Anemia Symptoms and Treatment in Natural Way

Anemia is one of the symptoms of a disease caused by a lack of hemoglobin or red blood grains in the body.

Under normal circumstances, blood consists of 40 to 45 percent of red blood grains and about 55 to 60 percent of blood plasma.

Of every 100 milliliters of blood, there is usually approximately 12.5 to 16 hemoglobin.

Usually, in every one cubic millimeter of blood, there are between 4,500,000 and 5,500,000 red blood cells.

A person suffering from anemia experiences a condition where the amount of red blood is less than the minimum or less than the lowest limit mentioned above.

To ascertain whether someone has anemia or cannot be done by blood test.

Someone who is anemic will experience a condition where the body’s resistance becomes susceptible to disease. Besides, the condition of his body will also become weak and lethargic.

The following are symptoms of anemia that are usually experienced by someone.

Anemia Treatment

Symptoms of anemia

• The skin of the body looks pale
• Easily tired or lethargic
• A weak body condition
• Can experience fainting
• Out of breath
• Heart rate feels faster and stronger

Symptoms of Anemia due to Folic Acid Deficiency

• Mouth or tongue pain
• Yellow skin
• Tingling hands or feet
• Memory problems, looking confused

Causes of anemia

In general, anemia is caused by iron deficiency. This iron deficiency that causes anemia can be caused by the following factors:

• Consuming foods that can provide limited amounts of iron nutrition.
• Disorders of the digestive system
• Excessive blood loss due to accidents, serious illness, menstruation (in women), hemorrhoids, cancer of the stomach or large intestine.
• There are worms or parasites in the intestine

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Anemia Treatment

If you experience symptoms of anemia

For people who experience anemia symptoms, it is recommended to consume lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet to maintain enough folic acid in the body. You are also advised to consume other foods that are rich in folic acid and iron.

Things to avoid

• Caffeinated drinks, especially when eating because they can interfere with iron absorption
• Eat packaged foods (in cans), flour and milk that have undergone a heating process of more than 70º C, or pasteurized

Tips for Preventing Anemia

• Eat foods that are rich in iron, such as fruits, whole wheat bread, nuts, lean meat, green vegetables, and leafy vegetables.
• Use sandals or shoes to avoid worms
• Avoid excessive exposure to insecticides, gasoline products, toxic chemicals

Medical actions commonly used for sufferers of Anemia

For those of you who feel very disturbed by the condition of your body and experience the same symptoms with the anemia symptoms above, there is no harm in carrying out further checks on the health of your body to the doctor.

Usually, the doctor will make the initial diagnosis and treatment as follows:

• Blood tests to find out how severe your anemia is and find out the cause.
• Provide supplement or vitamin iron or folic acid
• Recommend blood transfusions (acute anemia)
• Treating anemia-causing diseases (intestinal worms, etc.).

Natural Recipes for Anemia Treatment

Natural recipes are recommended for those of you who already know the condition of your body (examine a doctor) and experience anemia (not acute) without other diseases.


The mix of carrot juice and spinach (raw) at a dose:

Carrot 1 cup
Spinach 1/2 cup


The mix of carrot juice and young coconut water at a dose:

Carrot 1 cup
Coconut 1/4 cup


The mix of carrots, celery, spinach (raw) at a dose:

Carrot 1 cup
Celery 1/2 cup
Spinach 1/3 cup


Mixed carrots, beets and cucumbers with a dose:

Carrot 1 cup
Beet 1/3 cup
Cucumber 1/3 cup

The dosage in the recipe is based on 1 liter = 1000 cc or 4 cups.

Thus reviews of anemia, symptoms, causes and how to overcome them.

Hopefully, the tips above are useful especially for those of you who want to lead a healthy life naturally.

The recipe is taken from the book:

Diet & Juice Therapy: DR.RA.Nainggolan MA

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