7 Most Apple Health benefits that You Need to Know

Apple is one of the best-known fruit in the world which have many health benefits. In fact, the story of the apple has existed since the time of Adam and Eve and then expelled from the Garden of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit of the apple.

Nowadays apples are not forbidden fruit like stories in a paradise park. The appearance of colorful ripe apples with various types of flavors has been a significant attraction for humans for centuries to eat it.

Besides the delicious and appealing color apples have many benefits for the human body. There is even one phrase that says “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.” Besides healthy being eaten everyday Apple is also a perfect fruit to consumed to detoxification the body.

Many types of apples are spread around the world that is about 7000 species. Some common varieties of apples on the market are:

Golden Apple Delicious

Apple Health benefits

This apple comes from America with the color of the yellowish skin surface with the flesh is rather hard and has a lot of water content. This apple has a taste like sweet and sour if eaten, so it feels fresh if directly eaten without juice.

Red Delicious Apples


This apple also comes from America with a red skin surface color with stripes with soft and juicy flesh. The apple flavor is predominantly sweet with a slightly sour taste. It is suitable to eat in fresh fruit condition.

Apple Gala


This apple comes from New Zealand with a yellowish color and has a pink line, the flesh is hard and watery and has a sharper aroma. Usually, these apples are eaten fresh as well as made for additional dishes.

Apple Granny Smith 


This apple comes from Australia with a green color and has a wet fruit flesh with a dominant taste of acid. This type of apple is also delicious to eat in fresh condition or can be cooked.

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Nutrition and Apple health benefits that You Need to Know


Nutritional Content And Benefits Of Apple For Health As has been known by some research results apples have rich nutritional benefits. Here you can see the nutritional content of apples (consumed with the skin) as per 100 gr :

APPLE NUTRITION (with skin) per 100 gr
Energy52 kcal
Sugar13,81 g
Fiber10,39 g
Fat2,4 g
Protein0,17 g
Water85,56 g
Vit A54 IU
Thiamin0,017 mg
Riboflavin0,026 mg
Niacin0,091 mg
Pantothenic acid0,061 mg
Vit B60,041 mg
Folate3 ug
Vit C4,6 mg
Calcium6 mg
Iron0,12 mg
Magnesium5 mg
Phosphor11 mg
Potassium107 mg
Zinc0,04 mg

Health benefits

1. Reduce The Risk of Cancer

Many studies have proven that apple contains fiber, phytochemicals, flavonoids like other fruits but when compared with others according to the American national cancer institute the apple has the most flavonoids.

Still, according to the same report, flavonoids are substances that can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 50%. Another study (mayo clinic in the United States in 2001) said that the quercetin type of flavonoid could prevent the growth of prostate cancer cells.

2. Fight Bad Cholesterol and Raise Good Cholesterol

The other apple health benefits are, phytochemical substances in apple also have benefits as an antioxidant and able to fight bad cholesterol (LDL) and can raise good cholesterol (HDL).

As we know that if the LDL content exceeds the normal limit, it is potentially as the occurrence of blockage of blood vessels in a person’s body. While the good cholesterol content (HDL) is increased will prevent the occurrence of heart disease and blood vessels.

Pectin in apple also has benefits, as in other fruits and various vegetables, which is to lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. According to the study, D-glucaric content in apples can also reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood to 35%.

3. Prevent Stroke

Again, about the benefits of apples, according to research conducted The British Medical Journal stated that eating fruits that contain these high antioxidants routinely can prevent stroke.

4. Good For Diet Program

The fiber contained in apple about 5 grams per fruit (per medium size of an apple). This amount is higher than fiber in cereal products in general. As we know fiber is beneficial for digestion as well as in losing weight to be stable. So apples are perfect if included in the diet program.

5. Increase Stamina and Immunity

Another additional apple health benefits are based on research by Konowalchuck J in 1978. Based on his research can be proven that apples can fight various virus infection attacks. In other words, Apple can increase stamina and immunity.

6. Prevent Tooth Decay and Help Cure Dental Disease

If you still want to know the other benefits of apple, it is related to the high content of Tanin in it. Tanin in apple can prevent tooth decay and help cure dental diseases caused by dental plaque (this is following the statement of the journal American Dental Association in 1998).

7. Prevent Heart Disease

Tannin in addition to beneficial to dental health, can also prevent urinary tract infections and to avoid heart disease.

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How to Select and Store the Apples

Choose an apple that has a solid texture shape. Avoid apples that noticeably soft when you press them. Also, avoid that has changed color and bruises on certain parts. You do not have to worry if the display of apples likes a scuff or specks because it already comes from nature.

Sniff the apples that you want to buy. Quality apples will give you a pleasant aroma. Also, note its color, adjust to the type of apple you like.

Keep fresh apples in the refrigerator. Store in a cool, dark place like a crisper drawer to keep apples fresh when eaten.

Do not store apples with other vegetables because in a ripe state apples can cause nearby vegetables to mature faster due to ethylene gas released.

Healthy Tips on Consuming Apples

Choose apples of good quality. Many health practitioners said that apples include the dirty dozen plus consists of produce grown with the most pesticides and should buy or consume organic.

Wash the apple just before you eat it!

If you should buy non-organic apples, you need to wash them first until completely clean with an extra way to clean vegetables or non-organic fruits (read: how to wash nonorganic product) and wash the apple just before you eat it. After being washed, peel the apple skin before you eat it.

So do not eat non-organic apples with skin because it is prone to pesticides. If you want to bring it as a stock, for apples that have been peeled and so that the apple does not change color to brown, apple pieces that have been peeled need to be soaked in water that has been given lime juice or lemon.

Often the change of apples to brown is due to the conversion of natural phenolic substances to melanin due to exposure to air oxygen.

Fruity Drink Recipes Using Apples as its ingredients for Health Benefits

Strawberry Fiesta

200 g of strawberries

1/4 pineapple fruit

200g apples

Process with juice extractor successively strawberries, pineapple, and apple. Stir the juice. Next, pour into the glass for immediate drinking.

Fresh Red Delight

200 g bits

1/4 lemon

200g apples

Process with juice extractor consecutive bits, lemons, and apples. Stir the juice. Next, pour into the glass for immediate drinking.

Very Berry Lemon

50 g blueberries

1/4 lemon

200g apples

200 g of carrots

Process with juice extractor successively blueberries, lemons, apples, and carrots. Stir the juice. Next, pour into the glass for immediate drinking.

Thus the things you need to know about apple health benefits before consume it as a daily diet. I hope the information above can be useful.

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