These are 9 Benefits of Pomegranate that You Need to Know

Do you often eat or drink a pomegranate juice? This red and sweet fruit becomes the favorite of many people especially women.

Apparently, the fruit with the Latin name of Punica granatum includes in the berry category. It only has a diameter between 5 and 12 cm, but the benefits of pomegranate are very well-known. It is because the pomegranate has three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea.

benefits of pomegranate

Alongside that, the benefits of pomegranate fruit come from the nutrients. Today, you will get the benefits of the fruit along with the nutrients. It will make you more love pomegranate certainly. Let’s check this out!

The Benefits of Pomegranate that People rare to know

Here are what pomegranate has for you:

  • Vitamin A, B3 (niacin), B9 (folic acid), C, E, and K
  • Minerals (calcium and iron)
  • High fiber

Meanwhile, the benefits of consuming pomegranate are:

Normalize the stomach

Pomegranate skin and leaves can calm stomach upset or diarrhea. Pomegranate tea helps to cure digestive problems. The Pomegranates juice can reduce dysentery and cholera.

Prevent heart disease

For those of you who have a risk of coronary heart disease, try to eat pomegranate juice. A study shows that consuming at least 200 ml of pomegranate juice every day for three months can reduce symptoms of ischemia due to narrowing of the heart arteries.

Control Blood Pressure

The benefits of pomegranate are also good for heart health because it can help control blood pressure and prevent the formation of blockages in blood vessels so that it can keep the blood flow of the heart and blood vessels throughout the body smooth.

Healthy skin

Antioxidants in pomegranate keep bacteria and other infections away from the surface of the skin. Pomegranate peel can fight acne. Pomegranate skin can also be a natural skin moisturizer and restore skin pH balance.

Prevent stroke and heart disease

Drinking pomegranate juice regularly can maintain blood flow. So, it will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Reducing the risk of arthritis

Pomegranates have anti-inflammatory properties to overcome inflammation in the joints.

Reduce bad cholesterol

Fiber and antioxidants from pomegranates can also reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Prevent cancer

Pomegranate juice is also believed to inhibit the growth of cancer, such as prostate cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer. If taken regularly a pomegranate juice can inhibit cancer cell growth.

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Anti Aging

Daily consumption of pomegranates is believed to slow aging. Wrinkles will decrease because red pomegranates produce active substances that can help regenerate the skin and repair damage.

To get the optimal benefits, it is recommended to consume pomegranates 2 cups per day.

Okay, those are six benefits of pomegranate that you never realize. Certainly, you more love to drink pomegranate right know.

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