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7 Steps How to Lose Your Weight in Health Way

How to Lose Your Weight in Health Way

Being overweight (obesity) is one of the factors that makes a person less confident and triggers various types of diseases that need to be addressed immediately. There are many reasons for someone wanting to lose weight. Beside to appearance that can make a person less confident as well as health factors become the main reason… Read More »

The Benefits of Tea for Health and Body Slimming

The Benefits of Tea for Health and Body Slimming

A cup of warm tea is delicious when taken while relaxing! Drinking tea is indeed refreshing and makes relax your tired body. There are also many benefits to health. Tea is made into a drink by brewing leaves, shoots, or dried stems from the Camellia sinensis plant. However, the term “tea” is now also used… Read More »

How to Get Fit and Slim by Walking

Get Fit and Slim by Walking

Walking is one of the easiest types of exercise to do and without cost. When you go to work, take your child to school, when shopping, you can do it while walking. Exercise in the context of a slimming diet does not always have to go to a gym or be done in special places.… Read More »

4 Natural Ways to Overcome Overweight You Need to Do

Overcome overweight

The natural way that you can do in order to lose weight is the safest way that is an alternative before you go to a doctor or medical expert.     This complementary therapy is intended to trigger the body to treat itself because the human body is believed to have the ability to heal… Read More »

Do this Detoxification to Optimize Your Diet Program

Detox diet

How does your body feel when you wake up in the morning? You feel refreshed, or exhausted as if your body just lifted tens of kilograms of weight? If your last question answers “yes,” there could be a lot of toxins in your body.     Seriously? What is Toxin and how can it enter… Read More »

How to Stop Your Emotional Eating to Keep Slim

Emotional Eating

It is common; people eat when they feel hungry. If not, you may experience craving problems. This is one form of health problems, especially emotional disorders. Therefore, the urge to eat not because of hungry is called emotional eating. People satisfy themselves with eating as an outlet of feeling uncomfortable, especially if sad, bored, disappointed.… Read More »

Weight Loss 30 Days Challenge for Male and Female

Want to lose weight in an instant but healthy way? You can try doing this by applying the Food Combining diet accompanied by a menu of homemade milkshakes. But it needs to be noted! The speed of weight loss after discipline to do a diet Food Combining is subjective. This is because the condition of… Read More »