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5 Ways to Control Anger When You Start Getting Angry

how to control anger

Anger is something that we cannot sometimes avoid. Many things can make us angry. Can be from within yourself or environmental factors. Anger is a reaction to things that are not in accordance with one’s wishes or desires. The thing to realize is that when excessive anger can have an impact on health factors such… Read More »

Anger Management : Tips for Controlling Your Anger

Anger Management

Everyone must have been angry. Anger is a natural expression that is almost certainly experienced by everyone. Anger is interpreted as an expression/response made as a result of a mismatch of what is desired with the results obtained. Angry does not always have to be interpreted as a negative thing. Anger can also have a… Read More »

5 Benefits of Laughter Yoga Therapy

Benefits of Laughter Therapy

This week, I casually browsed through old magazines whose content covered many health issues. I ran out of ideas in writing articles, so it occurred to me to browse through magazines and books for my reference in making articles.     One of the magazines that I often use as reference material is Nirmala magazine.… Read More »

How to Be Healthy and Happy According to Islam

Good Intention

Health is something we should maintain. It is undeniable that people who are healthy in their soul and body will always have a positive influence on the people around them and their environment. People are said to be healthy if their physical and mental condition is not disturbed. You could say a healthy person is… Read More »

21 Tips for More Healthy Life Style

Healthy Lifestyle

Health is generally the result of a lifestyle that has been lived for years. Many people in their 30s or 40s have experienced various serious illnesses. But don’t be surprised too, with people who have reached their 80s still looking fit. This is due to the way of life he lived in for a long… Read More »