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14 Benefits of Mango for Health and Beauty

benefits of mango

Mango comes with a lot of benefits both for health and beauty. Many people have proven it and of course, so are you.  The benefits of mango are various because it contains many nutrients. According to the, you can get 100 calories by eating a cup of mango chunks. Besides that, the fruit also… Read More »

Knowing Five Amazing Healthy Benefits of Celery

benefits of celery

A study shows that the benefits of celery are really healthy because it has the best sources of useful antioxidants and enzymes. Besides, there are some celery nutrition facts in it. It can be proved by containing important minerals and vitamins like potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and also vitamin K. So, it must… Read More »

7 Kinds of Vegetables and Fruits that are Good for Pregnant Woman

Food for pregnant woman

The period of pregnancy is a very vital period for the development of prospective babies. During this time pregnant women are encouraged to consume healthy and nutritious foods. Many healthy and nutritious foods are contained by natural foods such as vegetables and fruit. Vegetables and fruits are a source of vitamins and natural proteins that… Read More »

7 Health Benefits of Consuming Avocado

health benefits of avocado

Who doesn’t know this one fruit? Besides being often enjoyed for juices and ice fruit ingredients, avocados are also commonly used for sushi toppings. The taste is delicious, soft and suitable served in all forms of dishes to make avocados always pleasant to eat. For mothers, avocados are often one of the fruits that can… Read More »