3 Days Detoxification to Cleanse Your Body from Toxin

Detoxification (detox diet) is a form of diet that someone does (usually in a few days) so that the body can remove substances waste (which can be toxic) that is not useful for the body. Detox = De + Toxin (eject toxin).


3 days detoxification


How to do detox diet can be various. This depends on the purpose and benefits to be achieved when a person performs detox.

Some types of Detoxification diet that people usually do are fasting detox, detox colon, kidney detox, mono detox diet, raw food detox, and detox by making and drinking juice that you make yourself at home.

For some people may detox diet can be considered as a diet that is too extreme, so they are reluctant to do so. Beginners also many who stop detox activities when finding unpleasant symptoms when doing a detox. But for people who are used to detox, it can be something that feels has become a necessity.

People who have been accustomed to detox, usually the body will feel bad when he returned to the diet of processed foods. Especially if the menu includes less healthy foods such as fried foods, fatty foods and contains high cholesterol or foods that provide lots of additives.

Because detox diet can be done for days and can make specific body symptoms that can disrupt the activities (especially for a beginner), then detox diet should be done only on the day where you do not do many activities.

Some of the body conditions that you can experience when doing detox are like dizziness, nausea, body shivering or mild fever, trembling.

Cleansing can also affect the urine color change or a sharper smell in the urine, defecate into more, lots of wind. The more substances toxins in your body then these symptoms will be more felt.

I used to do it every Saturday and week where I take off from office work.

How To Detoxification Your Body

Preparation Before doing the detox

Before doing a cleansing, you should get used to eating foods that contain more vegetables and fruits first. Also avoid consuming caffeine, gluten alcohol, junk food, and artificial sugar. Drink plenty of water before doing the detox.

Buy organic fruits or vegetables for your intake during detox. Buy fresh fruit or vegetables. In addition to the supermarket, you can also get fruits and vegetables from farmers that directly sell online (usually with a lower price).

Plan the days to detox your body where you are not doing much activity. Like during long holidays or on weekends.

Before doing a detox diet, for you who are in the treatment of disease should consult with your doctor first.

How to Detox with Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Different types of detox can depend on the purpose of implementation and how to do it too.

Many types of detoxification can be done to remove substances that are not useful from the body. The kind and intake consumed also differ depending on the person’s ability (condition) and the benefits we want to take.

Three days cleansing detoxification

Here is a detox that I refer to the book by the author RA Nainggolan who is an expert in the field of neuropathy. The benefits of doing three days of cleansing are:

1. Cleaning the body’s mucus that causes various diseases including polyp, cyst, tumor, and aging.

2. Build body cells

3. Improve damage to body tissues

4. Helps the electric current of the body that is weak and supports the body disposal system

5. Normalize weight

Best fruit and vegetable ingredients for detox (with three days body cleansing) Apple, carrots, oranges, watermelons, grapefruit, grapes, long beans, and others.

Apples are the best ingredients for body detox (read: apple health benefits). Even as the best blood cleanser the apple is also considered to be a cure.

The next best cleanser is carrots. Almost all body needs are available in carrots though not complete. You can also use other materials as mentioned above as the substitute of apple and carrot.

In this detox the ingredients used are apples, but as an alternative, you can also use carrot extract because in addition to cheap also easily obtained in supermarkets.

The principle of apple use is the same as carrots and fruit or other vegetables if you want to use another — things to keep in mind that fruits or vegetables are used only one type and should not be mixed.

The first day

6:00 am

Drink papaya juice about 400-500 cc or about 1.5 to 2 glass. Papaya used is not unripe or too ripe (ripe enough). Drinking papaya juice aims to cleanse your stomach contents or as a laxative.

6.30 am

Start drinking apple juice. Keep drinking apple juice for six times a day as much as 3 liters (total a day). In substitute for using apple juice, you can also use carrot juice. The Apple juice should not be mixed with water, sugar or other ingredients. So for one day, you do not eat anything other than apple juice.

The second day

06.00 am

Drink papaya juice same in the same way as the first day as much as 400-500 cc (1.5 to 2 glass).


Drink apple juice with the amount and the same way as the first day. On this second day, you are encouraged to eat an apple at noon.

If you use carrot juice, then you can eat a carrot in the middle of the day. Next, consume olive oil one teaspoon three times a day. The purpose of using olive oil is as a lubricant for the intestine and esophagus

The third day

On this third day, you no longer need to eat papaya juice. Like the first day and the second day, you can directly eat apple juice in the same way with the first day and day two.

Keep consuming olive oil three times a day as much as one teaspoon. On this third day you will feel hungry, but do not worry because hunger you feel is not because you are malnourished but because of your daily eating habits and because your body is being cleaned of leftovers.

The fourth day

On this fourth day if you are still strong drink plenty of water (distilled water) as much as possible for the last cleansing of your body (2 liters a day or adjusted for the body’s ability) to help remove the leftover food in the body.

But if you are not strong, you can drink or eat vegetable juice or fruit in a state of not cooked (raw food).

Fifth day

On the fifth day, you can already eat a variety of vegetable juices and fruits in a raw state. We recommend that in the first week you continue to consume raw vegetables and fruits, yet go back to the daily menu.

But if you are not able, you can eat cooked (cooked) on the fourth day and fifth day with the following attention:

– reduce cooked food

– limit salt, sugar, and oil

– do not overeat red meat, eggs

– do not drink cow’s milk, white bread products, butter, smoking and drink water that contains alcohol.

Symptoms that will be felt during the following three days detoxification are:

– You will feel pain in the area being cleaned

– You’ll feel like panic

– Some parts of the body that may feel uncomfortable that is the stomach, head or other body parts.

If the above happens, you should not be afraid because it is a sign that your body is being cleansed. This body cleansing (detox) is certainly very good for you, but it certainly does not directly clean up the rest of the food that has been piling up for years in the body.

You need to do a detox at least one time every three months or if you can, also can be done once a month.

Detoxification by way of Fasting

Other detox methods can be done by fasting. Fasting can be done by fasting religion as Muslims do in Ramadan and fasting sunnah, also can only drink water and vegetable juice for 24 to 36 hours.

How to detox (3 days cleansing and fasting) above is the way recommended by the doctor RA Nainggolan in his book called Diet and Juice Therapy.

I did three days of cleansing detox by using carrot juice coupled with apple juice (half of the apple). While how to drink and another way to consume the same as the above explanation (unless the apple I add half to carrot juice).

Thus the article on how to do detoxification that would be very beneficial for the health of the body and the healing of various diseases.

This detox is also recommended for those of you who want to start eating healthier foods like raw food all kinds of vegetables and fruits as it will cleanse your body before starting your healthy diet.

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