11 Boredom Quotes that Can Restore Your Spirit

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Boredom is often a psychological disease that can attack everyone. The routine activities every day sometimes makes it difficult for people to avoid feeling bored.

But unfortunately, boredom sometimes comes from our responsibility, such as daily work or school tasks. Even often bored is felt in a relationship between lovers.

Many people actually realize that boredom can hinder productivity or damage a relationship.

But they don’t know how to get rid of it and instead let it drag on, to control themselves.

Well, at this time I will share Motivational Quotes about boredom from famous figures who might be able to help you rise against boredom.

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11 Bored Quotes from Successful Figures

Everyone must have experienced boredom, including successful figures. The difference is they can be patient or eliminate those feelings quickly.

Here are some wise words that have been expressed by successful leaders regarding boredom, happy reading:

Success is realized through action, not boredom

motivational bored quotes

“Don’t waste time complaining or getting bored. If you really want to, prove it with action!” – Dedy Mulyana

Until when do you waste time just complaining about being bored? It’s useless, it won’t change anything, it adds to the burden.

Every responsibility that is given to you that means God and other people believe that you can solve it.

Get rid of all boredom, if necessary, force yourself to do something. You will not feel full if you do not try to take rice to eat.

Likewise, dreams and other responsibilities, all cannot be achieved or resolved if you do nothing.

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Are you bored? Try to remember again about something that once felt good

motivational bored quotes

“Bored is normal. But what makes boredom valuable is when you look back, it’s still sweet, isn’t it? ” – Baro Indra

After a long relationship with partner (who has been married), it’s natural that you experience boredom.

But don’t make it as an excuse to move to another person. The relationship that you build with love is not that simple.

If you are bored with your relationship and want something new (in relationship), remember, other people can have same problem with you.

It would be nice if you feel bored, then findout all the good of your partner, remember how you struggled or how sweet your relationship has been.

Of course, a lot of laughter and tears have been passed together when running relationship.

Boredom can affect health if left too long

motivational bored quotes

“Hold your chance even in any health condition. Because there is nothing worse for your health than boredom.” – Mignon McLaughlin

According to Mc Laughlin’s quotes, boredom can have an impact on health. Well, people who experience boredom are identical with lacking enthusiasm.

If you don’t have patience, this can lead to negative thoughts that are not good for your health.

One way to overcome this is to be patient or by looking for other activities that better suit your interests.

Love is the key to removing boredom

motivational bored quotes

“There will be no boredom if someone does something beautiful or finds something right.” – William Inge

The key to eliminating boredom is to love and think of anything beautiful you have done and you will do.

Have you ever asked why at the beginning the approach between two lovers could not be boring, even though they had been on the phone for hours?

Yes, all because of love. So why don’t you apply it to all fields? Love work, school work, or anything else that is now your responsibility to complete.

Do it little by little until you get a reason to love him.

For being bored is the reason for creating new creativity

motivational bored quotes

“Boredom is often the beginning of the emergence of great creativity.” – Robert M. Pirsig

There’s nothing wrong with you being bored with something, but don’t let boredom drag on without action.

If indeed the surroundings feel very boring, then your job is to find new creativity, so that the atmosphere becomes more fun.

Yes, your job is not to criticize uncertainty, but to light a candle to illuminate the surroundings. Whatever it is will still be boring if you don’t move to change it.

Eliminate boredom to voice the truth

“Never get tired of talking about the truth so that democracy does not end in futility.” – Najwa Shihab

Talking and acting right is not easy. Because often truth is opposed or ridiculed by many people.

But all the truth above, should not make you feel bored to be in the right corridor.

Najwa Shihab, a well-known journalist in Indonesia, has encouraged you to continue to voice good things so that democracy does not end in vain.

Democracy provides space for you to struggle to convey ideas and fight injustice.

It’s up to you to speak out in any way according to capacity; the most important thing is the truth.

You will get bored if you don’t change better

“If the sun orbits do not move and keep silent. Of course humans are bored and reluctant to look at them.” – Ahmad Fuadi

It is common knowledge that something the same and happens repeatedly will bore. Likewise, with the attitudes of others towards you.

They will be bored and reluctant if there is no better action or new creativity every day.

So, if you want to feel how much love and admiration, then make yourself better and create new creativity that is beneficial to others.

Letting you feel bored is the same as eliminating the fighting spirit

motivational bored quotes

“If you give an opportunity to feel lazy or bored to master yourself, then surely your fighting spirit will disappear.” – Andrie Wongso

Never give space to the slightest boredom because it can gradually overwhelm you.

If you have been overcome by feelings of laziness and boredom, then the fighting spirit to achieve desire is lost.

Nothing can eliminate boredom, except yourself. When feeling lazy or bored hit, then stop for a moment, do a little refreshing that can make your mind excited again, such as walking, reading spirit quotes, or other.

Then, force yourself to return to carrying out obligations.

Keep working, whatever happens!

motivational bored quotes

“A work will inspire. So keep working when you succeed, fail, or get bored.” – Michael Crichton

Whatever conditions you continue to work on. Convinced that the results will not betray the process.

When boredom comes, force yourself to keep working until the time comes when you reap the fruits of the hard work of building works so far.

Yes, forcing yourself is indeed unpleasant and difficult, but when hard work has yielded results, maybe you will say to yourself why I did not work harder in order to be more successful?

Never waste your time while you have the opportunity and ability.

Know the biggest enemy of happiness

motivational bored quotes

“The two enemies of human happiness are boredom and pain.” – Arthur Schopenhaeur

Do you know the biggest enemy in yourself? Yes, boredom, which continues to be maintained.

This feeling certainly makes you inhibit activities, hinders the process of realizing dreams.

Therefore, from now on realize that boredom is a barrier to happiness.

Starting from being bored, laziness comes and destroys all plans.

Face boredom by remembering how sweet your results will be.

Life choices are in your hands

motivational bored quotes

“Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.” – Wayne Dyer

Life will not change better if you are busy looking for reasons and blame. How many people blame life for their boredom and laziness.

Even though God has provided a variety of beauty that can make life worthy of being enjoyed and grateful.

When you are bored, not because life is boring, but because you choose to be bored. Yes, life is a choice, it’s up to you to take the path.

Well, those are some wise words about boredom. Does it affect your feelings now?

Keep in mind that success or not depends on how much your struggle and of course with the blessing of Allah SWT. What you plant is what you will pick.

Hopefully useful to get rid of your boredom.

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