Best Health Quotes that Inspire You to Stay Healthy

Health is one of the greatest gifts that given by God to His servants. Without health, life has less meaning.

But sometimes people forget about the health that they have because they are swept away by their beautiful dreams (their goals).

Here are some health quotes collections from famous people who can inspire us about how important health is.


Health Quotes that Inspire You to Stay Healthy


Clean Water Symbolizes Health

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“Water is life, and clean water means health” – Audrey Hepburn

Our life needs water. Humans and animals cannot live without water. However, clean water is more important because it symbolizes health.

Humans can live healthy if they use clean water sources in their unpolluted environment.

For example, using clean water for daily needs such as drinking, bathing, washing clothes and cutlery, and other necessities.

As a human, we must always keep up the cleanliness of spring water. Even though water is a renewable natural resource, the human must keep up the existence of clean water.

If human pollute water source, it is not impossible that there will be an outbreak of disease that attacks humans and animals around it.

One of the Principles of Life Balance in Health


“I have the principle of balance to achieve a peaceful life. Namely love, health, and establishment “- James Thurber

According to health quotes above, in this life, three factors can make our lives balanced. The three elements are love, health, and stability.

We can get love in family, partner or friendship.

Another factor is health. People will feel happy if their health conditions are good because they can enjoy life. For example, you can go anywhere, or eat any food according to your desired taste.

Then, life will be perfect if you have an establishment or success.

These three factors will make life happier.

How Valuable The Health Is


“Health always seems valuable after we lose it.” – Jonathan Swift

Many people do not realize how important health is for themselves. They just realized this when they lost it.

Yes, when they feel pain, people will realize how great it is to have good health.

The pain, felt, makes it unable to carry out various activities as usual. Just lying in bed is indeed very annoying.

Before experiencing pain, let’s take care of your health.

Always remember that health is essential to keep up because health is one of the greatest gift given by God (Allah SWT) to His creatures.

We must take good care of it, such as having enough rest, exercising regularly, maintaining eating patterns and so on.

Always remember a slogan better to prevent than cure.


The importance of Health and Wealth


“It is inappropriate for someone to feel safe about two things: health and wealth.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

In this life, health and wealth are two fundamental things.

This is according to the health quotes of Ali bin Abi Talib.

Perfect happiness will be achieved if someone has wealth and good health.

A person will be able to enjoy the wealth that he has if his health condition is good.

Conversely, the wealth that he has will not be enjoyed if his health is terrible.

For example, sick people cannot go on vacation to various places. He also won’t feel good when eating delicious food.

Be grateful for the health you have so that you can enjoy life without the limits.

There is freedom in health


“In health there is freedom. Health is the first thing in all freedom.” – Henri Frederic Amiel

You must know that there is freedom in health. Of course, people can do anything when they are in good health, unlike the sick people who cannot do activities freely.

Healthy people are free to go wherever they like, eat whatever they want, do any activities, and so on.

This is inversely proportional to the condition of a sick person who cannot go wherever he likes, cannot eating whatever they want (have the limits), cannot work well and so on.

Health is the greatest asset


“True treasure is health, not gold and silver” – Mahatma Gandhi

Don’t get me wrong. Gold and silver will lose value with health. People call health a real treasure because it is a source of happiness for people.

People can enjoy life when they have good health. Even, in simple condition, they will be still happy when they are grateful for good health.

Health is also the most expensive asset as we know that the cost of medical treatment at a hospital is prohibitive.

Especially for severe illness, people will incur infinite costs to get health.

The First Reflection is Health


“Health is the first reflection and sleep is a condition to get it” – Raplph Waldo Emerson

People have to think about health every day. Maintaining health is a must for everyone who wants to live happily.

When night falls, sleep is a significant activity to make the body rest entirely. With good quality of sleep, health will be able to be maintained.

However, people who do not have balance sleep will have poor health. During the day, people who lack sleep will feel weak, tired and have a headache. If it is done continuously, this will present a more severe risk of disease.

Happy with Good Health

“Our greatest happiness is not dependent on the life situation we are in, but always from the results of good awareness, good health, work, and freedom from all goals.” – Thomas Jefferson

Property like a luxury house is an essential thing in this life. However, according to the health quotes above without good health, it doesn’t mean anything.

Life will be perfect when having the right health conditions, in addition to having a good job, good awareness and good financial condition.

These are things that make people feel happy about their lives.

A Calm Mind is Good for Health


“A calm mind brings inner strength and confidence, so that it is very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama

To get good health, we must have a calm mind. Actually, due to all the problems faced can make it uneasy to get a calm mind.

A disturbing mind can affect the arrival of the disease.

To have good health, we must always keep the mind calm.

People who are happy with their lives will tend to have good health conditions.

Unlike people who have many life problems, he will be more lethargic and lack enthusiasm in living life.

Even, many people do not have the appetite when facing severe problems. If this is left for a long time, it can bring a variety of diseases.

How to Maintain Health


“The only way to maintain health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you don’t like” – Mark Twain

We must maintain a healthy body to avoid various diseases. How to maintain health in a good way? You can do it by eating what you don’t want.

The purpose of this statement is that you must maintain your diet. A regular and balanced diet by eating healthy foods.

As we know, healthy food does not prioritize taste so that the flavor will be inferior to unhealthy foods such as fried fatty foods.

Even though healthy food is not tasty, you still have to eat it to maintain healthy conditions.

There are now many organic foods that can be consumed. Organic foods are very good for health because they are not polluted by chemicals that can harm the body when consumed.

In addition to maintaining a diet, you need to take time to exercise regularly so that the body stays in top condition — no need to work out long enough. Just take 15-20 minutes in the morning.

Do this regularly, so the results are maximum.

Two valuable assets are Time and Health



“Time and health are two valuable assets that we don’t recognize and value until they are finished.” – Denis Waitley

Time and health are two essential things in this life. Time will not turn back so we must make the best use of it by filling it with useful activities.

While health is a priceless thing because without having good health, life will have no meaning, people will be able to enjoy their lives when their health is good. He can do whatever comfortably without feeling pain.

Don’t Sacrifice Health


“The biggest thing about ignorance is sacrificing health for other types of happiness.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Many people misstep when they pursue life happiness.

Do not let you ignoring your health to achieve the happiness of another life.

For example, you are willing to work day and night regardless of time. This can interfere with health.

Try to imagine, what’s the use of having a lot of money, but you’re sick. It’s better to work within reasonable limits, but keep working and passionate about work.

Then, don’t forget always to pay attention to the condition of the body so that it has good health.

Making healthy people more difficult

“It’s much harder to make people healthier than make them sick.” – De Forest Clinton Jarvis

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is very important to apply in life. You must be able to maintain health so that not to be sick.

Making the body sick is easier than healing it. Therefore, do not waste the health you have.

You have to take care of it continuously. It took a few minutes to make the body sick, but healing an ill person took a long time.

Health includes Body, Mind, and Spirit

“Health is a big word, because this includes not only the body, but also the mind and soul. Not just pain or pleasure, but the whole existence and outlook of humans. “- Jame H. West

The meaning of health is extensive. Health is not only a matter of body condition, but health also consists of the mind and soul.

A calm and confident mind will be able to influence health conditions to be good. Conversely, a thought that is not calm because it faces various life problems makes health disturbed.

To maintain health, keep your mind calm. Think of all the problems with a relaxed mind so that you can handle them well.

The relationship between health and happiness

“Health and joy naturally give birth to one another.” – Joseph Addison

There is a relationship between happiness and health.
People who are happy for their lives will have good health because their souls and minds are calm.

Meanwhile, good health will also make people feel happy because they can do anything comfortably unlike what the sick person feels.

Can Do Everything when Healthy

“I believe that if you are healthy, you can do everything. There is no one else who can give anything other than Allah or God. And being healthy, I believe that God has heard me. “- Pedro Martinez

Of course, you can do anything when your health is good. This is the most significant gift you get. Only God can provide health to His people.

Continue to be grateful for this gift that is truly immeasurable. With health, you can achieve what you want because you can try to do anything.

This is the provision of life given by God so that His people can try to achieve what they want with their hard work.

Health is Impossible to Get when the Mind Falls Apart

“In a messy mind, like in a messy body, health is impossible.” – Cicero

Health will only be obtained in a calm state of mind and body. If you have a mind that is not calm, then health is impossible for you to get.

Quiet thoughts make you unable to focus on maintaining health. Even, there are many things that could happen to you that could disturb your health. As cannot sleep, lose appetite, do not want to do activities and so on.

Exercise Regularly


“To enjoy the light of good health, you have to exercise.” – Gene Tunney

Exercise has a vital role in health. The body needs regular exercise, so you have to do it every day. The body will relax after exercising.

Maybe you can choose the type of exercise that is easy first as a start.

Health Cannot Be Bought

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, something that can be a very valuable savings. “- Anne Wilson Schaef

Did you know that health cannot be bought with money or anything? However, good health is a saving from daily behavior and habits carried out for a long time.

Therefore, before your health is disturbed, it is critical to maintaining a good behavior pattern and diet. Don’t forget to exercise regularly.

Health and adequate Sleep are Fun Things

“The most pleasant thing in the midst of difficult times is good health and adequate sleep.” – Knute Nelson

Life is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes, we are in the bottom position; then there are times when we have the opportunity to be in the top position. Soon.

In difficult times, you will feel that adequate health and sleep are extraordinary blessings.

With good health, any food will taste good. Then, you can also work hard so that the difficult times you face change with a better life.

Thus the collection of health quotes from famous people. Hopefully, it can be useful and inspire how important health is in our life.

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