20 Quotes to Reduce Your Angry Emotions

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Everyone could have been angry, and it’s a natural matter. In certain conditions, humans have limitations in holding their emotions.

However, it cannot be denied that God has bestowed a conscience that can reduce emotions.


Long term anger can make you hurt and attacked by diseases.

In addition, anger to others can trigger a prolonged series of emotions.

So no wonder if in Islam, it is said that there is a goodness promised for moeslem who are able to hold their anger (patient).

For those of you who are easyly irritable, you should start learning to control your emotions.

One of the ways is to read and then calmly plant a few quotes about anger from the following famous figures.

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20 Quotes to Reduce Your Angry Emotions

Here are some wise quotes that have been conveyed by famous figures from various circles about the nature of anger and its consequences, namely:

Anger will cause regret

“Anger starts with madness and ends with regret.” – Ali bin Abi Talib

Angry with something that is not in accordance with you can cause a chaotic situation.

Because when angry, your mind can not work well, and solutions are difficult to find.

Sometimes, the actual problem you face isn’t too difficult, but because emotions overwhelm you, it makes it seem like everything looks bad.

As a result, the case never ended, even increased. If so, the only regret may come to you.

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Getting angry is stupid

“Big anger only exists in the breasts of people who think stupidly.” – Albert Einstein

Wise people will soon find the best way to solve the problem. While fools are quick to get emotional and get angry easily. Why like that?

When you are quick to anger, it indicates that you are unable to think deeper about a problem that occurs, so you feel all does not support you.

Disappointed thoughts accompanied by anger are the door to a deadlock in thinking.

Anger will only hurt yourself

“Grasping that anger is like holding a hot asphalt in your hand to throw it at someone else; you have been burned first.” – Bdh

Did you know that anger thrown at others actually hurt yourself? Anger has the nature of heat like fire.

Before the anger burns other people, you will burn first. The feeling of not accepting the situation is getting higher, and your life is falling apart.

Even worse, if the person you are angry with, does not accept and hold grudges.

The result is, your life may increasingly destroy in the flames of anger.

The thing to avoid is to die when angry

“Why don’t humans need to plant hatred, revenge, and anger for long? For fear that if there is no age, then death brings it all (anger). Na’udzubillah.” – Jefri Al Buchori

When you start to get angry, immediately muffle the feeling because no one knows how long you age.

Anger in the long term, is a sign that you cannot accept God’s determinations.

How terrible when you have to ‘meet’ with the Creator when you rebel against His destiny.

What do you have to answer if God decides you to be a person who is can not grateful because small tribulations easily anger you?

Though more favors have been obtained, a simple example, when you get a trial for suffering from an illness.

It’s better to use your energy to ask for forgiveness and help so that God will immediately heal.

Can you get angry properly?

 “Anyone can get angry because anger is easy. But to whom is angry, with the right degree of anger, at the right time and purpose, and in the right way is difficult.” – Aristotle

Everyone must have been angry, but not all of them can get angry properly. Is there any proper anger?

For example, as a parent, you can be angry when children make mistakes. Use the correct method of anger that is, without violence.

But in fact, anger is actually quite difficult to do properly, because when angry, emotions become passionate and uncontrolled.

Therefore, if you are unable to do it right, you should not let yourself be angry.

Think about the consequences of your anger

“When anger increases, think about the consequences.” – Kfs

Before you get even more angry about something that is not in line with expectations, first consider the consequences.

Can your problem be resolved angrily or just the opposite?

Are you sure there will be no hurt or oppressed by what your saying and actions when you are angry?

So far, anger has never been able to provide a solution. Anger traits more backfire for human life.

Expectations that are too high can cause easy angry

“The cause of the anger and disappointment that we experience may be due to the unfulfilled desires and high expectations that we have.” – Abdullah Gymnastiar

You certainly are familiar with advice that says that you should not be too high when hoping.

It turns out that this advice contains a lot of goodness.

When you expect a lot of something, but it does not realized, then you could be angry and disappointed.

God doesn’t always grant your wish, because He knows what is the best for you.

As a human who does not have any strength or power except God, you should always be prepared to accept the situation with thankful, so there is no word of anger even though that hope did not come true.

Smile when something triggers anger

“Throw a smile at those who provoke anger.” – Harry Slyman

The best way to hold back anger is to smile. When you experience a problem, and the brain starts to heat up for anger, then sit down and calm down.

Force to smile, then switch your mind into the good things.

Learning to deal with things calmly is necessary.

There are so many famous figures who might get more difficult trials, some are tested with illness, poverty, community brutality, and many more.

But they never blame anyone, especially God.

As the result, God, both directly and through humans and nature in synergy, granted their wishes.

Anger is the nature of animals

“Love and tenderness are human nature, while anger and lust are animal traits.” – Jalaluddin Rumi

The human was created by God to spread love and tenderness.

But when you start to get angry, lose the feeling of love and good minds, it means the animal nature that appears in you.

Like animals who do not think the risk of their actions, anger also makes you blind to the consequences.

Rational ways of thinking and your feelings of love as human beings become ruled out by anger.

Would you like to have a degree commensurate with animals?

Anger only wins your opponent

“When you respond to hatred with anger and revile, that’s when your enemy wins.” – Andy F. Noya

When the opponents make you angry, then don’t respond with anger anyway.

Because, your opponents goal may to make you angry and become weak.

Instead, show that you are not affected by all his actions; you have a strong mentality so that you do not get angry easily.

If this is what you do, then slowly but surely, you have defeated your opponents.

They are running out of energy and ways to make you angry.

Anger will make yourself hurt

“What I know most about anger is that it hurts itself more than the people we scold.” – Oprah Winfrey

It was never known that anger would bring calm; on the contrary, your anger at others only makes you worse off.

Those who you are angry with, we are not sure that they care about your anger, they could don’t care.

Angry people can never see the good side, so no calm can be felt.

The way to not get angry

“When you are angry, count to ten before you speak. If you are very angry, count to one hundred.” – Thomas Jefferson

As it is known that anger will only trouble you. Therefore, minimize that trait.

The trick, every time something makes you angry, calm down, and count to ten if you haven’t succeeded in counting more. At least it can reduce your anger level.

Because as the proverb says that the tongue has no bones, it means that words can hurt others.

If someone else has been hurt, it’s not easy for you to treat your relationship.

Isn’t life more fun if it’s full of peace?

Anger is a sign of self weakness

“When someone is angry, that’s when he is very weak. Beat your world with patience.” – Bong Chandra

A strong person has a wise nature in dealing with life, so he is able to find solutions to victory.

While the weak will always grumble and angry if it is not in accordance with their expectations.

When you are angry, it means you do not have the strength to face problems. Get ready to be defeated by your anger.

However, if you want to be a great person, strive to be a patient person who is able to reduce emotions.

As much as any charity will be damaged by anger

“Anger can damage charity like vinegar destroys honey.” – Hadith

You need to know that one of the weapons of Satan so that you perish anger.

Through anger, Satan can control you easily, so you do a variety of damage.

You have certainly seen how angry people sometimes put out dirty words and insults, even damage to things around them.

The impact does not stop there; your anger at others has the potential to hurt or even cause endless revenge.

Even more terrible if they pray for the ugliness for you.

If that happens, then slowly, the good practices that you have done are replaced by bad records.

Will you waste your good deeds?

Stop feeling angry before going to sleep

“Never go to sleep when angry, stay awake, and solve problems.” – Phyllis Diller

Don’t let protracted anger over you.

Anger that occurs, in the long run, can damage your mental and physical health.

In the medical world, it is explained that anger causes the hormone serotonin in the body to be unbalanced; as a result, the person acts out of logical reasoning.

Furthermore, your physical health also deteriorates because when angry, blood pressure increases and causes high blood pressure, stroke, and many more.

Fighting must be accompanied by patience

“The best fighters are never angry.” – Lao Tzu

The struggle in life is indeed not as easy as imagined.

There are so many challenges that trigger anger, and therefore you need extra patience.

Quite difficult indeed, but certainly can be trained.

You need to remember that the best fighters are never angry.

You must be able to look at the right side of every event and make it a lesson to move better.

As time goes by, your struggle must bear sweet result.

Talking when angry only causes regret

“Speak when you are angry, and you will get the best speech you will regret.” – Ambrose Bierce

When something triggers you to get angry, it’s better to be quiet or hold yourself back.

Don’t say anything Because the words that come out when angry could make you regret later on.

There is no profit from anger

“The annoying thing about anger is that you hurt yourself without benefiting others.” – Kurt Tucholsky

The angrier you are, the deeper the feelings of the wound get deeper.

It is better to teach yourself to be willing to accept whatever happens.

Getting angry with someone who is bothering you won’t give a solution.

Especially mad at people who do not take part in your problem, it adds to your burden.

Worse, many friends stay away because of your irritability.

No friends want to approach because they don’t want to be the target of your anger.

It’s so sad about the lives of people who are shunned by their friends.

Don’t respond to anger with anger

“If you return anger with anger, aren’t you nothing more than a mirror of ugliness?” – Merry Riana

The best way when someone is angry with you is to yield and do good in return.

The fire will get bigger if you add firewood.

After all, that person’s anger will also not subside when you join in scolding him too.

Different if you are willing to budge, he will gradually realize that his anger was wrong and not good for a relationship.

Do not be a mirror of bad deeds if you do not want to be more difficult.

Anger signifies violence

“Anger is the enemy of nonviolence, and arrogance is the monster that engulfs it.” – M.G.

Doesn’t life feel good when it’s full of peace? The key to peace is the loss of anger.

But strangely, there were many people who shouted to be agents of peace; instead they were most violent through their irritability.

Similarly, several collections of words intended to make you calmer and not emotional.

Learning to hold that anger does take time and is not easy.

But if you mean it, God will surely help you, because only God can turn your hearts.

Most importantly, you must always remember that there is never any benefit to be gained from anger, except for increasing problems and illness.

Hopefully, it will be useful for your better life without anger.

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