Marvelous! The Secret Benefits of Blueberry that You May Never Know

Many people have not known yet about the benefits of blueberry. Actually, a blueberry is sweet and also has many nutritious. You can eat this fruit when it is freshly picked, integrated into the various recipe, or you can also buy it in frozen.


benefits of blueberry


Then, talking about blueberry nutrition, even though this fruit is so small, this fruit contains so much nutrition. With all contents owned by blueberry, people can get some benefits after consuming it.

Wonderful benefits of blueberry

Since the blueberry is so tasteful, many people consider it as their favorite fruit. Besides, it also has wonderful benefits for maintaining your health. Here are they:

Low in calorie

The first benefit of the blueberry is that having low calorie. It is healthy and safe to consume blueberries approximately two cups for an adult.

High nutrients

The nutrients the blueberry has are the fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and other nutrients. Those elements are also good for your health.

King of the antioxidant foods

In fact, the antioxidants can help you to protect the body from the free radicals. Amazingly, the blueberry is classified into the highest levels of the antioxidant among all fruits and vegetables. So, you can use it as the antioxidant for your body.

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Decrease the damage of DNA

The blueberry can decrease the damage of DNA in your body. Moreover, it can protect against cancer and also aging. Since this fruit has high antioxidants, it is able to deactivate the free radicals which can damage the DNA in your body.

Control the cholesterol in your blood

This fruit is able to defend the cholesterol in the blood of your body from being damaged.

Besides the seven benefits above, this fruit has crucial roles for:

  • Anti-diabetes effect (lowering blood sugar levels).
  • Preventing heart disease.
  • Avoiding urinary tracts infections.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Maintain brain function.
  • Reduce muscle damage.

Well, those are the proven benefits of blueberry that you can know. After recognizing the benefits and the content of the blueberry, hopefully, you can consume it in your life.

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