to do the next step.

You can make a little adjustment with what you have developed and what you have (capital, skills).

This can happen because we need to adjust to swift changes in the fields of technology, politics, and business.

Don’t Think Small Things

“You will not reach the greatness that you desire by worrying about small things, thinking about small things, and doing small things. Your measure is determined by the measure and quality of your focus.” – Mario Teguh

It’s true what Mario Teguh said with his wise words. A person will find it difficult to develop if he thinks a lot about small things rather than things he should finish.

The little things here according to Mario Teguh are all kinds of events that can occur in the life of someone who is less related to the purpose of his life.

For example, some people spend a lot of time to fight for trivial matters with their colleagues; there are also those who spend time taking care of their hobbies, so much money is spent on activities that are less supportive of their goals.

Various small concerns can also be a barrier, for example, the feeling of pride, inferiority, negative thinking, and so on.

Overcome all by learning more, communicating and working with the vision and mission to create value that can be useful for your company and your business.

Don’t Underestimate Focus

“Smart “people often underestimate the word Focus. For him, doing a lot of things are more fun. While “stupid” people have no other activities except to focus on their business.” – Bob Sadino

Usually, a smart person will have many “brilliant” ideas that make him tempted to do things outside of his main business.

It is the opposite with the people who are “stupid” according to Om Bob Sadino.

The “stupid” person referred to here is a person who does not have any complicated kind of mind except just to run and advance his primary business.

Don’t Get Out of Track because of Others

Stay focused instead of being offended or off track by someone else.” – John C. Maxwell

This time John C. Maxwell is a well-known motivator and author of America, giving focus quotes that seem to occur frequently in our daily lives, whether in our workplace or in our family or community.

There are sometimes any people who can make us offended. Sometimes this happens when we don’t expect it.

Small fights in the family can also cause us to lose focus. For people who can control their emotions usually, this can quickly pass.

It’s best to stay focused instead of following our emotions because focusing on goals can reduce the anger that is in us.

While following anger can damage the mood and interfere with our activities so that it will keep us from the goal.

Not enough just a plan

“It’s not enough that we just have a target to achieve. But it takes steel determination, mentally never give up, and continues to focus, focus and focus on fighting for it.” – Andrie Wongso

Good targets and planning are one of the capitals needed when we want to achieve our goals.

But even though we have proper planning to achieve our goals, according to Andrie Wongso’s focus quotes above it is not enough to make a success.

More effort is needed than plan, which is a strong determination and never gives up.

We need to maintain this determination by keeping our spirit in mind. Keep trying until you get what you want.

Accompany your efforts by more give to others and prayers to Allah SWT.

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Don’t lose focus

“The game has ups and downs, but you can’t lose focus on your personal goals and you can’t let yourself be defeated because of lack of effort.” – Michael Jordan

Sometimes in a basketball competition the Basketball Legend, Michael Jordan experiences a win and sometimes loses.

What he should not do is become less effort and lose focus to keep achieving goals.

As stated in his focus quotes, even though the results of the match can win or lose, he still tries and focuses on attaining good achievements.

Of course, by continuing to do hard training and discipline to achieve successes and victory.

We should also apply this to our daily lives. Sometimes in our business, we experience success and sometimes we experience failure.

Don’t give up with the failures faced. And also with our success, don’t let us be careless.

Stay on your path to do your best so that success can be achieved and continue to grow.

Focus on eliminating Disorders


“Confusion will pass when we focus on forgiving, be grateful, and improving ourselves!” – Tung Desem Waringin

Many causes of confusion in us, It can come when we are a quarrel with our colleagues or family members, or it can come when we experience a failure in the business.

According to Tung Desem Waringin, in order confusion will pass, we need to not only give forgiveness and gratitude but also insert the word focus on his focus quotes, meaning we make more (extra) effort to forgive ourselves, others and be more grateful.

Some of the ways are to maintain good relationships and stay in touch with people who are a quarrel with us (if necessary ask apologizes if we are wrong), not blame ourselves, multiple worship and charity as the way to be grateful.

That’s the collection of focus quotes from simpliways.com, hopefully useful.

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