5 Benefits of Grapes; Live Healthy with the Beautiful Skin

You are not so lucky if you do not like eating the grape. This fruit has fresh, delicious taste in the mouth when you eat it directly. Even though, you will not only get the benefits of grape by eating from the tree.

Nevertheless, it gives you the benefits when you eat it in the form of juice, wine, pudding, jam, cake, and many else. Such as you know, there are lots of kinds of the grape.


benefits of grapes


There are purple wine, red wine, black grapes, and green grapes. Those types have numerous benefits for human, especially to the health. However, the benefits of eating grape here come in general.

Catch five benefits of grapes for Health and Skin

In 100 gr grapes contain nutrients as follows: 50 kcal energy; 0.5 gr protein; 0.2 gr fat; 12.8 gr carbohydrates; Calcium 9 mg; Phosphorus 20 mg; 0.6 mg Iron; Vitamin A 0 IU; Vitamin B1 0.1 mg; Vitamin C 4 mg.

Below is an explanation of the benefits of consuming grapes regularly:

Prevent and resist cancer

Grapes contain high antioxidants. You can prevent esophageal lung cancer, oral cancer, pharyngeal cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer to prostate cancer by consuming it regularly.

Based on a study at the National Cancer Institute, red grape skin extract contains polyphenols. This substance is very effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells in the body.

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Healthy heart

In addition to preventing cancer, polyphenols from grapes are also useful in preventing cardiovascular disease. Besides that, it also fights free radicals and supports the endothelium.

Nutrition in grapes can protect the body; especially the heart is damaged by LDL (bad cholesterol).

Reduce high blood pressure

Several studies conducted by experts, grapes are rich in flavonoids. This substance can reduce high blood pressure. Its nutrients are also beneficial to stabilize blood pressure in the body and facilitate the circulatory system.

Educate the brain

Grape is one of the fruits that make the mind refresh. Apparently, vitamins and fresh flavors in grapes can even make the brain more intelligent. This is because eating grapes will make a person happy and improve the ability to remember someone better.

Fight premature aging

Grapes contain many nutrients and vitamins that are very good for health. This fruit is also beneficial against premature aging, beautifying the skin, and protecting it from various problems. For examples are dull skins and dry to crack.

Okay, those are the benefits of grapes which are very good for body and skin. Nevertheless, you will only get the benefits if you eat it regularly though in a small amount.

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