Dutch Teak Alternative Slimming and Cholesterol Remover

In order to lose weight, the use of herbs can be an alternative natural way that can be a person’s choice. But before someone determines whether he will use herbs or not, it should be noted whether there is a health problem experienced before or not. Even better if the use of this herb is consulted first on a nutritionist or nutritionist.


Dutch Teak Alternative Slimming and Cholesterol Removers


One herb that is believed to be effective in losing weight is an herb that comes from the Dutch Teak plant. Here is a review of these herbs:

Dutch Teak Plants as an Alternative to Body Slimming

What is Dutch Teak

Teak Netherlands (Guazuma ulmifolia) is one of the plant families of Sterculiaceae originating from Central America and is known as a medicinal plant. Dutch teak has no relation at all with teak trees which are commonly used as home furniture.

Parts of plants used for medicinal plants are leaves, fruit, seeds, and inner bark. But specifically, the leaves are commonly used as traditional slimming drugs and are usually mixed in the form of tea.

Since the time of the ancestors of Indonesians, especially those who lived on the island of Java, the stew of Dutch Teak leaves are commonly used as a slimming herbal medicine. In Java, this plant is better known as Jati Londo or Jatos Landi.

Many studies have supported the benefits of Dutch Teak leaves for weight loss. Later Dutch Teak leaves are also believed to have potential as a cholesterol-controlling herb.

Main Substance

Substances found in Dutch Teak plants, especially on the leaves, are tannins and mucilage. Tannin which is widely found in the leaves can reduce the absorption of food by depositing mucous proteins in the intestinal surface.

While the Mucilago in the form of mucus is a lubricant. With the presence of mucilago, intestinal absorption of food can be reduced. This explains why Dutch Teak leaves can be used as slimming drugs.

In its development, Dutch Teak leaves are also widely used to overcome cholesterol and rheumatism gout.

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Slimming herbs:

Seven fresh Dutch Teak leaves washed clean. Boil with one-half glass of clean water with a piece of ginger, ginger, or white turmeric until the remaining one glass.

After cold, filter and drink. During consuming this herb, it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

Litter cholesterol:

Brew some dry Dutch Teak leaves with enough hot water (like making tea). Strain before drinking. One tablespoon of honey or sugar can be added.

Diarrhea reliever:

Grind a number of dried Dutch Teak leaves until they become powder. Take 20 grams of powder and boil it with hot water. Strain and drink twice a day. For patients with kidney disease, it is not recommended to consume this herb.

Stay careful

Stay careful in using Dutch Teak leaves and seeds as medicine. Because excessive use can cause intestinal damage. Except for the leaf part, the utilization of other parts of this plant is relatively rare and there is no toxic test.

In some people, the Dutch teak leaves can cause frequent urination, but not to cause dehydration. The use of Dutch Teak leaves as slimming herbs can also cause continued irritation.

That is why it should be consumed with ginger, white turmeric, or ginger to reduce these side effects.

Thus a review of the benefits of Dutch Teak as a body slimming, hopefully useful!

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