6 Benefits of Sapodilla Fruit for Health and Beauty

Sapodilla is a long-lived, evergreen tree native to southern Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. In Indonesia, its popularity today has faded with the presence of imported fruits such as lychee, pears, apples and kiwi.

In Indonesia, it is often this fruit is considered a fruit of the village that is not classy, so its existence has now begun to be scarce. However, it turns out sapodilla has many benefits for the health and beauty of the body.

In the palace community, especially in Java, the presence of sapodilla trees is indeed very familiar.

Trees that are usually planted in front of the house are deliberately planted for consumption (sapodilla fruit), besides that the wood of this tree is often used as a pillar of the homes of Javanese people in ancient times.


Benefits of sapodilla fruit


The Javanese people, especially the nobility, have known the benefits of this sapodilla fruit for natural health and beauty. The following are the benefits :

Benefits of Sapodilla for Health and Beauty

Have good sugar content

Sapodilla fruit turns out to have more sugar levels, more than sugar cane. Sugar content in sapodilla fruit is also safer than sugar produced by sugar cane. This is certainly related to beauty.

In addition to sugar that is not good for health, especially in dental health and related to weight. If you are on a diet program, you can change your sugar intake by consuming sapodilla.

Besides sapodilla fruit has a very high fibre content, making it suitable to be an alternative food substitute in your diet.

Streamlining blood vessels

Sapodilla fruit is also useful to facilitate blood flow in blood vessels. This also applies to the blood vessels in the face. With the smooth flow of blood in the blood vessels, the regeneration of dead skin will occur.

High Calcium

Sapodilla fruit has a high calcium content which is good for our bones. It’s useless to have a beautiful face, but our bones that have the function of supporting our bodies are not healthy.

Soften the skin

The high content of vitamin C, A and E in sapodilla fruit is useful for smoothing the skin. Besides being consumed directly, sapodilla fruit can also be applied as a mask and scrub for facial skin. This has become a hereditary recipe for the women of the Javanese court to have smooth, smooth skin.

The method is also easy, damage 1 – 2 sapodilla fruit that has been cooked and put on the face. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Use this brown mask regularly once a week for maximum. Besides sapodilla slices can also be used as a mask or compress the eyes to remove black bags on the eyes.

Source of Antioxidants

Sapodilla fruit has a high antioxidant content which is useful for counteracting free radicals. Besides sapodilla also has benefits to cool the skin.

Natural Perfume

Consuming brown sap fruit for the palace people turned out to have properties to eliminate body odour. Besides the sweat that comes out of the body also does not smell anymore when we regularly consume this sapodilla fruit.

This is a list of benefits of sapodilla fruit for natural beauty. Besides its sweet taste, the benefits of this sapodilla fruit are very much to support health and of course beauty.

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