The Wonderful Benefits of Orange Fruit Nutrition for Healthy

The benefits of orange fruit nutrition can protect you from heart disease, reduce the blood pressure and decrease the blood cholesterol levels. Also, this fruit is good for Kidney Stone prevention and Anemia prevention. So, it will be useful for your health.


Orange Fruit Nutrition


Talking about orange fruit, there are some kinds of orange which you can pick to consume. To choose the types of orange, you can do it based on your need. Here are the types of orange you can find.

Kinds of orange fruit

There are two kinds of orange in this world that you can choose. They are the sweet orange and the bitter orange. Both of them have certain varieties. Let’s check them out:

Sweet orange varieties

For the sweet orange, we can divide it into four classes. All of them has a distinct characteristic. Here they are:

  • Common orange

The common oranges that are often consumed by a human being named the Hamlin, Valencia, and Hart’s Tardiff Valencia.

  • Blood or pigmented orange

This variety has two types; they are light blood orange and the deep blood orange. The blood orange has a high amount of anthocyanin. This content gives the entire fruit the deep red hue.

  • Navel orange

We can say that this variety is the great commercial import that people like to pick. The most common types of the Navel orange are like Caracara, Dream navel, Bahia, Washington or California Navel and Late Navel.

  • Acid-less orange

Like the name, this variety of sweet orange has minimal acid. Thus, it gives a little flavor. Many people call this variety the early season fruit and also ‘sweet’ oranges. Since it has minimal acid, it can protect against spoilage.

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Bitter orange varieties

The bitter variety of orange has three classes. Let’s see them.

  • Seville orange

This class of bitter orange is usually used as rootstock of some sweet orange tree. Besides, it can also be used in making marmalade.

  • Bergamot orange

This class is usually not used for consuming. However, it is used for making perfumes and for flavoring Earl Grey tea.

  • Trifoliate orange

As the Seville orange, it is sometimes used for rootstock for sweet orange trees. Besides, you can also make marmalade with it.

Those are two kinds of orange with their varieties that are often used in the world. So, you can choose one of them for your own need. Then, talking about choosing orange, there are some ways you can take to get the good oranges. Below are the right ways to choose good oranges.

Best ways to choose orange fruit with good quality

Look for the heavy ones

When you are choosing some oranges, you will find the different weight among them. You need to know that the heavier ones are the juicer. So, to get the better oranges, we suggest you choose the heavier ones.

Find certain oranges

Besides juicer, people usually need to get sweet oranges to consume. For you who need to get such oranges, you are suggested to find the Navel oranges. This kind of oranges tends to be sweet to consume. Then, you can also find valencias, murcotts, and clementines to get the sweet oranges.

To get the best oranges is important since the best quality and taste of orange will give better flavor and satisfaction to you. For you who are the orange lover, do you know the nutrient content of this fruit? If you have not known, we will tell you then.

The Content and Benefits of Orange Fruit Nutrition

Here are the contents of orange which you will get after consuming it.


Mainly, an orange is composed of carbs and also water. Besides, it has low protein, fat, and calories. Then, the taste of this fruit is sweet due to the existence of simple sugars like fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

That is why we can taste the naturally sweet flavor from an orange. Carbohydrates are useful to produce energy. 1 g of carbohydrate can produce 4 kcal.


As the fresh fruit, an orange can be a good source of fiber. An orange with 184 g weight has around 18% of the daily intake. Thus, it is good for you that need sufficient fiber.

Then, the main fiber you will get from an orange is such as pectin, cellulose lectin, and hemicellulose. The existence of them is believed to give beneficial health effects to the consumers.

The source of fiber is precisely found in the orange white fiber. You will get the benefits from fiber if oranges are consumed with white fiber. Fiber in oranges is useful for treating diarrhea and controlling blood cholesterol levels.

Vitamins and minerals

This kind of healthy fruits, of course, contains vitamins and minerals. They are vitamin C, thiamin, folate, and potassium. Thus, to consume an orange is recommended for you who want to get a daily intake of vitamins and get cardiovascular health.

Because of its high vitamin C content which over twice the daily vitamin C needs, citrus fruits are very useful in maintaining and boosting immunity.

How to keep nutrition in orange fruit well

As an orange has so many useful contents, you keep them well before consuming. We will give you tips to keep it well. Here they are:

  1. Store outside the fridge when the orange still has green in them

When the orange is still green and is not ripe yet, you can make it stay outside the fridge for a week. And then you can consume it after being ripe.

  1. Store in a freezer when the orange is ripe

When you buy some ripe oranges with yellow skin, you can keep them in your freezer. It is done to make the oranges stay fresh before consuming.

Remember, you have to turn the temperature to the right level to keep them. The temperature you can set is between 45 to 48 Fahrenheit degrees. It is the ideal level to keep oranges in a freezer.

Furthermore, an orange is juicy to consume. To make it juicer, we want to give a recipe to make orange juice.

How to make tasty orange juice

  • Prepare oranges, 1/4th cup of honey or sugar, and sufficient ice cubes
  • Wash the oranges under water and wipe with a cloth after washing until dry
  • Peel and then slice the oranges into four parts
  • Put the sliced orange into the juicer or grinder
  • Drop the honey or put sugar into the juicer
  • Add few ice cubes too
  • Grind all of them until juicy
  • After juicy, collect the juice in the vessel
  • Pour the collected juice into the glass and serve
  • Garnish the juice with mint leaves to beautify

Those are the ways to make juicy orange juice. Hopefully, you can try these simple ways for your juice.

Moreover, we suggest you consume orange fruit regularly since it has many benefits for your body.

Orange fruit is one of the favorite fruits of many people that have so many benefits for the body. It contains beneficial nutrients contents to make your health get better. That is why there are so many people who like to consume this fruit to get the benefit of its content.

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