An Edgar Cayce Cure of Hemorrhoids

You are tired of painful hemorrhoids that sap your strength? Me, too! Ointments and suppositories hardly work at all, but here’s a proven way to cure those piles and make sure they don’t come back!



Did you know that over 50% of all Americans have hemorrhoids? That’s really depressing, especially if you’re one of them! With such a widespread malady, you would think piles treatments would exist. But our family doctors don’t seem to know any quick solutions to the problem, either.

Things like diet changes can help, but it isn’t enough. And when they get severe, your options narrow to the major and minor surgical techniques available.

But what are hemorrhoids, anyway? Some have called them varicose veins in the colon, which rupture when intense pressure is put on them by a bowel movement — one good reason not to accept
constipation as normal.

There are two types of hemorrhoids — those near the anal sphincter, and others a little further in. (outer and inner) When aggravated, several conditions can cause them to swell excessively with blood, like little balloons. And when a bowel movement tries to get by, the sacs break, causing bleeding and pain. Next, the resultant wound gets infected by the feces – and the maddening itching begins.

I’ve heard some silly rules about preventing and controlling piles. They may work, theoretically, but most people couldn’t follow them — it just isn’t practical:

  • Don’t sit too long on the pot. Since we all know the bowel movement has to come out, this advice has VERY limited potential!

Don’t sit or stand for long periods of time, or do any heavy lifting. Well, that just about covers everything anyone might encounter at home or at work — Sorry, you writers, cab-drivers, office people, cashiers, construction workers, and the rest—


The good news is that it’s mostly unnecessary, according to Edgar Cayce. He gave specific exercises, dietary rules, and methods for keeping clean inside and out.

I have used his remedies, and can attest to their effectiveness over 34 years! Not bad, when you consider my hereditary liability – some of the men on both sides of my family developed operable cases.

I had my first mild outbreak at age 27 – and have almost completely prevented them ever since! The only problem was, the Cayce exercises worked so well that I would forget I had a problem, and leave them off — sometimes for as long as ten years.

But, to be fair, I didn’t lay off other Edgar Cayce rules – like diet and internal cleansing. And I had a lightweight control method: shoving the hemorrhoids back inside when I first noticed any swelling. (This also stimulates the rectal nerve and reminds the body of its natural function – another Cayce tip.)

I got by this way for a long time, but negligence finally took its toll, and eventually, I had to become very strict about the exercises again. Since then, it’s been under control!

At times, over the years, I’ve wondered why the Cayce exercises work, and then I remembered something from high-school health class — there are five sphincters in the body, and that we only have conscious control over one of them — the anal sphincter. (A sphincter is a ring of muscle that contracts to close an opening). I realized that the exercises work to train the muscle back into its normal position.

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  • Keep very clean.

    —> Careful washing
    —> Taking an enema when they first act up

  • Use mild natural antiseptics.

    —> Alka-thyme (Glycothymoline) was recommended by Cayce for many uses.
    —> Povidone (a no-sting iodine liquid)

  • Use gentle, natural ointments, applied directly, to alleviate discomfort.

    —> Aloe Vera
    —> Olive oil
    —> Castor oil

  • Doctors recommend that to protect colon health, everyone over the age of 50 have a colonoscopy to check for cancer and polyps.
  • The rectum should be tightly closed at all times unless you have a bowel movement. If it isn’t, you should consider it the beginning of trouble, even if you’ve never had an attack before. Doctors refer to this condition as “incipient.”

RED FLAG! If you notice that the bleeding from piles is not normal in color, but maroon, see a doctor immediately. It may be a sign of major colon disease.

The great thing about the Cayce hemorrhoids cure is that it doesn’t involve drugs or any other questionable trade-offs – just a simple, healthy approach, and solid results.

Reference: Paul and Justice (choosing-natural-health[dot]com)

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