Weight Loss 30 Days Challenge for Male and Female

Want to lose weight in an instant but healthy way? You can try doing this by applying the Food Combining diet accompanied by a menu of homemade milkshakes.

But it needs to be noted!

The speed of weight loss after discipline to do a diet Food Combining is subjective. This is because the condition of a person’s body is different from one another.

How fast or slow you lose weight can be affected by some aspects like how your diet was before.



Factors That Influence How Fast or Slow You Lose Weight

The severity of the previous diet

The more unhealthy the previous diet, the more toxins accumulated in the body. According to nutritionist Wied Harry Apriadji obesity is not only due to excess calorie intake, but also the excess of toxin deposits outside the body’s tolerance limits.

The body has a natural mechanism to bind toxins by forming fat. This fat formation occurs if the toxin substance has exceeded the tolerance limit so that toxins do not interfere with the function of the organs of the body.

How disciplined is applying diet rules

It’s not just about eating foods that are recommended in the diet. But also stay away from foods that are not recommended in the diet.

In the Food Combining diet and most other diets, foods or beverages that are not recommended for consumption include canned foods/packaging/ preserved / instant / the other same type foods, food-beverages containing synthetic additives (developers, dyes, sweeteners, etc.), milk cow factory.

In the Food Combining menu consumed food needs to be adjusted to the body’s metabolic cycle and the combination is harmonious, such as:

  • The portion of fresh vegetables consumed every day is at least equal to the portion of carbo/starch + portion of protein.
  • Some vegetables that are consumed every day should be in the form of raw vegetables, which can be a salad or vegetable juice.

How much energy is spent every day

That depends on the level of training or activity of a person. The more you exercise, the faster your body weight can shrink


Weight Loss 30 Days Challenge With Food Combining and “Milkshake”


To make your own milkshake, remove the milk and replace it with fermented milk, such as plain yogurt. Milk is more difficult to digest and mismatch if combined with fruit. Conversely, fermented milk is easier to digest and harmoniously combined with fruit such as coconut milk.

So it’s not a milkshake but a smoothie. But in order to keep the spirit of the diet let us call this natural smoothie drink milkshake.

This milkshake diet will be made from natural ingredients, without added sugar, syrup or milk. Do not use cold ingredients (preferably room temperature) to be more easily absorbed by the body.

To apply a “milkshake diet” with Food Combining, the rule is this:

  • Wake up: lukewarm water + a little lemon/lime juice
  • Breakfast: milkshakes
  • Morning snack: milkshake (can be enjoyed several times if hungry)
  • Lunch: protein menu/starch menu, take turns every day (portions of vegetables are as much as portions of animal food or portions of starch/carbo + vegetable protein)
  • Afternoon snack: protein snack/starch snack, take turns every day
  • Dinner: milkshakes

After 30 days, stop this diet, gradually apply Food Combining. Similarly, if the weight does not go down after a week of applying it. If there is no weight loss, there is a possibility that the application is not right, so it is prone to cause less nutrition if not stopped.

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Milkshake Recipes for Fast Weight Loss for Male and Female

Mix Pinky CocoShake

For 2 servings

2 pieces (200 grams) ambon peeled banana

150 grams of young coconut fruit meat

4 strawberries

300 ml of water to what is young

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, if available

  • Cut bananas, young coconut. and strawberries. Put it in a blender bowl.
  • Add young coconut water and olive oil. Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

Mix Almon YogiShake

For 2 servings

150 g of plain yogurt (plain yogurt)

200 ml of sweet orange juice, squeezed from Pontianak orange

200 g of Arumanis mango or papaya flesh peeled 50 g of almonds/walnuts/ roasted cashew nuts or roasted

  • Add yogurt, orange juice, mango/papaya, and almond/walnut/ cashew nuts to a blender bowl.
  • Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

Mix TrophyShake

For 2 servings

2 fruits (200 g) ambon peeled banana

100 g of peeled papaya

100 g of sweet peeled pineapple

300 ml of fresh coconut milk, from 150 g of grated coconut squeezed with cooking water

  • Cut bananas, papaya, and pineapple. Add it to the blender bowl, add the coconut milk.
  • Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

Avocados MilkShake Mix

For 2 servings

2 fruits (200 g) ambon peeled banana

200 g of avocado fruit

300 ml of fresh soy milk

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

  • Peel the banana. Cut the banana and avocado into a blender bowl.
  • Add soy milk and olive oil. Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

TonicShake Mix

For 2 servings

1 (500 g) peeled pineapple

1 teaspoon of powdered salt

2 fruits (200 g) ambon peeled banana

2 tablespoons roasted sesame

  • Cut pineapple, no need to throw away the middle. Mix pineapple with salt, stirring carefully until even, so the pineapple is not crushed. Rinse the pineapple with cooking water, drain.
  • Process pineapple with a juice extractor, hold the juice.
  • Enter the pineapple juice from the bowl of a blender. Cut the slices, put them in a blender bowl. Add sesame. Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

Mix Rice Milk Shake

For 2 servings

2 tablespoons brown rice, soak 10 hours, drain

350 ml of fresh soy milk

200 g of avocado fruit/ambon banana peeled 50 tbsp seedless dates/raisins/sultana

  • Put the rice in a blender bowl. Add half of soy milk, process until smooth.
  • Add the remaining soy milk, avocado/banana, and dates/raisins/ sultanas. Process until all ingredients are soft. Enjoy immediately.

Mix Strobe YogiShake

For 2 servings

150 g of strawberries

200 grams of peeled papaya

200 ml of plain yogurt (plain yogurt)

  • Cut papaya
  • Add strawberries, papaya, and yogurt to the blender bowl. Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

Mix Avocado CocoShake

For 2 servings

100 g of avocado fruit

2 fruits (200 g) ambon peeled banana

100 g of young coconut meat

200 ml of young coconut water/cooking water

  • Cut the avocados, bananas and young coconut. Put it in a blender bowl.
  • Add young coconut water/cooking water. Process until soft. Enjoy immediately.

Thus tips for losing weight quickly in 30 days. The thing you need to pay attention to is the need for patients when there is a temptation to break the rules of eating.

You need discipline in applying food combining rules and getting rid of all types of foods that are not recommended that have been mentioned above during a 30-day weight loss diet.

Hopefully, your diet is successful and your body becomes proportional and healthy!

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